Title Abstract Publication Date
Effects of School Lighting on Physical Development and School Performance This study collected data on the physical development, attendance, and school performance effects of four types of school lighting on elementary students over a two-year period. Results indicated... 02/28/1995
Efficiency Goals. Advises on energy-efficient lighting for schools, emphasizing daylighting, advanced lighting controls, dimming ballasts, and T-5 lamps. 04/30/2009
Electric Lighting and Daylighting in Schools. This report examines both electric lighting and daylighting, listing criteria to determine the correct equipment for a school renovation or building project. The report examines the use of prismatic... 11/30/1995
Electronic Waste: Reuse, Recycle, or Dispose? Describes types of electronic waste, what can typically be refurbished, access to recycling, EPA designations for these wastes, and hazardous materials found in batteries, lamps, and cathode ray... 03/31/2008
Emergency and Security Lighting. This is a guide for identifying needs, specification and installation of emergency and security lighting systems, including the latest technical developments such as low-energy systems for extended-... 09/30/2001
Emergency Lighting Technology Evolves To Save Lives. Explores the benefits of including high-brightness light-emitting diode lighting systems (LEDs) for emergency use. Examines the use of LED lighting systems in residence halls. Also highlights LED... 03/31/2001
Energy Efficiency Technology Demonstration Project for Florida Educational Facilities: Occupancy Sensors. This report describe a Florida study replacing conventional light switches with passive infrared or ultrasonic sensing systems to control classroom lighting in an elementary school to determine the... 11/30/1995
Energy Efficient Lighting. Discusses recently developed energy efficient lighting equipment such as compact fluorescent lamps, high-intensity discharge lamps, LED lamps, soft-start electronic ballasts, and luminaires that can... 07/22/2010
Energy Management: A Strategy for HVAC Savings. Describes retro-commissioning of buildings for energy efficiency. Typical elements for scrutiny include lighting controls, HVAC systems, and the building envelope. 03/31/2008
Energy Star for K-12 School Districts Energy Star for Schools is a program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help schools and school districts track and manage energy use, evaluate facility financial performance...
Field Commissioning of a Daylight-Dimming Lighting System. A Florida elementary school cafeteria, retrofitted with a fluorescent lighting system that dims in response to available daylight, was evaluated through real time measurement of lighting and air... 06/18/1995
Five Questions to Answer About Sustainable School Lighting This white paper answers these questions: How can lighting help reduce our environmental impact?; How can lighting help create a comfortable, productive school learning environment?; How do we verify... 12/31/2011
Fixture Replacement: Is There an Easier Way? Given today's retrofit lighting technologies, it is possible to upgrade a fluorescent lighting system to achieve desired efficiency and visual comfort without having to replace the luminaire.... 12/31/1998
Flourescent Lamp Recycling and Mercury Recovery: Domestic and International Overview. Explains the necessity to properly recycle flourescent lamps, rather than discard them in a landfill, due to the mercury they contain. 08/31/2004
Flourescent Lamps 101. Describes fluorescent lamp types, their maintenance considerations, light qualities, relamping strategies, and disposal or recycling of lamps. 04/30/2008
Get More from Your Lighting. Explains how improved lighting can pay for the installation of a new system or upgrading existing lighting in an educational facility. Examples explore the use of high-benefit lighting to enhance... 03/31/1999
Getting Pool Light Right. Examines the use of lighting, both artificial and natural, that can enhance the aesthetic quality and functionality of areas with indoor swimming pools. It discusses glare and shadow reduction... 02/28/1998
GoinGreen. Briefly profiles sustainability efforts in schools, including recycling computers, centralized hibernation commands to computers, sophisticated HVAC systems that adjust to outdoor temperature and... 10/15/2008
Green Lights. Reviews LEED recommendations for school lighting that encourages daylighting coordinated with the artificial lighting system. Brief examples of successful school daylighting programs are included, as... 09/30/2007
Group Activity: Relamping Facilities. Explores consideration for light bulb replacement, detailing material, storage, and labor costs as related to replacing bulbs only when they burn out, planned group replacement in an area at... 11/30/2007
Guiding Light. [Lighting Retrofits at San Diego State University] Describes importance of students and physical plant staff working together to determine the best plan for lighting retrofits. 06/30/2011
Health, Energy and Productivity in Schools: Overview of the Research Program. Describes a research program that has been initiated to quantify the effects of simultaneous control of indoor exposures (i.e., thermal, indoor air quality or IAQ, lighting, and acoustics) on... 12/31/2001
HIF's: Twice the Light and Half the Operating Cost. Discusses how high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) bulbs are replacing both incandescent and high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs in schools. Grant money is often available to facilitate this replacement... 12/31/2007
High Performance School Characteristics. Details the properties of high performance school buildings under the categories of building envelope, lighting, and HVAC and dehumidification. Initial verses operating costs are addressed, as are... 04/30/2006
High-Benefit Lighting. Examines high-benefit lighting for educational facilities to reduce crime and increase safety. How costs can be affected by different lighting choices is highlighted. 03/31/2000