Music Education Spaces

Title Abstract Publication Date
Sound Solutions. Discusses advances in audio transmission and reproduction that make distance learning in music possible. Echo cancellation, microphones, playback equipment, and sound-controlled cameras have made... 10/31/2005
Symphonic Sails. Describes the Central Washington University's Music Education Facility and its architectural details evoking properties of music. Technical features of the acoustically superb concert hall are... 12/31/2004
Symphony in San Antonio. Describes efforts that led to the creation of new music education facilities at San Antonio's eight high schools. Parents of students enrolled in music education led the way, joined by music... 09/30/2005
Technology as the Crayon Box While arts facilities should be equipped with computers, color scanners, MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) labs, connective video cameras, and appropriate software, music rooms still need... 03/31/2000
Technology-Rich Teaching Gives five examples from music teachers about how they use different types of technology, in particular the electronic keyboard, in their classrooms. Demonstrates the contrasting methods of each of... 09/30/1997
The Key to Designing Specialty Spaces. Dicusses specialty educational spaces by providing general design advice, illustrated with five examples from various schools. A media center, music suite, auditorium, outdoor classroom, and athletic... 10/31/2010
Tips: Improving Acoustics for Music Teaching. A specifications pamphlet offers methods, ideas, and suggestions on how music educators can upgrade their existing music facilities or design new ones correctly. Guidelines address room acoustic... 12/31/1990
Visible Music College / archimania Photos and description of the adaptive design of a music college in a mid-century bank building in downtown Memphis Tennessee. 04/24/2012
What's That You Hear? Describes flexible acoustical requirements in the various spaces of a music school. Using San Antonio's Trinity University as an example, features of concert halls, rehearsal rooms, and practice... 02/28/2007
You Can Always Hear the Music. Profiles the renovated and expanded Stivers School for the Arts in Dayton, Ohio. The historic 1908 structure was preserved and reused to wonderful advantage, and at a cost lower than demolition and... 05/31/2007