Outdoor Learning Environments

Title Abstract Publication Date
The Growing Classroom. Garden-Based Science. [Revised edition] Teacher's manual featuring step-by-step instructions and strategies for setting up outdoor classroom activities and a garden-based science program. Topics include working together in the garden... 12/31/2006
The Influence of School Architecture and Design on the Outdoor Play Experience within the Primary School Since the very earliest times, schools have provided a place (the playground) and a time (playtimes) in which children can have time away from the direct involvement of adults and formal learning.... 07/31/2005
The Learning Environment as a Three-Dimensional Textbook. Describes how learning environments can be more educationally and optimally useful if the architecture of the built, natural, and cultural environments are used as teaching tools. Discusses how... 11/30/1993
The Need for Nature: A Childhood Right Discusses the factors restricting access to the outdoors and the social and environmental aspects of the changing ecology of childhood. It calls for a new sense of child-biosphere relations and... 08/31/1997
The Need for Outdoor Recreational Space in Constructed and Natural Environments to Ensure Cognitive and Physical Well-Being. In response to the ruling by the New Jersey Supreme Court on school buildings in the Abbott District, the Public Interest Law Center of New Jersey and the John S. Watson Institute for Public Policy... 12/31/1999
The Nutritional Value of the Outdoor Environment. Describes the incorporation of nature into Asia's urban areas and discusses the philosophy of Jens Jensen, a landscape architect who advocated use of native plants and small, scattered parks.... 06/30/2002
The Outdoor Classroom. Advises on space needs, organization, design, program areas, surfaces, equipment, safety, and storage in outdoor learning environments for young students. The use of the outdoor learning environment... 12/31/2005
The Outdoor Classroom: A Jewel in the Crown of Public Education. Describes the educational benefits of outdoor classrooms, especially in inner-city areas. A video documenting a Boston outdoor classroom is included. 12/31/2009
The Outdoor Classroom: Educational Use, Landscape Design, and Management of School Grounds. Second Edition. Building Bulletin 71. Bulletin on school grounds development, highlighting the potential of these grounds as a valuable resource that can support and enrich the whole curriculum and the education of all pupils. Appendices... 12/31/1998
The Outdoor Environment in Norwegian Kindergartens as Pedagogical Space for Toddlers' Play, Learning and Development. This study examines some characteristics of the outdoor environment in Norwegian kindergartens. Understood as pedagogical space, outdoor conditions may enhance or restrict the youngest children'... 11/30/2010
The Outdoor Environment: How Can Our Children Learn to Care About their Futures? Addresses the long-term benefits for the environment of learning within natural, outdoor space. Illustrate the importance that the natural environment plays in the concept of environmental... 05/31/2012
The School Site Planner. Addresses many factors that need consideration during the process of school site selection, planning, development, and use. The guide examines not only the site selection and planning processes, but... 01/31/2010
The School Site Planner. Land for Learning. Site Selection, Site Planning, Playgrounds, Recreation, and Athletic Fields. The report examines not only the site selection and planning processes, but also playground planning, recreation and athletic fields planning, and the North Carolina agencies and statutes that are... 05/31/1998
The Schoolyard: Not Just for Recess Anymore. Explains the planning involved for converting a school's outdoor spaces into extended science classrooms. It addresses planning the schoolyard environment, arguing that the natural environment... 02/28/1999
Therapeutic Schoolyard: Design for Children with Autism Needs of children with autism vary from child to child, but they all can benefit from environments that are designed with awareness of challenges and characteristics associated with autism.... 12/31/2011
Thinking about Seating in Your School Grounds. The Learning Through Landscape Trust's CD-ROM explores the issues connected with choosing, developing, locating, and using seating in school grounds. Designed to be used by teachers with pupils... 12/31/1995
Tierra Buena: The Creation of an Urban Wildlife Habitat in an Elementary School in the Inner City. Describes an urban wildlife habitat in central Phoenix, created by elementary school student parents, teachers, administrators, and the surrounding community. The students now spend time in a natural... 05/31/1995
Transforming Inner-City School Grounds: Lessons from Learning Landscapes. Relates the history of Denver's first Learning Landscapes project, at an elementary school, and the aftermath of its success as the program spread to schools throughout the district. The... 12/31/2003
Transforming School Grounds into Natural Learning Environments Discusses the benefits as well as the concerns of changing traditional asphalt and turf grass grounds into educational resources. Benefits include an opportunity for hands-on learning, a softer and... 07/31/1996
Tutored by the Great Outdoors at a Southern Pines Playground The playground at Southern Pines Elementary School used to be four acres of thorny, barren land and some rickety play equipment. With the collaboration of children, parents, teachers and community... 10/06/1999
Twenty/Twenty: Projects and Activities for Wild School Sites. An Ohio Project Wild Action Guide. This book presents 20 projects and 20 activities designed to encourage students and teachers to use the school site as part of an environmental education program with the focus on creating a place... 12/31/1995
U.S. Access Board, Play Area Guidelines. The Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board has issued guidelines to serve as the basis for enforceable standards to be adopted by the Department of Justice for new construction... 10/17/2000
Understanding the Design Process for Outdoor Play & Learning Environments This piece provides guidance to those who will be working with design professionals to create outdoor learning environments. The components of a design proposal are listed and explained and... 12/31/1996
Urban Agriculture Notes: School Gardens Published by City Farmer, Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture, this page provides useful links to urban schoolyard programs and projects, a bibliography, and other related organizations.
Variety Is the Spice of Education! (Part 1) Addresses design of outdoor learning spaces, citing several exmplary American learning landscapes. Design basics, landscaping, and connection to their respective adjacent indoor spaces are discussed. 06/30/2007