Outdoor Learning Environments

Title Abstract Publication Date
Green Schools Leadership Center
Green Schoolyard Resource Directory. Offers a green schoolyard directory that blends traditional school garden resources with green building and ecological design principles, to create a single resource for all types of innovative... 12/31/2005
Green Schoolyards as an Element of Reform. Lists ten reasons to have an outdoor classroom in every schoolyard. The outdoor classroom ties the built environment to the natural history and native processes surrounding the school. 08/31/2010
Greening Canada's School Grounds Program A partnership of Shell Canada and Tree Canada provides school groups the information and financial resources to successfully plan and implement a greening school ground project, a place to learn...
Greening from the Top Down. Green roofs, with their topsoil and plants, improve insulation, filter air, reduce water runoff, and provide habitat for urban wildlife. They are compatible with schools because they save energy;... 03/31/2002
Greening School Grounds: Creating Habitats for Learning. Features step-by-step instructions for numerous schoolyard projects from tree nurseries to school composting to native plant gardens, along with ideas for enhancing learning by addressing diverse... 12/31/2000
Greening the Schoolyard. Creating a Ten Year Green Schoolyard Plan for R.F. Downey Public School. The schoolyard plays an important role in the healthy development of students and is a space that can be used not only for academic learning, but also for fostering a sense of community. ‘Greening... 03/31/2012
Grounds for Change: Learning through Landscapes in Britain. Discusses the role of the Learning through Landscapes organization in Britain, which emphasizes the importance of suitable school grounds and gardens for the effective environmental education of... 03/31/2000
Grounds for Health: The Intersection of Green School Grounds and Health-Promoting Schools. Despite the growing body of research on green school grounds, relatively little has been written about their relationship with health promotion, particularly from a holistic health perspective. This... 01/31/2008
Grounds for Improvement Secondary Action Research Programme. Reports on 2001-2004 work to improve school grounds in England. Learning through Landscapes (LTL) worked in partnership with Sport England and the New Opportunities Fund to deliver a targeted program... 09/30/2004
Grounds for Learning. Describes initiatives, including public private partnerships, in which existing schools are transforming their grounds into outdoor learning spaces. Discusses the recreational, social, academic,... 12/31/2002
Grounds for Learning: A Celebration of School Site Developments in Scotland. This manual contains ideas and descriptions of some of the best ways Scottish schools can use and develop their grounds. Chapters examine the process of change from getting started, planning, and... 12/31/1995
Grounds for Sharing: A Guide To Developing Special School Sites. The Learning through Landscape Trust conducted research on the design and management of school grounds for children with special needs and has produced this guidebook detailing what research shows... 12/31/1995
Hands in the Dirt and Hearts in the Community: Developing Successful Partnerships for Urban Environmental Education Describes an urban environmental stewardship project undertaken by students at a Seattle public school in an effort to make their school more beautiful, their environment more healthy, and their... 03/31/1998
Heading Out: Exploring the Impact of Outdoor Experiences on Young Children. Describes how the outdoors can support the development of young children and how close contact with nature at an early age is vital in establishing an understanding of and caring ethos towards the... 01/31/2007
Health Benefits to Children From Contact With the Outdoors and Nature Synthesis of selected research and studies on positive health benefits of children's play in nature. 12/31/2011
How Does Your Garden Grow? Profiles the school garden of Pennsylvania's Great Valley School District. With the help of students and families, the large garden is planted in the Spring and tended over the Summer. Produce... 12/31/2010
How Does Your Schoolyard Grow?: A Green Playground Extends the Classroom Outdoors. Profiles the natural schoolyard and playground features of San Francisco schools, including a water pump set in a plot of dirt ready to make mud for castles, dams, flood plains, and related projects... 09/30/2007
How to Get Started with a School Garden Project. Advises on organizing a school gardening project, including choosing the location, obtaining the supplies, plant selection, and land preparation. 12/31/2006
How to Grow a School Garden. Advises teachers and parents on creating school gardens. Site design and funding are discussed, as is incorporating the garden into the curriculum. Lesson plans, plant selection information,... 12/31/2009
How to Start a Garden in a Local School. This explains how to start with an indoor school garden, form a garden committee, make a plan, find a site, and develop community support. 12/31/2006
Inspired to Learn; Nurturing the Naturalistic Learner. The Importance of Outdoor Learning Environments Paper distinguishes the characteristics of the naturalistic learner; discovers what qualities in the built environment inspire this learning strategy; defines the characteristics of the “outdoor... 03/17/2012
Into the Woods, Wetlands, and Prairies. Research shows that when students learn in outdoor settings (compared to classrooms), they learn more quickly, appreciate the experience more, and retain skills longer. This article describes the... 03/31/2001
Investigating Children's Physical Activity and Play in Green School Grounds: Reflections on Methods and Initial Results from Pilot Work This paper discusses five data collection methods that have been used as part of a pilot study investigating the relationship between school ground design, physical activity, and quality of play.... 12/31/2010
KidsGardening.org Schools are using gardens, greenhouses, and schoolyard habitats to encourage children to make good food choices, augment classroom studies with experiential learning, build a love of nature,...