Outdoor Learning Environments

Title Abstract Publication Date
Korea's School Grounds Project. Briefly describes Korea's Green School Project and School Forest Pilot Project. Provides contact for more information. 09/30/2003
Landscape Learning. Describes a variety of school grounds landscaped for outdoor learning and the benefits these environments offer. Reluctance in some areas to create these environments is cited, as is research and... 02/28/2006
Landscape to Educate. Reviews opportunities for community use and outdoor learning through thoughtful design of the school facility landscape. Examples of how three Maine schools provide outdoor learning and community... 09/30/2007
Landscapes for Learners: School Ground Guidelines. School grounds can and should support curriculum, protect children from health risks, and provide high-quality space in the community for educational and recreation. School community-based... 12/31/2000
Landscapes for Learning: Creating Outdoor Environments for Children and Youth The purpose of this book is to help designers and teachers think about the quality of outside school environments as learning places. The first chapter defines the players' roles as: (1) the... 12/31/1996
Learning by Experience Experts describe what needs to be considered when designing outdoor learning spaces to ensure that they are useful: ownership, maintenance, community use, shade, storage and connection, and variety.... 12/31/2011
Learning Outside the Classroom. Explores some of the drivers for change in outdoor learning, and reviews some British examples with pupil-led choice and responsibility at the heart of each offer. Examples include an inner-city... 12/31/2008
Learning Outside the Classroom. Evaluates the impact of learning outside the classroom in 12 primary schools, 10 secondary schools, one special school, one pupil referral unit and three colleges across England. Key findings include... 09/30/2008
Learning Science Firsthand. Describes the Syosset Central School District's Geological and Ecological Research Facility (GERF), where a nondescript high school courtyard was turned into a science teaching laboratory with a... 04/30/2005
Learning through Landscapes (LTL). LTL is a British organization that works with schools, organizations, and individuals across the United Kingdom to help them improve and develop their grounds. This is achieved by undertaking...
Learning Through Landscapes School Grounds Toolkit and Activity Pack This packet provides guidelines to help schools make the most of their school grounds and contains: a handbook; a loose leaf activity pack; video; and poster. The handbook provides information on... 12/31/1998
Learning through Landscapes: An Organization's Attempt to Move School Grounds to the Top of the Education Agenda. Describes the development of Learning through Landscapes (LTL) from a research initiative into an independent national organization promoting the widespread development of school grounds. It outlines... 05/31/1995
Learning through Landscapes: Grounds for Examination. [Video] A 25-minute video describes the current condition of many of England's secondary school grounds and shows what can be done to improve them. Empowering students to help in redesigning the... 12/31/1998
Learning Through Landscapes: Using School Grounds as an Educational Resource. All schools need a variety of size, shape, type, and texture in their grounds to provide an opportunity for play, study, and shelter. This booklet provides 13 case studies of English sites... 12/31/1989
Learning under the Sky Statutes in at least 30 states require environmental education. Schoolyard ecosystems bring nature into the everyday life of students and teachers. Describes some outdoor sites in Colorado and lists... 09/30/1998
Living Curriculum-A New Concept in Green Building Design and Education. Describes a school-based program that uses rainwater for toilets and sinks, then passes it through a variety of biological purification systems that are studied and cultivated for plant and animal... 04/30/2005
Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Fund This fund of the Milwaukee Foundation gives small monetary grants to schools, nature centers, or other educational organizations for child-centered projects that create native plant landscapes or...
Magnuson Community Garden. Documents the community involvement process undertaken to establish designs for a community garden adjacent to a school and community center in Seattle. Design alternatives are provided, as well as a... 07/31/2000
Make the Most of Your Schoolyard With the greening of the schoolyard gathering momentum, it is important to build an understanding between educators and facilities managers. Principals are advised to avoid surprises, consider costs... 10/31/1999
Making Use of Nature in an Outdoor Preschool: Classroom, Home and Fairyland Discusses different ways of talking about and making use of nature in everyday activities in a Swedish preschool with an outdoor focus. The researcher studied 32 children between 1½ and 6 years old... 12/31/2009
Making Your School Site an Environmental Smorgasbord. Offers suggestions for outdoor learning projects for schools with little to plentiful available outdoor land. These projects focus on observation and testing of environmental conditions and creating... 12/31/1985
Manassas Park Elementary School. This video tour of the new Manassas Park Elementary School details the facility's abundant sustainable features. The lead architect on the project details the rainwater harvesting system,... 12/31/2009
Master Gardener Classroom Garden Project: An Evaluation of the Benefits to Children. Analyzes data collected on 52 second and third grade students participating in this project that provides inner-city children in the San Antonio Independent School District with an experiential way... 05/31/1995
Moving the Classroom Outdoors. Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning in Action. Designed to provide teachers and administrators with a range of practical suggestions for making the schoolyard a varied and viable learning resource, this presents examples of how urban, suburban,... 12/31/2010
National Society for Experiential Education NSEE promotes experienced-based approaches to teaching and learning, and develops best practices for integrating experience into educational programs. Includes publications, resource center, NSEE...