Outdoor Learning Environments

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Genius Idea Description and photos of the outdoor play and learn area at All Saints School in Norwalk, Connecticut that promotes play and an understanding of the physical sciences and energy conservation. The... 05/23/2012
A Growing Project. Documents introducing an organic garden at Stetson University, a program named Hatter Harvest. Students participate in planting, maintaining, and harvesting the organic produce, both for healthy... 03/31/2010
A Legacy of Us: Maintaining and Managing Your School Grounds. This manual and videotape provides guidance on establishing effective school ground maintenance and management practices that link the grounds development phases with appropriate management. The... 12/31/1995
A New Slant on Preschool. Profiles the custom prefabricated construction of the two-classroom Montessori Children's Center in San Francisco The spatial programming and design ideas respond to the curriculum by... 12/31/2006
A New Urbanist Model of Learning. Profiles the Walker Creek Elementary School in North Richland Hills, Texas. The new school in a new residential development is conceived as a community center, and features outdoor learning areas,... 05/31/2007
A Practical Guide to Planning, Constructing, and Using School Courtyards The Maryland Department of Education guideline for courtyard design is for use by local planning committees and architects in designing new schools and developing major renovation/addition projects.... 07/23/2012
A Wide, Green Classroom. This describes an outdoor learning project that is a partnership between Clemson University, South Carolina, and the community at Clemson Elementary. The project is being planned by faculty, parents... 03/31/2001
American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) An on-line directory of ASLA members and firms, searchable by firm name, practice type, city, or state. Landscape architects plan and design school grounds, outdoor classrooms, parking lots, athletic...
Amphibian Oasis: Designing and Building a Schoolyard Pond Building a pond in a schoolyard is a rewarding way to help boost local populations of amphibians, to increase the natural value of school grounds, and to serve as a locale for observing the life... 05/31/1996
An Assessment of Schoolyard Renovation Strategies to Encourage Children's Physical Activity Children in poor and minority neighborhoods often lack adequate environmental support for healthy physical development and community interventions designed to improve physical activity resources... 03/31/2011
An Educational Environment. Describes the development of a new 6,000 square foot outdoor learning environment at Cottage Lake Elementary School in Woodinville, WA, devoted to environmental education. The space includes a... 05/31/2001
Architecture's Impact on Learning Recent studies show that built environment is a key element in a school's overall success. Since today's educators promote a thinking-based, integrated curriculum, the learning environment... 05/31/1994
Arlington Rediscovers the Schoolyard. Discusses the activities of several Arlington County schools to utilize their outdoor environment, change their design and function, and incorporate the school's educational program into outdoor... 12/31/1998
Asphalt to Ecosystems: Design Ideas for Schoolyard Transformation. Guidebook for designing and building natural schoolyard environments that enhance childhood learning and play experiences while providing connection with the natural world. Intended for parents,... 10/31/2010
Assignment: Eco-Friendly Campuses. Discusses how institutions of higher education can use their campus environments as a teaching tool and laboratory for finding solutions to environmental dilemmas and ensure that their campus... 06/30/2002
Bagley Nature Area Classroom Pavilion. Presents a tour of a humble LEED-Platinum classroom, at the University of Minnesota in Duluth, that has the ambitious goals of net-zero energy and Passive House certification. The Passive House... 12/31/2009
Big Dots, Little Dumpsters. Reviews the design of the learning garden at New York City's largest elementary school, PS 19 in Queens. The existing corrugated metal classrooms were painted with colorful random dots,... 01/31/2005
Boston Effort Adds Some Green To Playground Blacktop. In four years, the Boston Schoolyard Initiative has helped 16 schools convert their bleak grounds into spaces for play and learning that are open to the neighborhood as well as the school. Another 30... 06/08/1999
Boston Schoolyard Initiative. Since 1995, the Boston Schoolyard Initiative (BSI) has been transforming Boston's schoolyards from barren asphalt lots into dynamic centers for recreation, learning and community life. The BSI...
Building a Pond on the School Grounds Describes the efforts of two teachers to construct a pond and woods on school grounds. The teachers used specialized student teams for working on a wetland study and the building project. An advisory... 12/31/1997
Building Better Schools. Offers ten ideas for schools and universities before embarking on a new construction project: defining a school, shared space, sustainability, outdoor landscape, geoexchange, a variety of spaces,... 12/31/2002
Building Blueprints: Connect with Courtyards. Reviews benefits of thoughtfully designed school courtyards, and typical uses such as dining, outdoor learning, and special events. Suggestions for design, security, technology integration, and... 11/30/2007
Building the Better Playground. This article covers design, safety and community involvement aspects of over 100 Alabama elementary school playgrounds built by community and school groups with guidance from Tom Jambor. Jambor is... 02/15/1994
Canoga Park High School Green Learning Garden. Visualizes San Fernando Valley's Canoga Park High School Green Learning Garden through computer-generated graphics. The detailed presentation shows examples of implementing principles of... 05/31/2008
Case Studies: Buildings and Grounds. [England] Case studies of projects in England developing and using the school grounds to teach sustainability lessons.