Outdoor Learning Environments

Title Abstract Publication Date
Natural Environment Elevates the Learning Experience. DLR Group discusses ways that innovative and flexible outdoor spaces enhance the educational and social experience. Provides examples of patios, plazas, courtyards, amphitheaters, pathways, creative... 06/14/2011
Natural Learning Initiative The purpose of the Natural Learning Initiative is to promote the importance of the natural environment in the daily experience of all children, through environmental design, action research,...
Natural Learning: The Life of an Environmental Schoolyard. Creating Environments for Rediscovering Nature's Way of Teaching The Environment Yard project is a 10-year effort to transform an ordinary asphalt schoolyard into a lush, naturalized environment. This book describes the project from which a natural extension of... 12/31/1996
Natural Play. An Evaluation of GfL's Project Work with 8 Primary Schools in Central Scotland. A growing body of evidence suggests that play has a significant impact on almost every area of children's lives. It also suggests that children have significantly fewer opportunities for non-... 01/26/2012
Natural Playscapes: Creating Outdoor Play Environments for the Soul. 500 color photographs and illustrations of extraordinary outdoor places for young children, where the entire space is filled with art, hills, pathways, trees, herbs, open areas, sand, water, and... 12/31/2007
Naturalization Service. Explores how community parks and schools can cooperate to create natural environments for their schools. Examples are provided of schoolyard improvement partnerships for elementary schools. 12/31/1999
Nature's Classroom. Describes the advantages of natural landscaping on school grounds, including lower maintenance costs, environmental friendliness, and opportunities for outdoor learning. Advice on site selection and... 06/30/2008
Nature: The Space Provider. Discusses the pedagogic possibilities of nature, citing a Norwegian kindergarten that conducts a great deal of its program outdoors, even in bad weather. 03/31/2005
Openluchtscholen in Nederland: Architectuur, Onderwijs en Gezondheidszorg 1905- 2005. (Open-Air Schools in the Netherlands: Architecture, Education, and Healthcare 1905- 2005) Profiles 100 years of outdoor, open-air, and abundantly daylit Dutch schools. Principles of the necessity of fresh air to health and sanitation are discussed, accompanied by a chronologically... 12/31/2004
Outdoor Affordances in Early Childhood Education and Care Settings: Adults' and Children's Perspectives Explores the experience of the outdoors in early childhood education in urban areas. It is based on fieldwork conducted in four settings in Dublin, Ireland in 2005, considering young children's... 12/31/2009
Outdoor Classrooms: The Learning Links Discusses creating an outdoor classroom as a means to enhance the curriculum with outdoor, hands-on learning. It is based on a project at Olympic Heights Elementary School in Calgary. Includes a list... 07/31/1996
Outdoor Learning Environments: Evaluating Need, Success and Sustainability. Summarizes the needs for outdoor learning environments and the success in meeting those needs. Also provided is a list of critical elements, as determined by the participants, necessary to sustain... 11/30/2004
Outdoor Learning Environments: Public Art. Explores the use of student-generated outdoor art as a vehicle for building students' hands-on experiences in public art and architecture that can augment in-class work. Choosing activity levels... 02/28/2001
Outdoor Settings for Playing and Learning: Designing School Grounds to Meet the Needs of the Whole Child and Whole Curriculum. Presents a list of imaginative design options for optimal outdoor learning as well as intimate contact with nature. Focuses on entrances, pathways, signage and displays, barriers and enclosures,... 06/30/1996
Places for Environmental Education. A Report. Compiles conference discussions on the implications of various types of facilities on environmental education programs. The conference participants included architects, landscape architects, planners... 06/30/1971
Planning Ideas to Consider Prior to Construction and Renovation. Profiles thoughtful new landscaping and renovations at Atlanta's Lovett School, where scattered parking was consolidated into a new deck, creating room for LEED-certified new and renovated... 08/31/2008
Planning Outdoor Play: A Manual Organized To Provide Design Assistance to Community Groups. This manual, based on the collective experience of various community groups, explores the steps for planning community playgrounds from the original inspiration to the final workday. It covers the... 12/31/1981
Planning School Grounds for Outdoor Learning. Discusses the planning and design of school grounds for outdoor learning in new and existing K-12 facilities. A general discussion of the educational potential and history of outdoor learning spaces... 09/30/2010
Planning Workbook. Designed for use during the Boston Schoolyard Initiative schoolyard and outdoor classroom planning phase, and contains information, worksheets and templates to support the work of the schoolyard... 12/31/2010
Plants for Play: A Plant Selection Guide for Children's Outdoor Environments. This book presents guidelines in the design and management of children's landscapes and reveals the importance of plants as a resource for play and child development. It identifies plants by... 12/31/1992
Play for All A CD-ROM provides a tour of some of the world's greatest play environments, presenting 94 photographic images that illustrate the key concepts and recommendations from Play For All guidelines.... 12/31/1998
Play for All Guidelines: Planning, Design, and Management of Outdoor Play Settings for All Children. Second Edition. These guidelines assist professional designers, park and recreation managers, and community groups when making decisions about the planning, design, and ongoing management of children's public... 12/31/1991
Playful, but Not a Playground. Profiles the Boston Children's Museum's outdoor plaza, which provides an educational play area. The installation includes a pavement maze, native gardens, and rock formations. 11/30/2008
Playground Design and Mainstreaming Issues: Beyond Ramps. This paper identifies issues confronting early childhood educators who want to integrate children with special needs with others, and the implications of such integration for the design of outdoor... 11/06/1991
Playgrounds: They're Not Just for Fun Anymore. Describes a playground classroom that helps children maximize their learning experiences through outdoor play activities while also offering opportunities for social interaction. 01/31/2001