Maintenance and Operations Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
Cutting the Cost of Doing Business Tucson (Arizona) Unified School District involved its entire work force in generating cost-saving maintenance strategies. Savings were made in carpenter and mower repair shops, evening programs,... 12/31/1996
Decentralisation and Educational Building Management: The Impact of Recent Reforms. Examines the legislative and administrative framework within which schools are planned and built, they way in which resources are allocated for their construction and maintenance, and how they are... 12/31/1991
Deferred Maintenance Program Handbook. Provides assistance to California districts applying for funds to perform deferred maintenance work on school facilities, with two types of funding (basic and extreme hardship) available. Chapters... 04/30/2008
Deferred Maintenance Reporting for the Have-Nots. Advises on how to present a convincing deferred maintenance scenario that will get the attention of decision makers who are not necessarily dedicated to national standards for facilities condition.... 10/31/2007
Deferred Maintenance Strategies You Must Try. Discusses how some college administrators have found over-the- counter cures for deferred maintenance problems resulting from budgeting shortfalls. Catch-up approaches discussed include those... 06/30/2000
Department Reengineering Improves Service at Miami-Dade Community College. Details the process of reengineering Miami-Dade Community College's maintenance department to lower costs while increasing services. Changes included work flow, communications, purchasing,... 06/30/2002
Designing with the End in Mind: Maximizing Operational Efficiency. Details total cost of school building ownership in terms of initial and operating costs, the typical stages of school building design and what cost analyses occur in each, software programs for... 07/31/2007
Do It Yourself or Don't? Discusses the decision making behind whether some school district services are better to be outsourced rather than done in- house. Issues examined include calculating the cost of in-house service... 07/31/2000
Dollars and Sense II: Lessons from Good, Cost-Effective Small Schools. Argues for small schools in three ways. First, analysis of more than three thousand construction projects shows that smaller schools are no more expensive to build than much larger schools. Second,... 12/31/2004
Dwindling Support. American School and University 30th Annual School M & O Cost Study. Presents trend data of school districts fund allocation for school maintenance and operations of their facilities across the United States. Data reveal a continuing decline in funding for maintenance... 03/31/2001
Educational Maintenance and Operations Salary Survey, 2000-2001. Only M&O directors and staff in educational facilities responded to this salary survey for FY2000-2001. Data collected from 43 states and D.C. depicts a correlation between salary and student... 12/31/2000
Efficiency by Design. Profiles the cooperation of design and maintenance personnel in the Milwaukee Public Schools, resulting in buildings that are easier and less expensive to maintain. 09/30/2007
Expenditures on O & M at America's Most Beautiful Campuses. Presents survey results on operations and maintenance expenditures and management comparisons among the 50 universities and colleges considered to have works-of-art campuses. Among the study's... 08/31/2001
Facilities Maintenance and Repair Cost Data Includes information on maintenance and repair; preventive maintenance; general maintenance; facilities audits; life cycle costing; equipment rental rates; travel cost tables; crews; city adjustments... 12/31/1999
Facilities Management. Presents responses from Matt McGovern, School Planning and Management's Maintenance and Operations columnist, on the issue of school facility maintenance. McGovern does not believe schools will... 12/31/1997
Facilities Performance Indicators from the Facilities Core Data Survey. Reports preliminary findings from APPA's Facilities Core Data Survey, showing 2003-04 facilities operating costs in cost per student tables that are also broken down into overall costs, type of... 06/30/2005
FacilitiesNet FacilitiesNet, a comprehensive site for professionals who design, construct, manage and maintain buildings, features online editions of Building Operating Management, Maintenance Solutions, and...
Facility Accounting: Hammering Out a Capital Replacement Budget Most facility and finance managers cannot adequately handle school infrastructure issues because they lack the tools to describe the problem appropriately. Facility accounting gives managers accurate... 06/30/1996
Facility Maintenance & Repair Cost Reference 2011-12 Provides detailed maintenance and repair costs for 75 building and utility types in all major U.S., Canadian, and international areas. Data is included for over 1,600 building components, over 30... 12/31/2011
Facility Maintenance and Repair Cost Reference 2011-12 Provides detailed maintenance and repair costs for 75 building and utility types in all major U.S., Canadian, and international areas. Data is included for over 1,600 building components, over 30... 10/31/2011
Facility Needs and Costs in America's Great City Schools. Results of a survey of the nation's major city public school districts show substantial construction, renovation, modernization, and deferred maintenance needs because of the age and size of... 09/30/2011
Final Exam. Explains the use of a maintenance-management assessment process that educational facility managers can use to improve facility conditions while providing evidence for future capital investments in... 04/30/1998
Financing Capital Projects Through Energy Management Performance contracting, a flexible energy savings program, has varied definitions and applications. But, at its core, a school district is guaranteed a specific amount of savings by its local energy... 12/31/1993
Foundation for California Community Colleges (F.C.C.C.) Facility Program: Saving Community California Community Colleges $$$ on Assessments and Bulk Purchasing. The Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC) is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to support the California Community College (CCC) system and to save the CCC money. FCCC is the... 12/31/2002
From Building to Maintaining. Describes how five school districts maintain their new facilities in order to avoid deferred maintenance issues. 01/31/2004