Maintenance and Cleaning Practices

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Checklist for Meeting Green Goals. Offers an annotated checklist for working with suppliers to meet requirements for green facilities operations and maintenance. Areas covered are green supply chain protocols and product selection,... 06/30/2010
A Clean Campus is a Healthy Campus When custodians are trained properly, they aren't just making a building look good; they're improving the health and welfare of everyone on campus, and contributing positively to the... 03/04/2007
A Clean School Is a Healthy School. Discusses the benefits that schools and universities can derive when they emphasize health and safety in their cleaning practices. Use of the Cleaning for Health and Safety program to reduce or... 04/30/2001
A Course in Sustainable Maintenance Procedures. Provides an overview of GS-42, the Green Seal Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services. The standard embraces planning, products, equipment, cleaning procedures, communication, and training. 03/31/2008
A Green Clean. Explains components of green cleaning, including matting, carpet cleaning methods, dangers of overly wet carpet, and low-moisture cleaning techniques. 02/28/2006
A Guide to the Management and Maintenance of School Grounds. A guidebook helps schools identify their maintenance requirements, choose the best organizational model of maintenance to ensure they receive a good quality service for their money, and help teachers... 12/31/1995
A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Floor Coverings in School Facilities. Presents life cycle cost analyses of school building floors with light-to-medium traffic and heavy traffic, comparing them with the figures for carpet and vinyl composition tile (VCT). The initial... 02/28/2002
A Night-And-Day Difference To Cleaning On Campus Illinois Central College facility executives are reaping the rewards of team cleaning during the day. 03/31/2012
A Pending Disaster. Quotes statistics on excess deferred maintenance of schools and warns against disastrous results if maintenance is not properly funded. 07/31/2011
A Review of the Most Common Carpet Cleaning Methods. Describes five standard carpet cleaning methods: 1) water extraction, 2) bonnet/spin pad, 3) absorbent powder, 4) dry foam shampoo, and 5) encapsulation. Also included are ten spot removal steps and... 07/31/2004
A Step-By-Step Plan for an Inhouse Maintenance Audit of School Buildings In order to fix the problem of deteriorating school buildings, one must start with a comprehensive evaluation of the maintenance needs. The authors provide a 7 step plan for assessing the condition... 06/30/1987
A System-Based Approach. Discusses how school restroom cleaning can be simplified by a standardized maintenance procedure. Details sources of odor, steps for spot cleaning and deep cleaning, and cleaning tools such as... 06/30/2002
A White Glove Inspection for the Invisible. Describes Integrated Cleaning and Measurement (ICM) that uses scientific analysis to determine the effectiveness of cleaning beyond that which can be detected visually. The technique can accommodate... 05/31/2009
A Wrench in the Works Discusses mechanical system maintenance, including conducting assessments that identify various maintenance needs such as recommissioning, carrying out inspections as well as preventive and... 02/29/2012
ABC's of Healthy Schoolhouses: Asthma, Bugs, and Chemicals. Discusses reasons why children's bodies are more vulnerable to environmental hazards; why unhealthy school environments present a special hazard to children due to occupant density, multiple... 07/31/2009
ABCs of Green Cleaning Programs This short article describes some basic principles of green cleaning programs, including focusing on entryways, minimizing particles and chemicals in the air, using environmentally preferable... 03/06/2006
Aerial Lifts: Reaching for Safety. Describes importance of rigorous training for workers using aerial work platforms. 07/31/2010
Airing It Out. Discusses how proper maintenance can help schools eliminate sources contributing to poor air quality. Maintaining heating and air conditioning units, investigating bacterial breeding grounds, fixing... 09/30/2000
An Act to Amend the Education Law and the State Finance Law, in Relation to the Procurement and Use of Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning and Maintenance Products in Schools. This is the New York state legislation mandating the use of green cleaning products in schools. 05/19/2005
An Act to Reduce Asthma and Other Health Threats from Cleaning Products Used in Schools, Hospitals and Public Housing. This is the Massachusetts legislation mandating green cleaning products in schools. 12/31/2006
Antimicrobial Products Registered or Use Against Influenza A Virus on Hard Surfaces. Lists antimicrobial products that are registered by EPA to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces that may be contaminated with the 2009-H1N1 flu. As part of the registration process, EPA evaluates the... 04/27/2009
Are Your Custodians Exposed to Excessive Lead Levels? Data from a 1994 University of Maryland study suggest that typical janitorial tasks (sweeping, vacuuming, emptying trash receptacles, cleaning fixtures, and other related housekeeping activities)... 06/30/1997
Association of School Chemists Organization of professional chemists and chemical engineers who partner with school district plant managers to manage science-based monitoring and treatment programs which maintain HVAC system water...
Becoming Part of the Team. Reviews the process and multiple advantages of team cleaning for higher education facilities, illustrate with the example of the University of Washington. Four individuals are typically part of a... 09/30/2007
Bed Bug Education for School Maintenance Tips for preventing and treating bed bugs in school and university settings. 05/31/2012