Maintenance and Operations Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Intrinsic Value of Campus Maintenance. Discusses how an emphasis on student recruitment, combined with deferred maintenance backlogs and maintenance budget cuts, suggest that further study needs to be done on the intrinsic value of campus... 01/31/2003
The Predictability of Unplanned Failures. Organizes planned and unplanned maintenance into three categories each, along with the increasing severity and cost for each category. Techniques for using these categories and cost coefficientsto... 02/28/2009
The School Maintenance Rental Option For some education facilities, renting cleaning equipment as it is needed may be preferable to purchasing it. Describes the reasons for renting and what to look for when selecting equipment. 12/31/2011
The Whitestone Facility Operations Cost Reference, 2009-2010. Profiles operations costs for 72 building and utility types in all major U.S. and Canadian areas. Alternative levels of service and costs are estimated for custodial, energy, grounds, management,... 12/31/2008
The Why and How of Maintenance. Details reasons behind deferred maintenance, including willingness to cut maintenance and operations budgets to preserve educational program funding, lack of master planning for maintenance, lack of... 05/31/2005
To Maintain or Not to Maintain: A Common Sense Approach to Facilities Management. Describes the University of Southern Indiana's approach to residence hall maintenance, which includes training residents and resident assistants to execute many of the smaller tasks. 10/31/2004
To Outsource or Not To Outsource? Discusses the trends towards school districts outsourcing selected support services as a means of attaining organizational efficiency and cost control. What decision makers should look for when... 07/31/1999
Total Cost of Ownership. Discusses total cost of ownership (TCO) when making purchasing decisions, i.e., considering all costs expnded over the life of an item, both hard and soft. Faculty desks, staff chairs, and... 05/31/2011
Tough Times. Discusses the results of a 2003 study of higher education institutions revealing that maintenance and operations expenditures, as a percentage of budgets, dropped from 10 to 9.5 percent. Tables... 03/31/2004
Tracking Costs. Augments information on energy-saving construction and operations with information on measuring the cost-effectiveness. 04/30/2010
Tragedy of the Commons: Who Owns Classroom Space? Describes the approach taken by the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee to budgeting for maintenance of general-assignment classrooms, noting the advantages of this straightforward and transparent... 06/30/1999
Transitioning to Planned Maintenance. Advises on how to transition from a pattern of reactive maintenance to one of planned and organized maintenance. Prioritization or weighting is the key coupled with segmenting larger campuses into a... 02/29/2008
Turned On to Savings. Explains how to upgrade inefficienct lighting systems that will dramatically cut energy use and costs while simultaneously improving the learning environment. Advice for using outside consultants is... 03/31/1998
Upgrade Your Facilities Without a Bond Issue. Discusses eliminating bond issues for facility energy management upgrades by using performance contracting. Explains that performance contracts create savings that help support financing new... 01/31/1998
Using Benchmarking to Analyze M&O Efficiency This study developed efficiency indicators (grouped into price, personnel, productivity, and policy categories) as part of an ongoing internal benchmarking process to help six affluent New York... 03/31/1996
When is Run-to-Failure Appropriate? Discusses considerations for removing systems from planned maintenance, allowing them to fail, and then replacing them. Issues of return on maintenance investment and avoidance of collateral damage... 02/29/2004
Who's Maintaining What? Reviews types of maintenance underway in public schools, with categories of work reported as percentages of overall maintenance projects. 02/28/2006