Maintenance and Operations Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
Planning for Cost Effectiveness A heat pump life-cycle cost analysis is used to explain the technique. Items suggested for the life-cycle analysis approach include lighting, longer-life batteries, site maintenance, and retaining... 04/30/1984
Planning Guide for Maintaining School Facilities. The planning guide was developed to help readers better understand why and how to develop, implement, and evaluate a school facilities maintenance plan. The guide is designed for staff at the local... 01/31/2003
Playing Hardball with Facilities Expenses Describes one school district manager's tactics for successfully controlling district costs and increasing capital improvements while only marginally increasing the facilities maintenance... 11/30/1997
Plumbing: The Repair-Replace Decision. Advises on identifying reasons for excessive wear on plumbing fixtures and funding replacement systems. 03/31/2008
Preventive Maintenance for Higher Education Facilities: A Planning & Budgeting Tool for Facilities Professionals. This guide is designed to help higher education facilities managers, through the implementation of preventive maintenance (PM), to increase the life of facility systems and equipment, lower overall... 12/31/2002
Principles of Controlled Maintenance Management This guide to the improvement of maintenance operations focuses on organization, inventory, continuous inspection, planning, scheduling, and program management. It provides guidelines on implementing... 12/31/2001
Privatizing Maintenance Schools and other government facilities want to see whether privatization of maintenance can provide services as efficiently and at less cost than inhouse workers. Privatization proponents say that... 01/31/1996
Program Evaluation: Custodians/Security. Des Moines Public Schools. The Des Moines Independent Community School District (Iowa) has initiated management support services in the custodial/security areas that have reduced administrative costs, provided for more... 05/04/1998
Protect Your Investment: Don't Cut the M&O Budget. Cites examples of deferred school maintenance that were followed by even larger repair or replacement costs, as well as noting that many states require local districts to set aside funds for... 10/31/2009
Purchasing Power. Presents an interview with the coordinator of physical plant stores at the University of South Florida, Tampa. The interviewee worked with the univerisity's IT staff to build an effective... 10/31/2003
Quality of Life...Investing in Our Children's Future. The Case for Building and Maintaining Our Public Schools. This study examines the problem of deferred maintenance in U.S. public schools, including the repair funding required to comply with federal mandates in the next 3 years; the estimated percentage of... 12/31/1995
Reduce Operating Costs with an EnergySmart School Project. Advises on simple energy saving strategies for schools. These include limiting equipment operation during unoccupied times, low-cost repairs by in-house staff, preventive maintenance, energy tracking... 12/31/2007
Reducing the Cost of Floor Care. Reviews budgeting, training, and equipment selection for floor care, as well as green trends in floor care products and equipment. 02/28/2007
Resources for Maintaining Schools. Reviews major reports quantifying an increasing amount of deferred maintenance in schools, and highlights recent publications that can help, as well as the ongoing efforts of the Association of... 12/31/2005
Reviewing the State of Deferred Maintenance. Summarizes circumstances and liabilities of deferred maintenance, elements that should be included in estimating capital needs, and methodologies for capacity analysis, condition needs assessment,... 10/31/2004
Rising to the Challenge. American School and University 7th Annual College M & O Cost Study. Presents data on college spending for maintenance and facility operations for the 2000-01 school year. Data reveal a greater allocation of maintenance and operations being funded by colleges. Funding... 03/31/2001
Save a Penny, Lose a School: The Real Cost of Deferred Maintenance. Describes the problem of deferred maintenance for school facilities, especially from the perspective of small rural districts. It examines the extent, causes, and consequences of deferred maintenance... 05/31/2003
School Bus Maintenance Facility Planner. Advises on the planning, design, and furnishing of school bus maintenance facilities. National, international, and local building codes are cited. The appendix offers floor plans for small, medium,... 08/31/2003
School Conditions Will Continue to Earn Failing Grades. This study addresses indoor air quality and general conditions problems in schools throughout the United States. Tools employed to investigate conditions include a nationwide, web-based survey,... 06/30/2006
School Custodial Services. Discusses school cleaning and maintenance, including organizing of custodial services, scheduling, supervision, inspection, supplies, equipment, employment, working conditions, training, cleaning... 12/31/1967
School Maintenance & Operations Costs. Compilation of data for elementary, secondary, and high school maintenance and operations costs in New Jersey. 02/19/2000
School Maintenance and Operations Report. Reviews two school districts' custodial and maintenance standards, examining the categories of cleaning types and frequencies, work schedules and work order procedures, staffing, training,... 10/31/2008
School Maintenance and Renovation: Administrator Policies, Practices, and Economics. Written for decision-makers in school buildings, district offices, and boards, this book outlines the major aspects of school maintenance and renovation, with a focus on cost-effectiveness. Chapters... 12/31/2003
School Operations and Maintenance: Best Practices for Controlling Energy Costs. Provides detailed practical guidance on how K-12 school districts can plan and implement enhancements to their current operations and maintenance programs that can successfully maintain their... 07/31/2004
School Renovation and the Importance of Maintenance [Interview with Charles Boney, Jr.] Architect Charles Boney offers his views on school districts building schools that have to be replaced too soon, general problems concerning renovation of older buildings, and keeping maintenance... 07/31/1999