Maintenance and Cleaning Practices

Title Abstract Publication Date
Many Merits of a Clean School. Outlines five levels of facility cleanliness, and how much square footage a single custodian might be expected to cover at each level. 05/31/2004
Mastering Maintenance: Facilities Masters Award Recognizes Exceptional Facilities Programs. Profiles this awards program that recognizes school districts displaying exemplary performance in facility maintenance planning, facility audits, environmental safety, maintenance and management, and... 03/31/2008
Measured Results. Discusses raising the standard of school cleanliness to improve occupant health and reduce absenteeism. A measuring program to discern the amount of microbes left on school surfaces is recommended,... 03/31/2009
Measured Success. Discusses techniques for assessing cleanliness in school facilities. ATP meters and black light revealing devices are described, as well as techniques for promoting collegiality and respect between... 09/30/2009
Meeting the Challenge: M & O Budgets. Describes how some higher education institutions are accommodating cutbacks in maintenance and operations budgets by asking non-custodial staff to do some cleaning up after themselves, bringing... 07/31/2009
Mending Your Ways. Discusses ways to increase janitorial efficiency through combinations of team and area cleaning, limitations on varieties of chemicals stocked, investing in labor-saving equipment, and reorganizing... 02/29/2004
Methods that Increase Productivity, Reduce Cost and Still Get the Job Done. Compares the advantages and disadvantages of zone, team, day, blended, collaborative, and skip cleaning in schools. Situations where one strategy might be preferable over another are discussed,... 08/31/2008
Motor Management: Powerful Benefits. Discusses building motor management programs that reduce repairs and service interruptions. Elements of the program include regular testing while the motor is online, and software programs for this... 01/31/2010
Motors: Defining and Improving Energy. Defines what constitutes an energy-efficient motor, discusses what energy cost savings might be realized by using them, and advises on assessing motors for efficiency and replacement, as well as on... 08/31/2008
Mowing: Sustainable Strategies. Discusses mower emissions, mulching mowers, and alternatively fueled mowers, with particular attention to propane-powered mowers. 03/31/2010
MRO Storerooms: Bottom-Line Issues. Advises on maintaining well-organized, well-stocked, and inventoried facilities parts storerooms. Reduction of staff time spent looking for parts, consolidated inventory, and quick response to... 03/31/2011
MRSA Prevention: A Guide for Environmental Services. Reviews how Methicillin-resistant Staphyloccoccus aureus (MRSA) is spread, how it affects people, and especially how to control it. High-touch surfaces in high-traffic areas should be cleaned and... 04/30/2008
Multi-Tasking: Protecting Your Facilities from Infections Diseases. Advises on campus cleanliness and disease prevention, citing five levels of perceived cleanliness and the point at which lack of cleanliness becomes a distraction. Types of cleaning and sanitation... 10/31/2008
National School Plant Management Association The purpose of NSPMA, a membership organization, is to provide for the exchange of information that improves school plant management, maintenance and care through the promotion of acceptable policies...
New Dimensions in Maintenance Zone Design. Discusses the division of campuses into maintenance zones of manageable and/or relatively comparable workloads. 10/31/2009
New Mexico School Facilities Maintenance Portal Provides New Mexico's forms and procedures for school maintenance, organized by procedure or by building part. Facility information management systems, and energy maintenance programs are...
New Research Links School Air Quality to School Cleaning Supplies. Reports on tests of 21 cleaners used in 13 California school districts indicating that when used as directed, the products released six chemicals known to cause asthma, 11 contaminants that are known... 12/31/2008
New Tools for Cost-Effective Restroom Cleaning. Reviews labor-saving innovations and processes in restroom cleaning, including cleaning kits, vapor cleaning technology, and pressure washer/squeegee/vacuuming systems. Also includes a sidebar on... 10/31/2002
New York's Green Cleaning Program. Provides public facility managers, school administrators, educators, parents, and citizens free information and tools to promote adoption of effective green cleaning practices, leading to healthier... 12/31/2010
New-generation Maintenance Issues The plumbing industry is responding to changing priorities in facilities by producing fixtures that use less water and, as a result, produce less waste. But because these fixtures use technology... 05/31/2006
Northeast-CHPS Operations and Maintenance Guide. Advises on a wide range of topics from energy and water efficiency in a school, to incorporating renewable energy systems, as well as technologies for improved school indoor environmental quality.... 03/31/2010
Nothing Shocking: Electrical Safety Pays. Reviews electrical safety procedures, emphasizing the importance of isolation of power when working on systems, personal protective equipment, replacing extension cords with permanent outlets, and... 08/31/2007
On Board with Green Cleaning. Discusses gaining the cooperation of janitorial staff and building occupants when instituting a green cleaning and green bathroom supplies program. Sources of resistance, the need for training with... 04/09/2010
Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Custodial, third edition Addresses topics including: the cost of cleaning, sustainability, determining APPA Levels of Cleanliness in buildings, and scientific measurement of cleanliness. Special sections address the cleaning... 12/31/2011
Options and Strategies for Tackling Graffitti. Describes methods for graffiti removal, products specifically designed to eliminate remaining stubborn ghosts and shadows, and effective barrier coatings. 07/31/2002