Maintenance and Operations Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
Funding of Facility Repairs and Renovation Compares the life cycle approach for campus building repair and renovation to the University of California's comprehensive building maintenance formula and advises that formulas be used... 12/31/1983
Gain Purchasing Power the Newfangled Way, On-Line. Examines how San Diego State University uses computers to cut purchasing costs and boost efficiency and whether their solution can work for other business-to-business needs. How the school developed... 09/30/1999
Garnering Support. Reviews traditional methods that facility managers use to determine annual maintenance and operations budgets, and recommends a more accurate system of modeling costs and the effect of maintenance... 06/30/2006
Getting Little Respect: American School and University 29th Annual School M & O Cost Study. Provides data on school maintenance and operations (M & O) costs in the United States. Costs are expressed in dollars per student and per square foot. Data show school districts are spending more... 03/31/2000
Getting with the Program. Discusses how software programs can help managers evaluate roofing options, project maintenance, and repair costs. Describes how computerized roof management can aid in budgeting, facilitate the... 09/30/1996
Health Costs Strain School Budgets. According to a survey conducted by the Association of School Business Officials, the rising cost of health insurance is leaving less money for school facilities maintenance, teaching positions,... 03/03/2004
Heating and Cooling from the Ground Up. Explains why converting to geothermal heating and cooling is a good option when constructing or retrofitting schools. Reasons discussed include competitive installation costs, lower operating and... 10/31/1998
How Educational Expenditures Relate to Student Achievement: Insights from Texas Elementary Schools Examines detailed school spending and achievement data for over 2,800 Texas elementary schools for 1992-93. A school's student poverty rate is the most important factor influencing student... 12/31/1998
How School Facilities Managers and Business Officials Are Reducing Operating Costs and Saving Money. Energy-Smart Building Choices Series. This brochure shows how school facility administrators and business officials can make smart energy choices to reduce school operating costs and create better learning environments. It provides... 07/31/2001
How To Clean Up Custodial Messes. Discusses the use of job screening techniques to help in custodial staff hiring process. It describes the screening techniques and explains their positive effects on cost and productivity. 05/31/1998
Hundreds of Vacuum Cleaners. One Purchase. How to Make the Decision. Reviews potential debates over vacuum purchases, including quantity versus quality of equipment, day versus night cleaning, backpacks versus uprights, and indoor air qulaity. 06/30/2007
Improvement in the Maintenance of Public School Buildings. Maintenance and repair of school buildings as described in a 1926 Thesis. Discusses the frequency and relative importance of several types of repair jobs, and the relationship among factors of the... 12/31/1925
Ins and Outs of Privatization. Discusses the pros and cons of privatization as a way of saving money while improving non-educational operations. The question of why some services should be kept in-house are addressed as well as... 08/31/1998
International Facility Management Association IFMA is a membership organization for individual professional and associate facility professionals that offers professional certification, a bi-monthly journal, a monthly newsletter, professional...
Inventory: Low-Hanging Savings. Advises on computerize inventory management for facility supplies, noting the features that it can provide and the benefits to flow, economical purchasing, and a reliable supply of correct parts.... 10/31/2010
Is Deferred Maintenance Putting Your College at Risk? There is a national increase in the deferred maintenance of colleges and universities in the United States. The resulting deterioration represents a threat to the capability of higher education... 12/31/1997
It Takes a Revolution: A Case Study of Facilities Service Improvements at UCSB. Presents a case study on the successful revamping of the University of California Santa Barbara's Physical Facilities Maintenance and Operations Department. Each revamping step is discussed... 06/30/2000
JOC Be Nimble, JOC by Quick Explores the Job Order Contracting (JOC) procurement method that allows school administrators to complete a large number of high quality maintenance projects quickly with a single, competitive bid... 05/31/2012
Last In; First Out: Maintenance Budgets School districts often fail to prioritize facility maintenance when determining the annual budget. Consequently, the costs of deferred maintenance escalate. The authors assert that states should... 06/30/1987
Life Cycle Costs in Education: Operations & Maintenance Considered. Discusses life cycle cost analysis when deciding on flooring finishes and examines operations and maintenance cost effectiveness relative to hard, resilient, and soft flooring. A chart of evaluated... 08/31/2000
Long-Term Performance. Examines an approach to school maintenance budgeting that can improve the ability of schools to obtain maintenance and repair funds. The approach is based on the use of the Facilities Condition Index... 03/31/1998
Maintaining Our Schools. Reviews the backlog of deferred maintenance in America's schools, describes typical damage and energy loss in a school with a deteriorating building envelope, and suggests elements of a school... 03/31/2005
Maintaining Perspective in the Maintenance Department Opines that in the slow economic recovery, schools facilities managers will be forced in the short term to do less. Unappealing choices include deferred maintenance, less heating and cooling, less... 05/31/2011
Maintenance & Operations Solutions: Meeting the Challenge of Improving School Facilities. This paper examines the impact current maintenance and operations (M&O)practices have on U.S. school performance and offers possible opportunities for improvement through the judicious use of... 12/31/1999
Maintenance Business Plans. Discusses maintenance business plans, statements which provide accountability for facilities maintenance organizations' considerable budgets. Discusses the plan's components: statement of... 12/31/2001