Maintenance and Operations Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
Maintenance Deferred. Discusses how colleges and universities are scrambling to catch up on deferred maintenance before the backlog becomes overwhelming. The problems, and some solutions, for acquiring repair funding and... 11/30/2000
Maintenance for Sale! Proposes an entrepreneurial approach for central plan facility management that considers foremost the often disparate needs of the various campus clients and aims to deliver value just as a private... 10/31/2004
Maintenance of Public School Facilities in Maryland. Describes the current status of maintenance in Maryland public schools, and details three initiatives to assist the local districts with maintenance: 1) Improve the State's annual maintenance... 08/25/2005
Maintenance Staffing Standards for Zero-Based Budgeting. Discusses school preventive maintenance and the variables associated with maintenance staffing standards that address a zero-based budgeting environment. It explores preventive maintenance... 06/30/1998
Maintenance Trades Guidelines. Offers an overview of the current guidelines for APPA's 2002 publication of Maintenance Staffing Guidelines for Educational Facilities. The article discusses the development of a maintenance... 04/30/2008
Maintenance: The Unavoidable Since maintenance is unavoidable, a school board should include deferred maintenance as a regular budget item. This is not to be considered an uncovering of mismanagement but rather an improvement in... 06/30/1993
Making Ends Meet. Discusses how some college maintenance managers are getting the most out of their tight maintenance budgets. Examples of cost-cutting measures include comparative shopping for cleaning chemicals,... 05/31/1999
Making Equipment Rental Work. Advises on maintenance equipment rental, including equipment condition, availability of staff to use the equipment in a timely manner, proper training, how to obtain honest appraisals of models, and... 07/31/2008
Making Gains. Presents survey data on school maintenance and operations (M & O) budgets that show colleges are addressing facilities concerns by increasing M & O funding. M & O comparative cost data... 03/31/1999
Managing Costs Creatively: MC2 Series. Sections 1-5. This series of five booklets has been developed to provide Oregon public school district administrators with suggestions for cost containment and increasing productivity. The five sections focus on... 12/31/1981
Managing Pressure Vessel Equipment as a Capital Asset. Argues the importance of treating facility pressure equipment as capital assets and discusses three steps in their management process. The following steps are discussed: understanding the condition... 08/31/1999
Managing. American School and University 27th Annual School M & O Cost Study. Presents data from the American School & University's annual Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Cost Study for the 1997-98 school year. Data include trends in building operations staff... 03/31/1998
Means Facilities Maintenance & Repair Cost Data 2006 Book This addresses the cost of all aspects of buildings and grounds maintenance and repair, preventive maintenance, general maintenance, and the cost and repair frequencies of thousands of work items.... 12/31/2005
Meeting the Challenge: M & O Budgets. Describes how some higher education institutions are accommodating cutbacks in maintenance and operations budgets by asking non-custodial staff to do some cleaning up after themselves, bringing... 07/31/2009
More Than Just Maintenance. As institutional budgets tighten and administrators face tough decisions about spending priorities, deferring maintenance can seem like the least painful choice. But some colleges that have deferred... 10/09/2003
Motors: Defining and Improving Energy. Defines what constitutes an energy-efficient motor, discusses what energy cost savings might be realized by using them, and advises on assessing motors for efficiency and replacement, as well as on... 08/31/2008
MRO Storerooms: Bottom-Line Issues. Advises on maintaining well-organized, well-stocked, and inventoried facilities parts storerooms. Reduction of staff time spent looking for parts, consolidated inventory, and quick response to... 03/31/2011
MSBO Facilities Benchmarking Report. Assists Michigan school business and facilities managers to compare their maintenance costs and practices to the universe of school districts in the state. The survey report addresses outsourcing,... 12/31/2009
Multiple Benefits Discusses the benefits of dome architecture for a community's middle and high school multipurpose facility. The dome construction is revealed as being cost effective in construction and in... 06/30/1997
National School Plant Management Association The purpose of NSPMA, a membership organization, is to provide for the exchange of information that improves school plant management, maintenance and care through the promotion of acceptable policies...
New Tools of the Trade. Discusses computer software that can help school maintenance department cut their costs. The use of a maintenance management system is examined along with examples of how these systems can actually... 09/30/2000
Off-Balance Sheet Financing. Examines off-balance sheet financing, the facilities use of outsourcing for selected needs, as a means of saving operational costs and using facility assets efficiently. Examples of using outside... 06/30/1998
Operations and Maintenance Benchmarks. Provides housekeeping, maintenance and utility costs on a per-square-foot basis for a variety of facility types. Also included are temperature standards and information on energy management. The user... 12/31/2005
Paints and Coatings: Effective, Efficient Applications. [Paints and Coatings: Application Best Practices.] Advises on planning and executing an effective repainting project by explaining the specification of the correct paints and coatings, describing the proper tools, and suggesting how to schedule the... 05/31/2009
Performance Contracting: Meeting the Challenge of Deferred Maintenance. Discusses the magnitude of the problem of deferred maintenance on today's university campuses and the solving this problem using performance-based energy efficiency retrofit as implemented by... 12/31/2000