Multipurpose Spaces

Title Abstract Publication Date
Portable Partitions and Moveable Walls. Describes a number of moveable partition and wall products available for creating teaching and administrative spaces within larger rooms. Products should be chosen for their operability, suitability... 11/30/2003
Portland Community College's Downtown Center. Discusses the renovation of an historic building in downtown Portland that brings together Portland Community College (Ore.) administrators. The four-story, 44,000-square-foot building houses five... 02/28/2011
Profiles of Significant Schools: Hillsdale High School, San Mateo, California. Presents a profile of a high school designed so that its academic spaces are completely adaptable--changes in the program can be quickly reflected in the building through the easy rearrangement of... 05/31/1960
Profiles of Significant Schools: Schools Without Walls. Discusses California's approach to building open space schools for the elementary grades. Open space schools provide an environment which encourages innovation and interaction. However,... 05/31/1966
Projects Receive AIA Honor Awards. Recipients of the 2010 AIA Honor Awards included the following school projects: Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture, Columbus, Ohio; Camino Nuevo High School, Los Angeles; Yale University Art... 01/25/2010
Quick Change. Suggests solutions for creating functional multi-purpose school spaces, such as cafetoriums, gymnatoriums, and multi-purpose balconies. Stage configuration, room adjacencies, retractable seating,... 10/31/2006
Recycling Buildings: Aging, Multipurpose Gyms have Future as Repurposed Classrooms. Discusses the conversion of outdated and undersized school gymnasiums into other uses. Typical re-uses are described, as are issues concerning the extent of renovation required and examples from... 08/31/2010
Sharing Space. Explores why flexibility is an essential component in the design of multipurpose performing-arts centers for schools. Discusses stage size and shape, seating configuration, and design considerations... 07/31/2001
Smart Building Spaces Redefine Traditional School Environments Discusses serendipity spaces that manifest themselves in a variety of forms — from quiet study alcoves in a library, to a main traffic lounge complete with computer terminals and a nearby café; or a... 12/12/2011
Space Impacts Learning. Trung Le's recommendations for using space to help transform teaching and learning include: change the language and lexicon, eliminate classroom from vocabulary and talk about learning... 12/31/2010
Split-Level Flexibility Presents photographs and the floor plan of a middle school whose split-level design separates noisy areas, such as the band room and gymnasium, from the academic wing. The design encourages teaming... 12/31/1996
Stadium Complex Serves Athletics, Arts. Discusses how a Birdville, Texas, school put the wasted space in its football stadium to use as meeting places for various district and community activities, a black box theater, and space for... 02/29/2000
Student Commons Areas. Explores the new philosophy, lighting arrangements, and planning considerations behind the next generation of school common area design. Designs that enhance safety and security, and that can be... 01/31/2001
The Auditeria: A Multi-Use Space. This presentation illustrates how a full working auditorium (auditeria) can be planned that is also used daily as a cafeteria or study hall, all without sacrificing performance activities. Cost... 10/06/1996
The Mighty Multiuse Facility Colleges and universities are building impressive mixed-use facilities to attract new students, benefit the community, and generate extra revenue. This discusses California State University,... 09/30/2004
Timothy Dwight Elementary School, New Haven, Connecticut. Describes the design of a multipurpose addition to an elementary school in New Haven, completed by the Yale Urban Design Workshop. The project was launched as a three-day community design charrette... 01/31/2002
Tolchii Kooh Schools: Results Through Innovation Provides reasons for using dome architecture in building educational facilities and describes the development of two such dome facilities in Arizona: a pre-kindergarten through Grade 8 multipurpose... 06/30/1998
Two Schools Meet Flexible Programs. Folding partitions and multipurpose spaces meet flexibility needs at two new schools in Allief, Texas. 08/31/1978
Welcome to the Neighborhood. Case study of the Jordan Park School of Extended Learning, a K-8 school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Discusses how community interest and involvement helped this new school reinvigorate an urban area.... 12/31/2000
Wired for Everything. Discusses increased concern for multitasking and multipurpose spaces in higher education settings. The increased cost of A/V components is driving this innovation. 02/28/2011