Outdoor Learning Environments

Title Abstract Publication Date
Water, Water Everywhere! Describes how problems with water drainage on the playground, and the resulting puddles, provided a wealth of learning opportunities, children's fun, family-school communication, and challenges... 12/31/1999
Weaving a Tapestry of Resistance: The Places, Power, and Poetry of a Sustainable Society. This book examines the educational, social, and physical environment of two elementary schools that are located in contrasting socioeconomic settings, revealing the importance of place in human lives... 12/31/1995
Where Do Our Children Play? The Importance and Design of Schoolyards. The construction of new school facilities throughout New Jersey creates an enormous opportunity to address the need for outdoor facilities in New Jersey's poorest districts. This document... 12/31/2002
White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group Multi-disciplinary firm specializing in the design of children's play environments. Web site includes articles on the subject, images, and examples of built work.
Why Outdoor Spaces for Children Matter So Much. Describes principles learned by a team of landscape architects and educators working together to provide outdoor settings for child care centers and schools. Case study of a demonstration outdoor... 08/31/2006
Wilbert Snow School, Middletown, Connecticut. Describes a Connecticut elementary school design that integrates the natural outdoor environment with the school, unites several buildings into a unified whole, and preserves forest pathways for... 10/31/1999
WILD School Sites: A Guide to Preparing for Habitat Improvement Projects on School Grounds This guide helps students and teachers learn about the importance of biodiversity, understand the basic steps of creating a wildlife habitat, develop a plan for action, and gain community support.... 12/31/1992
Wildlife and the School Environment. This booklet explores various ways that environmental learning opportunities can be created at elementary schools by utilizing school facilities and surrounding school grounds. The first two chapters... 12/31/1991
Young Children Learn Through Authentic Play in a Nature Explore Classroom. This research study concludes that outdoor play that engages with nature results in optimal childhood development mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally. Child-initiated outdoor play is an... 10/31/2009
Young Children's Relationship with Nature: Its Importance to Children's Development and the Earth's Future. Cites the decline of involvement with nature in children's lives, documentation of the benefits of experiences in nature to mental and physical well-being, and the role that nature schoolyards... 12/31/2003
Your Outdoor Spaces. This article presents a sampling of great design ideas, using photographs and brief descriptions, of creative elements incorporated into outdoor environments. The design ideas were sent by readers of... 08/31/2007
Your School Grounds Handbook. This handbook discusses the process of planning school grounds. It presents ideas for creating good educational landscapes and provides step-by-step procedures to achieve this goal. The steps include... 12/31/2000
[Schoolyards] Special issue of bi-monthly journal devoted to transforming school grounds. Articles include: Outdoor Classrooms-the Learning Links; International Snapshots of Schoolyard Projects; Creating a... 03/31/1996