Maintenance and Cleaning Practices

Title Abstract Publication Date
Bed Bugs. Real Risks for Educational Facilities Schools need a lesson plan on how to deal with bed bug infestations. This describes appropriate monitoring and treatment options to really make a difference. 12/27/2011
Best Practices for Metal Halide Lighting Systems, Plus Questions and Answers about Lamp Ruptures in Metal Halide Lighting Systems. Provides information for the selection, operation, and maintenance of metal halide lighting systesm, with specific emphasis on items pertinent to risks associated with lamp rupture. Bulbs in these... 12/09/2004
Best Practices for Public Schools. Provides information and practices employed by Ohio school districts in achieving successful employee safety and health, as well as workers' compensation management. The document covers... 12/31/2000
Best Practices Maintenance Plan for School Buildings. [Idaho] Advises schools on preventive maintenance program, detailing elements of building component inventory and condition assessment, ranking maintenance projects and evaluating their costs, planning for... 08/31/2006
Better Cleaning with Continuous Quality Improvement. Examines ways of improving school cleaning costs and quality by adhering to 15 specific principles. Principles discussed include the use of employee training, accountability, quality equipment and... 04/30/1999
Better Work Environments. Looks at equipment, process, and training aspects of backpack vacuum cleaners that facilitate good ergonomics and high productivity levels, focusing on: designing new equipment for bodies and... 11/30/2002
BIM: A Better View of Maintenance Discusses the benefits of BIM to maintenance and engineering managers. BIM software includes architectural data, and it holds comprehensive information on a facility's HVAC components, plumbing... 01/31/2012
Brushing Up. Describes how an understanding of paint basics will ensure that the selected coatings will both revitalize facilities and ease maintenance. Discusses the differing qualities of paint, environmental... 11/30/1996
Building and Grounds Maintenance Checklist and Background Information Guides the building and grounds maintenance staff in assessing products, practices, equipment, and building conditions that affect indoor air quality, either positively or negatively. The checklist... 12/31/2008
Building and Grounds Maintenance Checklist. This checklist discusses six major topics areas: buildings and grounds maintenance supplies; dust control; floor cleaning; drain traps; moisture, leaks, and spills; combustion appliances; and pest... 12/31/2001
Building Envelope: Focus on Energy. Discusses use of infrared technology and visual inspection to identify air leaks, wet insulation, and thermal bridging, along with suggested elements of a maintenance checklist and current products... 07/31/2009
Building Successful Cleaning Processes. Discusses how to build a successful cleaning process in order to most effectively maintain school facilities, explaining that the cleaning processes used plays a critical role in productivity.... 11/30/2002
Buy Green: Ten Products that Will Make Your School More Environmentally Friendly. Guides participants in the Toronto District School Board's EcoSchools program on environmentally conscious purchases of office supplies, cleaners, restroom products, light bulbs, computer... 12/31/2006
Campus Profile: University of British Columbia. Profiles this institution's facilities maintenance program, detailing a major restructuring that began in 1999. This included updating equipment, cleaning procedures, and staff training. Awards... 12/31/2005
Capitol News Briefing on Proposed Legislation Concerning Cleaning Products That Are Used in School Buildings. This press conference video reviews Connecticut's Green Cleaning Products in Schools Law (CT Public Act 09-81). Advocates, legislators, and health professionals address the impact of the law,... 05/04/2009
Caretaking Manual Information for school maintenance staff in their role of providing clean, attractive, and pleasant educational facilities for students and staff. Addresses local school division policy. Presents... 12/31/1998
CDC Guidance for State and Local Public Health Officials and School Administrators for School (K-12) Responses to Influenza during the 2009-2010 School Year. Provides guidance to help decrease the spread of flu among students and school staff during the 2009-2010 school year. It provides a menu of tools that school and health officials can choose from... 08/30/2009
Changing Faces. Discusses the benefits of painting a school's concrete buildings and considerations when painting new or insufficiently aged concrete. Painting issues include allowing moisture to escape,... 03/31/1998
Checklist for School Maintenance Surveys. The Maryland State Department of Education provides a checklist for school maintenance surveys covering 31 maintenance areas. Maintenance areas covered include roadways and parking lots; site... 12/31/1997
Checklists and Step by Step Instructions: Funding, Building and Maintaining Schools in New Mexico. Provides step-by-step guidance, checklists, and forms to New Mexico school districts in taking advantage of state resources for school construction. The contents accommodate the planning, funding,... 12/31/2007
Chemical-Free Cleaning Liquid ozone offers a sustainable, economical cleaning solution for the University of Michigan. 03/31/2012
Chemicals in Classrooms. Pesticides and Maintenance Chemicals in Vermont Schools. This report is the second in a series of studies on the serious threat toxic chemical use may pose to the health of Vermont's children, teachers, and school staff. Of the sources of toxic... 12/31/1998
Clean and Safe Washroom School Maintenance Schools and universities must be vigilant about upkeep of their washrooms to avoid potential health and behavior problems. Discusses health issues, problems with bullies and vandalism, and water... 02/29/2012
Clean Break. Discusses green cleaning in schools, citing cleaning product certification, improved mixing and dispensing equipment, and coordination of products and cleaning implements. 08/31/2010
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