Music Education Spaces

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Music House in the Music Room Describes a house within a music room where children come to listen to and read some of their favorite songs, listen to musical stories, play with musical games, or practice their chorus parts with a... 10/31/1972
A Musical Arrangement. Profiles Minneapolis' MacPhail Center for Music, highlighting its notable modern architecture, and both formal and informal performing spaces. 06/30/2008
A User Assessment of Workspaces in Selected Music Education Computer Laboratories. A study of 120 students selected from the user populations of four music education computer laboratories was conducted to determine the applicability of current ergonomic and environmental design... 04/30/1995
Academic Buildings. Describes the School of Music and Fine Arts at Palm Beach Atlantic University, Florida, which was built to be visually appealing and acoustically superb, and the Samuel H. Smith Center for... 07/31/2003
Acoustical Design of Music Education Facilities. This publication provides essays on the acoustical design of music education facilities and reproductions of posters describing 50 projects presented at the 117th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of... 12/31/1989
Acoustics Primer for Music Spaces. This guide explains in simple terms the fundamental acoustical concepts that affect music areas. Useful for music educators, musicians, school administrators, architects and planners to help better... 12/31/1998
Arts Education Facilities Planner for Grades 9-12. Suggests facilities necessary to conduct instruction in four distinct subject areas: dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts. Discusses common facilities elements, such as sound management, sound... 03/31/2000
Arts Education Facilities Planner. Grades K-8. This reference document for public school facility designers addresses arts education programs and the facilities that support them. Some sections focus on concepts and features common to most or all... 03/31/2000
Arts Education in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools: 1999-2000 and 2009-10 Presents selected findings from seven congressionally mandated arts in education surveys. These surveys were designed to provide national estimates of the characteristics of arts education in public... 03/31/2012
Auditoriums/Music Rooms. Describes the design of notable school auditoriums and music rooms, including the educational context and design goals. Includes information on architects, suppliers, and cost, as well as photographs. 07/31/2002
Auditoriums/Music Rooms. Presents auditoriums/music rooms considered outstanding in a competition which judged the most outstanding learning environments at educational institutions nationwide. Jurors spent 2 days reviewing... 07/31/2003
Auditoriums/Music Rooms. Presents six higher education and secondary school fine arts facilities selected for the American School & University 2005 Educational Interiors Showcase. The projects were selected for their... 07/31/2005
Baffling or Baffled: Improve Your Acoustics Presents techniques for evaluating the acoustics (reverberation time, and standing waves and resonance phenomena) of a band performance room. Gives instructions for building and placing inexpensive... 04/30/1981
Building a New Music Facility: From Baton to Hardhat. Describes the new music education facility at Chicago's York High School, detailing the collaboration between the music faculty, designers, and administrators. 05/31/2003
Building Blueprints: Making Music. Depicts how Cornell University renovated its civil engineering and architecture building to include space for musical performances, teaching, and rehearsals. The article highlights the facility'... 12/31/2001
Building Blueprints: Room To Practice. Presents Millikin University's (Decatur, IL) renovated School of Music facility that includes additional practice rooms and faculty studios, a computer-assisted instruction classroom, and a... 01/31/2001
Designing a Secondary Music Suite. Discusses four factors in designing a school music room that satisfies student, teacher, and school needs. It explores acoustics in terms of cubic volume, room shape, sound isolation, acoustical... 09/30/1998
Elementary Music Planning Guide. Provides an outline around which an elementary music room can be planned, with attention to details that are easily forgotten. For the music educator, the Guide provides a basic understanding of the... 12/31/2003
Enhancing the Sound of Music. Discusses the importance of well-designed rooms with the proper acoustics to facilitate effective music instruction. Several considerations are examined when planning or renovating music areas so... 10/31/2000
Faculty of Music. Case study of the new building for the Faculty of Music at McGill University in Montréal, Québec, by the consortium of Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux/ Saucier + Perrotte Architectes. The eight-... 08/15/2006
Harmony In Your Classroom - Music Room Design That Sings. Describes factors to consider when designing a school's music room: the room's function, the kind of music furniture, room acoustics, and tasteful decoration. 09/30/2011
Harold P. Geerdes on Musical Facility Design Presents an interview with Dr. Harold P. Geerdes, world-renowned music facility planner, acoustician, and music professor. Dr. Geerdes discusses the different characteristics of rehearsal spaces and... 10/31/1996
Instrument Storage: Effective Design for Band & Orchestra Facilities. A conference presentation focuses effective secondary school band and orchestra instrument and accessories storage while ensuring an environment that offers adequate security, is user-friendly, and... 10/06/1996
Let There Be Music Key requirements for a successful music program include a supportive environment, constructive communication, an effective floor plan, and quality equipment. Unless music education's value is... 10/31/1999
Making Room for Music. Discusses storage solutions for school music facilities, chiefly involving instruments, sheet music, and uniforms. 11/30/2002