Modular Construction

Title Abstract Publication Date
Green Modular Classrooms Gaining Momentum. Makes a case for superior impact with the use of green modular classrooms for achieving LEED goals. Advantages include ease of siting, off-site construction with minimal waste, and efficient... 08/17/2010
Green-Classrooms-to-Go. Describes a green modular classroom that is not delivered in halves, but as a single unit with movable walls. 06/30/2006
High-Performance Modular Classrooms Hit the Market. Describes recent LEED-certifiable modular classroom units that are highly energy efficient and feature the use of environmentally sensitive building materials, daylighting, cool roofs, occupancy... 03/31/2007
Improving Construction Efficiency and Productivity with Modular Construction. Discusses advances in modular construction, focusing on use of building information modeling (BIM), improved jobsite efficiency, greater use of offsite fabrication, innovative demonstration... 12/31/2009
Improving the Learning Process in the Latest Prefabricated School Buildings. Analyzes Catalonian schools built using advantageous prefabricated technologies that improve the building process and reduce the environmental impact of the building. These technologies can have a... 12/22/2010
Innovation in Management of Primary School Construction - a Case Study. Describes India's Central Building Research Institute program of partial prefabrication of school buildings in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The program provides the elements of a basic shelter--... 12/31/1973
Instant Classrooms. Discusses temporary and permanent modular construction, citing their differences and describing precast modular construction in particular. 03/31/2006
It's Never Been Easier for Your School To Get Space. Offers suggestions on choosing modular space for schools. Advice is provided based on school needs: (1) How soon is the space needed? Is there a crisis situation or time to plan? (2) How much... 02/28/2002
LAVA: Classroom of the Future Shows a classroom of the future, a prefabricated and relocatable classroom unit that integrates into the landscape while enhancing the learning environment, allowing adjustments for changing needs of... 01/24/2012
Lease is More. Modular leasing is an alternative for school facility planning. 06/30/1992
Let's Take Prefab Back One Classroom at a Time. Describes the Los Angeles Unified School District's competition to design a pre-fabricated school building that's flexibly attuned to its site and ecologically sustainable. Explains what a... 07/07/2011
Looking Beyond the Typical Solutions to Provide Classroom Seats. Describes the Wake County Public School Systems steps to address rapid growth in their school population, including modular campuses, ninth grade centers, adaptive reuse of commercial structures, and... 12/31/2005
Make Room for Modular Modular building means no weather delays, materials shortages, or worries about subcontractors not showing up. 12/31/1995
Mod Squad. Presents four school facilities that were built with modular technology, yielding permanent solutions that were accomplished on accelerated construction schedules. 04/30/2008
Modern Schools? Think Modular! Don't confuse modular buildings with portable ones. Examines how modular educational facilities can provide a viable alternative in building construction when speed and safety are key... 01/31/1998
Modular Buildings--One Solution to Changing Demographics In addition to cost savings, author claims that modular classrooms enable school districts to respond quickly to increased enrollments. Government officials and school administrators have endorsed... 12/31/1988
Modular Construction: The Wave of the Future Modular construction of school buildings offers speed of construction, with 100 percent contractor responsibility for the completed structures. Under negotiated terms, modular projects can be... 12/31/1988
Modular, Precast Gain Popularity. Discusses the benefits of modular and precast construction to school design, time and money saving, sustainability, and project phasing. Advances in both methods that produce aesthetically pleasing... 01/31/2010
Much-Needed High School Built on Navajo Reservation in Eight Months. Reviews the creation of this Arizona reservation school, featuring culturally significant design elements derived from trips through the surrounding landscape, and then incorporated into a cost-... 03/31/2007
Navajo Architect Collaborates on Modular School Honoring Native American Culture. Briefly describes Arizona's Shonto Preparatory School, a small modular high school that serves Navajo students in the north central part of the state. The design process included guidance from a... 12/31/2006
New Modular Classrooms Expected to Cut Construction Costs 25 Percent Describes environmentally friendly kits, called PodSolves, that consist of steel framing that comes together to form flexible classroom units. The classroom pods are designed to serve as standalones... 11/29/2011
Not the Trailer: Provisional Classrooms for Primary Schools. Profiles SchoolParasites, three commissioned modular school designs in the Netherlands. The book documents the designs, addresses the interaction of architecture and education, the innovation of the... 12/31/2003
Nothing Beats a Really Good Modular Building Design. Covers key components of good modular educational building design, including effective interior layout, quality exterior design that does not look like a trailer, flexibility that allows for growth,... 09/12/2005
Permanent Modular Construction 2011 Annual Report Annual report of the permanent modular construction industry includes a description of benefits of this type of construction, plus a discussion of sustainability aspects. Includes case studies of... 12/31/2010
Permanent Modular Construction: A Growing Trend. Case study of the Arlington, Texas Independent School District that needed 103 permanent kindergarten classrooms with complete site development at 37 separate locations all in less than 15 months.... 04/30/2001