Modular Construction

Title Abstract Publication Date
Pre School. At the Watkinson School, a pre-engineered building blends environmental science with ethics. Description of the pre-engineered buildings produced by Project Frog for the Watkinson School in Hartford, Connecticut, a venue for secondary level lectures, seminars, and laboratory work dedicated... 12/31/2011
Pre-Engineered Buildings, Relating to the Construction and Maintenance of Public Schools in North Carolina. Briefly addresses North Carolina's requirements for pre-engineered buildings at schools, including recommendations for design and construction, as well as requirements for minimum drawings for... 02/29/2008
Preliminary Evaluation of Energy-Efficiency Improvements to Modular Classrooms. The ojective of this investigation was to evaluate innovations that would enable modular classroom builders to improve the energy performance of their classrooms, including improved insulation,... 08/31/2001
Pretty Cool for a School. Describes the redesigned features of the Edison Schools of New York, a for-profit company which runs 113 public charter schools in partnership with local school districts. Designs are modular... 01/31/2001
Primary Prefab. Case study of the Brandlehow Primary School classroom extension in Putney, which opened in January 2006. It is only the UK's second education project to use the prefabricated, wood FinnForest... 09/05/2006
Project FROG Becomes a Cinderella Story for Modular Construction. Profiles the modular classrooms of Project FROG (Flexible Response to Ongoing Growth), which use 75 percent less energy than conventional modulars, and feature high ceilings and abundant glazing for... 11/25/2008
Project FROG Leaps Ahead with High-Performance Modular Classrooms. Describes this San Francicso design company's efforts to produce attractive, high performance modular classrooms as an alternative to trailers. Two of the firms models are described, featuring... 04/30/2006
Prototype Designed to Meet LAUSD Needs Reports that the Los Angeles Unified School district has signed a contract with Gonzalez Goodale Architects through a competitive design process for new school building prototype to replace thousands... 05/18/2011
Prototype: Enhanced Modular Childcare Facility. Presents a prototype modular early childhood facility, featuring the rotation of one modular of a 3-modular unit to break up the repetitive, boxlike nature typical of modulars. The turning of one... 12/31/2002
Report on the 2005 Annual Performance of Monitored High Performance Mobile Classrooms. Presents numerous graphs comparing the energy use for a conventional versus a high- performance modular classroom. The total energy consumption of the high-performance unit was 30% less than that of... 11/30/2005
Rethinking Schools: A System of Adaptable Design. This thesis rethinks how schools adapt to change, by exploring themes of flexibility and adaptability. Flexibility in the short term allows learning spaces to be a platform for changing pedagogy or... 12/31/2009
Scholastic Composition. Case study of Houston's Robert Browning Elementary's new temporary modular building, erected on tricky triangular site and featuring an unusual exterior and courtyard. This project... 12/31/2003
School District Saves $200,000 With Permanent Modular Construction. Case study of building a district office for the administrators of School District 30 in Northbrook, Illinois, using the fast track techniques of modular construction to create their new headquarters... 12/31/2002
School Facility Manufacturers' Association SFMA was formed in 1987 to be a voice for the modular building industry in California. SFMA is comprised of modular building manufacturers, architects, suppliers and others in related businesses who...
Schools on the Fast Track. Explains the benefits of precast concrete in school construction, citing short- and long- term savings, speed of fabrication and assembly, plasticity, and choices in exterior finishes that include... 03/31/2005
Special Section: Concrete. Provides three articles describing the use of concrete in sustainable school building. Precast systems, modular units, and autoclaved aerated concrete are discussed. 08/31/2009
Sustainable Modular Classrooms. Discusses the green virtues of modular school construction, with less site disturbance and more efficient use of materials. Advantages to construction scheduling, indoor air quality, and flexible... 03/31/2011
The Case for Modular. Describes how modular buildings can play a significant role in sustainable building, as the modular building industry includes more environmentally conscious design, materials, and construction... 10/31/2008
The Evolution of Modular Construction. Explores how the myths of modular construction for schools began and the advances made in steel and modular construction. The major advantages of using permanent modular construction for schools are... 11/30/1993
The Modular Solution. School districts are using modular buildings to keep costs down and solve space problems. Modular space can be configured as classroom complexes or portable classrooms. The various uses of modular... 11/30/1995
The Modular Solution. Explains how modular buildings are uniquely qualified to solve space crunch problems, budgetary concerns, and time pressures when expanding and improving educational facilities. 02/28/2001
The USGBC's LEED Version 3.0 2009 Building Rating System. Discusses modular construction and sustainability as it relates to LEED prerequisites for the categories Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor... 06/30/2009
Trading Spaces. Describes the virtues of permanent modular school construction, including speed of construction, lower costs, and less disruption at the site. 07/31/2006
Water Source Heat Pump for Modular Classrooms. Reports on an investigation of design improvement for a water source heat pump where the water was stored in flexible plastic bladders resting on the ground beneath modular classrooms. The design... 12/31/2004
What the Schools of the Future Could Look Like Descriptions of the winners of the Future Proofing Schools design competition where designers where invited to submit their ideas for the next generation of relocatable classrooms. The competition,... 02/05/2012