Maintenance and Cleaning Practices

Title Abstract Publication Date
Green Cleaning Programs in Schools Get High Scores. Defines environmentally sensitive green cleaning and cites the benefits of green cleaning to learning, as it improves school morale and indoor air quality. Twelve basic principles of green cleaning... 12/31/2005
Green Cleaning Schools Act.[Illinois] Mandates the establishment of green cleaning policies and use of environmentally sensitive cleaning supplies in Illinois public and private schools with 50 or more students. 12/31/2006
Green Cleaning Tips. Suggests environmentally conscious cleaning methods, beginning with a written plan that minimizes frequency and quantity of chemical use. Floor mats, technologically advanced cleaning equipment,... 04/30/2005
Green Cleaning: Effective and Environmental Floor Care Products. According to some estimates, more than a third of the cleaning products used today to clean schools contain ingredients that can have a negative impact on human health and the environment. Floor care... 09/30/2005
Green Cleaning: Unplugging It Discusses the training of custodians to reduce energy consumption without compromising their cleaning duties. 04/30/2012
Green Doesn't Mean Non-Toxic. Discusses the discrepancy in volatile organic compound (VOCs) content in cleaning supplies, and the extent to which these compounds are emitted when the product is used. Also addressed is the... 09/30/2010
Green Existing Schools Implementation Workbook. Assists with the evaluation and improvement of current school operations and maintenance practices and policies. The workbook is organized by LEED for Existing Buildings: O&M prerequisites and... 12/31/2008
Green Existing Schools: Project Management Guide. Helps schools and school districts green their existing facilities and achieve LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The guide outlines the process for navigating LEED... 12/31/2008
Green Floor Care. Reviews environmentally responsible options for vacuuming, floor care chemicals, and floor equipment. Training personnel in green cleaning practices is emphasized, and additional advice for carpet... 12/31/2007
Green Restrooms: Sustainability Meets Savings. Advises on savings that can be realized from upgraded plumbing fixtures, air dryers, and dispensers in restrooms. Opportunities for maximizing custodial productivity through better scheduling are... 03/31/2009
Green Seal Environmental Standard for Industrial and Institutional Cleaners. Establishes environmental requirements for industrial and institutional general-purpose, restroom, glass, and carpet cleaners. For purposes of this standard, industrial and institutional cleaners are... 08/28/2008
Green Sweep. Discusses green cleaning as an element of LEED compliance, describing its inclusion of cleaning agents, techniques, equipment, matting, and documentation. 07/31/2010
Greening the Maintenance Arsenal. Reviews green cleaning equipment and products, while also profiling the University of Tennessee's long-certified program for green cleaning and its Center for Clean Products. 05/31/2008
Guide to Healthier Cleaning & Maintenance: Practices and Products for Schools. This paper helps those concerned with keeping schools clean and properly maintained in adopting healthier cleaning and maintenance practices and promoting the purchase and use of environmentally... 12/31/2004
Guide to Operating and Maintaining Energy Smart Schools. Guides a district or school-wide operations and maintenance (O&M) program that focuses on energy efficiency. The Guide provides organizational and technical information for integrating energy and... 08/31/2009
Guidelines and Specifications for the Procurement and Use of Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning and Maintenance Products for All Public and Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary Schools in New York State. Advises on green cleaning practices and products for New York State schools. Sections of the document cover the state green cleaning legislation, a definition of green cleaning products,... 04/01/2010
Guidelines and Specifications for the Procurement and Use of Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning and Maintenance Products for All Public and Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary Schools in New York State. Advises on green cleaning practices and products for New York State schools. Sections of the document cover characteristics of green cleaning products, best cleaning management practices, consulting... 08/03/2006
Guidelines for Green Building Housekeeping and Maintenance. These guidelines have been designed to help an owner/manager of a facility understand the relevant issues and to insure that the correct or best practices are being employed. The guide presents... 12/31/1998
Guidelines for Reducing the Spread of Staph/Community-Associated MRSA in Non-Healthcare Settings. Proprietors of facilities in which occupants have bare skin contact with others or with shared equipment or surfaces (e.g., gyms)should be concerned about the potential transmission of CAMRSA. The... 01/31/2007
Hard Floors, Tough Decisions. Discusses how to find the right combination of equipment, products and processes to keep hard floors looking their best. 08/31/2002
Hazmat: Safety Solutions. Advises on how to manage hazardous materials using inspection, inventory, and regular cleanout. Also addressed are special considerations for flammables, proper storage, and recordkeeping strategies. 09/30/2009
Health Hazards Manual for Custodians, Janitors and Housekeepers This reviews the principal occupational health hazards and exposures themselves and some of the related issues, looking closely at the chemical composition of cleaning products to see what components... 09/30/1990
Healthful Cleaning. Describes some of the typical germs that are found in schools, along with the ailments they cause. Studies that measured bacteria on a variety of school surfaces and the positive effects of... 05/31/2009
Healthy Advice or Alarmist Literature? National Education Association Handbook Creates Unease in Cleaning and Maintenance Industry The publication of an educational handbook on indoor environmental quality has renewed the contentious debate between advocates for the cleaning and maintenance industry and environmental activists... 05/31/1997
Healthy Drains Lead to a Healthy Environment. Discusses sources of drain odors and clogs, with recommendations on how to remove them without the use of chemicals that are a threat to the environment or sewer system. 06/30/2010