Online Purchasing Systems

Title Abstract Publication Date
ATD American Online ordering of school furniture and equipment including classroom furniture, school computer furniture, library furniture, audio-visual equipment, science tables, cafeteria furniture, daycare... Gives schools the ability to post requests for proposals, invitations to bid and quotes online. Registered vendors are notified of bid opportunities.
E-Buy. Discusses how electronic procurement systems have saved institutions money and expedited purchasing. An easy user interface, easy auditing, and enforced adherence to purchasing rules are additional... 10/31/2008
E-Commerce and E-Procurement: They're Becoming Buyers' Markets! Discusses schools' use of Web-based procurement for supplies. Describes the cost savings and other benefits of this purchasing method, along with prominent vendors. 09/30/2002
E-Commerce Comes Slowly But Surely to Education. Discusses why e-commerce is being used so sparingly by big business and school purchasers alike, the benefits on going on-line for school buyers, and the integration of e-commerce with the district... 07/31/2000
E-commerce Update: Lessons Learned A sidebar to an article on education portals discusses e-commerce for school purchasing and lists 10 web sites. 10/31/2000
E-Procurement 101: Getting Started. Explains the benefits of e-procurement (ordering supplies through computer networks) and discusses what colleges should look for when choosing a service provider. 10/31/2002
E-Procurement: Not Your Ordinary Online Shopping Experience. Discusses the evolution of online procurement for schools, the advantages of the practice to both large and small school districts, and a step-by-step method for ordering materials that encompasses e... 04/30/2008
EdConCat.Com Online web site registry for construction professionals who provide products and services to the educational community for the construction and maintenance of schools, colleges, and universities. One... This is a directory of products and services for school construction, facilities, business, and technology needs. Categories include: ADA; Electrical; Furniture, Equipment, & Supplies;... E-commerce site for buyers and suppliers in the education and government markets. Provides a catalog of products, supplier and product reviews, online bidding, contract management and order tracking.
Exploring Online Purchasing. Examines the setup of American University's electronic procurement system and explains how it works and the benefits it brings to the school. Cautionary advice on setting up an online purchasing... 03/31/2001
From Workstation to Classroom with the Click of a Mouse. Discusses online procurement strategies, citing the ASBO MD/DC platform that is used to procure everything from curriculum materials, teaching supplies, and facility needs. The amount of time and... 01/31/2009
National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA) An international trade organization serving the school market by promoting and open market for educational products and services.
Procurement Tips When Buying From Web Firms. Provides four suggestions to follow when purchasing from web-based companies: Put in place a strong RFP process; conduct due diligence of the finalists; use contractual terms to mitigate risk; and... 12/31/2001
School Specialty Online Resources E-commerce solution for a family of School Specialty companies. Ordering solutions provide the ability to order from all of the School Specialty company catalogs along with additional products not... This members-only website is the online home for school facility, maintenance, and operations professionals. The site connects school facility professionals to each other to solve problems, share... is an education facilities infomediary, providing knowledge and focused business development services to industry professionals responsible for school building maintenance,...
States, Districts Clicking into Online-Purchasing Systems. This discusses the growth of online-purchasing systems used by states and school districts to buy everything from pencils to cleaning supplies. However, experts point out significant drawbacks in e-... 06/08/2004
Teachers School Supply Online ordering of school supplies, furniture and equipment for children ages infant through high school.
The E-Commerce Quandary. Explores how, tempered by the collapse of the dot-com boom, education institutions are taking a more guarded approach to moving their purchasing operations online; however, those who have moved to... 01/31/2002
The Road to E-Commerce. Discusses how schools and universities are turning to the Internet to improve business and facilities operations. The use of websites to help institutions manage most or all of the purchasing process... 06/30/2000
U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance This website represents a purchasing cooperative that assists local and state government agencies, school districts (K-12), higher education, and nonprofits in reducing the cost of purchased goods...