Outdoor Learning Environments

Title Abstract Publication Date
Schoolyard Habitats: A How-to Guide for K-12 School Communities. Three-ring binder that provides clear directions for those seeking to establish schoolyard habitats in new or renovated schools. Brief background and lists of further resources are provided on... 12/31/2000
Schoolyard Learning: The Impact of School Grounds. This white paper utilizes a literature review and survey as the basis for comments about the influence of schoolyards on academic learning and child development. The researchers find that school... 10/31/2000
Schoolyard Lessons: More and More Schools Are Finding Ways To Take Education Outdoors. School gardens can teach kids about cooperation, nature, science, creativity, and community service. Gardens also help teachers address students' diverse needs and interests. Tips for school... 06/30/2001
Schoolyard Mosaics: Designing Gardens and Habitats The book offers advice on involving students in the planning and design process, building community support, and integrating the project with curriculum and learning goals. Includes 11 garden plans... 12/31/2001
Schoolyard Planning and Design in New Jersey Enhancing Outdoor Play and Learning. Discusses the current state of New Jersey schoolyards and the importance of quality schoolyards for play, teaching, and community use. Five recommended strategies for creating more effective... 08/24/2007
Science Facilities Standards K-12 (Texas Version) This provides Texas educators with state guidelines for the planning, construction, and maintenance of indoor science facilities and outdoor learning areas for Texas schools. It includes examples of... 12/31/2001
Seeds of Learning. Describes an elementary school classroom garden in Huntsville, Alabama, and the teacher and resources that made it happen. Tips for getting started are offered. 01/31/2006
Shade Planning for America's Schools. Assists schools in creating and maintaining a physical environment that supports sun safety by ensuring that school grounds have adequate shade. Information on planning and designing solid roof and... 12/31/2001
Site Headaches Can Be a Gift for Students. Discusses the inclusion of wetlands on school sites as a resource for outdoor learning environments, rather than as an obstacle that needs to be remediated. 07/21/2010
Smaller Places for Special People? As school enrollments increase, schools will need to expand their facilities and playgrounds. School construction and expansion is a part of the hidden curriculum of schools and affects children... 12/31/1996
Special Places; Special People: The Hidden Curriculum of School Grounds. The research project, Special Places; Special People, is designed to provide insight and advice in the management of schools and their grounds for the benefit of children. This document describes the... 12/31/1993
State of Play. Laments the frequent neglect of outdoor learning environments, and advises on creating a safe outdoor environment by describing standards, listing resources, and outlining general principles for... 07/31/2010
Stewardship Begins at School. Describes the ecological schoolyard of Cowick First School in Exeter, England. Asserts that it is among the best examples of well-rounded, hands-on ecological education. 05/31/2003
Student Gardens and Food Service. Advises on how to incorporate student gardens into the school food service. Sections of the document describe planning the garden, growing the produce, promotion within the school, social bonding... 12/31/2007
The Benefits of a Campus Arboretum. Discusses the benefits of a campus arboretum to beautification, student and employee recruitment and retention, education, donor cultivation, school-community relations, historic preservation, and... 06/30/2008
The Boston Schoolyard Initiative: An American City's Approach to Sustainable Schoolyard Development. This presentation describes the development process behind the Boston Schoolyard Initiative: a 5-year, inner city, community-driven initiative to transform neglected and unwelcome schoolyards into... 09/20/1997
The Building as the Teacher. Profiles Pioneer Middle School in DuPont, Washington. Through collaboration with administration and teachers, the building became a learning tool stressing environmental stewardship. Signage... 12/31/2008
The Case For More High School Gardens. While the use of gardens as educational resources has been predominantly limited to primary schools, the skills gained through gardening are beneficial to students of all ages. Since they involve... 12/31/1994
The Challenge of the Urban School Site This guidebook provides information on improving urban school grounds to enhance children's lives. Chapters provide the experiences from other schools on the topics of greening the urban school... 12/31/1995
The Economics of Biophilia: Why Designing with Nature in Mind Makes Financial Sense Recent research in neuroscience and endocrinology clearly demonstrates that experiencing nature has significant benefits, both psychological and physiological. Bringing nature and references to... 04/30/2012
The Edible Schoolyard. Introduces the Edible Schoolyard Project (ESP) in which students create a garden, watch it grow, and develop a bond with nature. Chapters include: (1) Implications of the Edible Schoolyard Project (... 12/31/1998
The Edible Schoolyard. On the campus of Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, in Berkeley, California, students grow and prepare their own school lunches, getting a seed to table experience that reinforces the connection... 03/10/2004
The Edible Schoolyard: Seed-to-Table Learning. This video profiles the Edible Schoolyard, located on the campus of Martin Luther King Junior Middle School in Berkeley, California. This 1-acre urban garden and fully equipped kitchen are the home... 12/31/2007
The Feel of a Watershed. Profiles the Cedar River Watershed Education Center, which teaches Seattle area students about their water supply, the watershed they live in, the water cycle, and conservation. Building and... 07/31/2007
The Great Outdoors. Explains how outdoor learning opens new possibilities for expanding educational opportunities. Explores various lifelong skills that can be learned from outdoor environments, and presents ways to... 10/31/2001