Maintenance and Operations Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date This members-only website is the online home for school facility, maintenance, and operations professionals. The site connects school facility professionals to each other to solve problems, share...
Searching for Savings. As a result of management's vision and the maintenance department's expertise, the Portland School District is now reaping cost-saving benefits estimated to be about $9 million over the... 12/31/2003
Shared Maintenance? Advises small school districts to consider joining together to engage permanent maintenance teams that provide consistent service, rather than to individually engage local contractors who build no... 11/30/2006
Slash Custodial Costs with Team Cleaning. Examines the Syracuse School District's custodial staff's efforts to simultaneously increase revenue, lower costs, and create a more healthful school environment. Tips for successfully... 07/31/1997
Small Change: American School and University 33rd Annual School M & O Cost Study. Discusses the results of a 2003 study of public school districts revealing that maintenance and operations expenditures, as a percentage of budgets, are near historic lows. Tables display costs per... 03/31/2004
Smart Schools. Discusses the trend in using intelligent building technologies to achieve operating efficiencies and cost savings. It explains what an intelligent building is, defines some of the terms, and... 09/30/1998
State Education Department Implementation of the RESCUE Program. Examines the New York State Education Department's administration of their RESCUE program, which requires school districts to develop maintenance plans for their school buildings and prepare an... 09/18/2003
Status Quo. American School and University 26th Annual School M & O Cost Study Presents 1997 maintenance and operations (M&O) cost summaries from a sampling of chief business officers at public school districts across the United States. Nationally, results show 9.59% of a... 03/31/1997
Staying the Course. American School and University 9th Annual College M & O Cost Study. An annual survey of college maintenance and operations (M & O) funding concludes, among other detailed findings, that college spending held steady this year, even in tough economic times. 03/31/2003
Steady Spending: American School and University 11th Annual College M&O Cost Study. Presents the results of a 2004 study of higher education institutions, revealing that maintenance and operations expenditures averaged 10 per cent of total expenditures, which is up from 9.5 per cent... 03/31/2005
Stretching Resources. Discusses factors leading to the current problem of poorly maintained schools, such as budget and labor cuts and misdirected purchasing policies. Provides an overview of some solutions, such as... 08/31/2002
Studyin' Trailers. Part III. This focuses on actual costs for portable classrooms including operating and maintenance savings over various periods. In addition, breakeven analyses is offered under a variety of scenarios. 06/30/2001
Successful Funding Strategies for Facility Renewal This discussion of college and university capital renewal and deferred maintenance (CRDM) explores issues facing campus managers, presents the successful facilities maintenance strategies of eight... 12/31/1996
Taking Pride. Describes the Japanese practice of students, sometimes along with teachers, cleaning their own classrooms at a prescribed time during the day. This is done not because of budget constraints, but as a... 03/31/2005
Talking Trash. Describes money saving trash management techniques including compaction to reduce hauler visits and cardboard baling to remove it from the waste stream and possibly sell to recyclers. The savings... 10/31/2004
Ten Tips to Help Stretch Maintenance Budgets. Offers money-saving maintenance ideas submitted by school facility mangers, including performing routine tasks less frequently, empowering and equipping teachers and principals to investigate... 09/30/2005
That Sinking Feeling. American School and University 31st Annual School M & O Cost Study. An annual survey of chief business officers in U.S. public school districts revealed that spending on maintenance and operations (M & O) as a percentage of net current expenditures dropped to a... 03/31/2002
The 65 Percent Solution. Explains the 65 Percent Solution, which requires school districts to spend at least 65 percent of their operating budget on in-classroom expenses. The rule has become law in several states, with many... 02/28/2006
The ABCs of RFPs. Discusses how cleaning managers at Colorado State University saved money, improved training, and reduced wasted labor by using requests for proposals (RFPs) when purchasing equipment and chemicals.... 01/31/2001
The Benefits of Preventive Roof Maintenance. Explains how to convince a school administration that a roof maintenance program can extend roof life and save money, even in the presence of roof warranties. Discusses ways to evaluate the cost... 05/31/1998
The Big Squeeze. Describes tightened school budget situations, where cuts and savings are occurring, and how some school systems generate revenue from use of their facilities. 01/31/2004
The Deferred Maintenance Crisis: A Comparison of Smaller State-Supported and Independent Institutions. Examines strategies for conducting expected and deferred maintenance of small colleges for use as a model that may be adapted to other educational settings. Investigates the relationship between... 12/31/1995
The Deferred Maintenance Dilemma. Discusses the hazards of the trend toward accumulated deferred maintenance in higher education and offers advice on tying facilities needs and issues to the core strategies and goals of the... 02/28/2003
The Failing Campus Infrastructure: Is It Too Late? Discusses the extent of damage being caused to colleges and universities from accumulated deferred maintenance (ADM) and why it is happening. Public policy implications are discussed along with... 12/31/1999
The Importance of a Maintenance Program. Reviews statistics concerning the condition of America's schools and discusses essential capital, infrastructure, educational, preventive, deferred, cleaning maintenance. The elements of a... 05/31/2006