Music Education Spaces

Title Abstract Publication Date
Middle School Music Facilities: Good Acoustics, Flexibility Required. Explains the four critical factors needed in designing music suites for middle schools that can help achieve the music program's education goals while accommodating the specialized activities... 09/30/2000
Music Accommodation in Secondary Schools. A Design Guide. An outline is provided of the accommodation needs for music in secondary schools, concentrating on the needs of 11- to 16-year-old pupils with case studies that illustrate a range of school types... 12/31/1996
Music Education Suites. This publication describes options for designing and equipping middle and high school music education suites and suggests means of gaining community support for including full service music suites in... 12/31/2008
Music Facilities. The layouts and specifications in this booklet are intended to assist those involved in planning music facilities for elementary and secondary schools. Drawings, room plans, and text illustrate... 12/31/1968
Music Facilities. New Remodeling. This 1966 publication provides design guidance to assist boards of education, administrators, music teachers and architects in planning adequate facilities for a music department based upon the needs... 12/31/1965
Music Rehearsal Room Acoustics: Comparisons of Objectives and Performance Measures. A comparison of the acoustic performance criteria for high school music education rehearsal rooms to standard classrooms in the United States and Asia. High school music rehearsal rooms have... 03/31/2012
Music Room. Details and photographs of a music room at the Vanden High School in California, designed by Gelfand Partners Architecture. Includes natural light without glare, thoughtful use of space, cost... 04/30/2008
Music to Our Ears A Waconia, Minnesota superintendent involved in constructing a new high school found that designing a successful music suite depended on building community support, understanding the music suite... 09/30/1997
Music with a View. Case study of the music facility at Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut, a private boarding school, that includes new practice rooms, rehearsal and performance spaces, classrooms, faculty... 09/19/2006
Music/Computer Labs: Arranging Teaching and Learning Space for Success This article outlines a checklist for planning new or redesigned music lab space. Includes space requirements and illustrations of several common setups such as aisles, islands, rows, or perimeter. 12/31/1999
Musical Accompaniment. Discusses issues of absorption and reflection in acoustics and describes a variety of materials and installations available in rooms where acoustical considerations are paramount. 07/31/2004
New Music Building. Profiles the new music building at McGill University, a steel-clad multi-storey structure designed to compliment the ornate and historic grey limestone existing music building. The building features... 06/30/2007
Optimizing Music Equipment Storage Outlines key considerations in music equipment storage: security, space savings, durability, traffic flow, and acoustics. 12/31/2011
Orchestrating Storage Solutions. Advises on casework for music education suites. Checking durability of a manufacturer's product by inspecting previous installations is recommended. The article describes modular and mobile... 11/30/2008
Place-based Learning: Interactive Learning and Net-Zero Design Case study of the Music and Science Building for Oregon's Hood River Middle School where Food and conservation science curriculum, net-zero design and student-based building performance... 11/30/2011
Planning Guide for Secondary School Music Facilities. Version 2.2. This planning guide focuses on the fundamental requirements for planning and designing school music suites. The guide provides brief explanations of critical factors affecting music suites so that... 12/31/2000
Quieting a Noisy School. Describes several methods and products to reduce excess reverberation and background noise in school areas, including music rooms, classrooms, gyms, offices, and natatoriums. 05/31/2002
Rehearsal Rooms Discusses aspects of a good rehearsal room, including acoustics, space, light, air, and decor. The seven characteristics essential to rehearsal room acoustics are: tonal warmth, the even blend of... 03/31/1979
Rose Center for the Arts, Lower Columbia College American studio Opsis Architecture designed the Rose Center for the Arts in Lower Columbia College, Longview, Washington, which not only meets the artists' needs with a cutting-edge theatre and... 04/19/2012
Science and Band Addition, Kimmons Junior High School. Profiles this Fort Smith, Arkansas, facility that created a spacious entrance and new administrative areas, as well as updated band, choir, and science facilities. Building statistics, a list of the... 12/31/2008
Smart Board in the Music Classroom. In this brief article, the author shares her experience using a Smart Board in the music classroom. Users can easily import many types of information, including video clips, short films, and music. 04/30/2007
SMARTer Music Teaching: Interactive Whiteboard Use in Music Classrooms. This article presents current research on interactive whiteboard use, numerous teaching ideas for general music educators, and two full-length music lesson plans demonstrating interactive whiteboard... 12/31/2008
Solving Acoustic Problems in Rehearsal and Practice Spaces. Discusses pre- and post-construction means for achieving acceptable acoustics in music rehearsal and practice rooms. The four areas addressed are sound isolation, interior room acoustics, mechanical... 03/31/2002
Sound Effect. Describes one Texas high school's efforts to obtain funding for a new music facility and the planning process behind its design. Discusses acoustics and storage space considerations. 07/31/1999
Sound Planning for Music Facilities. This booklet is designed as a reference for Oregon music educators and administrators who are considering building or improving school music facilities. It outlines typical specifications and points... 12/31/1978