Parking and Transportation Issues

Title Abstract Publication Date
Developing a Big-Picture View for Parking Explores how universities and colleges can provide efficient parking and related transportation through careful analysis of current and future parking requirements in light of other institutional... 04/30/2000
Developing the Optimum Parking Solution. Discusses parking solutions for higher education campuses, including restriping of existing parking, busing from already existing nearby parking lots, and building aesthetically pleasing and safe... 05/31/2007
Different School Environments, Different Parental Attitudes: Knowledge, Beliefs and Risk Perception Regarding Child Pedestrian Road Safety in an Urban Setting Describes and compares parental knowledge, beliefs and perceptions concerning child pedestrian injury risk around primary schools. The research surveyed 193 parents from six elementary schools... 12/31/2009
Don't Miss the Bus! Presents observations from the director of the National Association of Pupil Transportation concerning school bus safety, seat belts, and the state of the $15-billion school transportation industry.... 09/30/1999
Driving Force. Discusses campus parking assessment and planning to meet the increasing demands of colleges and universities while controlling costs and reducing student and staff discontent. Advice for expanding... 07/31/1998
Duke LEEDS in Parking. Profiles this university's free-standing parking garage, the first building of its type to recieve LEED certification. The use of exterior and roof trellises, dark-sky lighting, contextual... 03/31/2011
Evaulation Checklist for School Bus Driveways This is a checklist with 21 questions. A yes answer for each of the items indicates a well-planned traffic pattern for school buses. 12/31/2004
Expand Your Parking Paradigm To Meet Diverse Needs. Explores the parking shortage on college campuses in the 1990s and examines an expanding parking paradigm as planned and developed by the University of Michigan. The paradigm is designed to address... 06/30/1998
From Here to There. Offers examples of efforts by transportation departments at schools and colleges to become more resourceful in their efforts to provide efficient and safe services. These include advances in routing... 04/30/2002
Fun, Fast and Fit: Influences and Motivators for Teenagers Who Cycle to School. Data collected from questionnaires, individual interviews, and a group interview shed light on influences and motivators for six Vancouver teenagers who were old enough to drive but regularly cycled... 12/31/2005
Getting around Campus. Discusses how a well-designed transportation master plan can make a campus easier to navigate and more agreeable for area residents. 04/30/2003
Getting from Here to There. Discusses ways to accommodate higher education parking while discouraging students driving from class to class, including assigned parking, on-time bus service, extending the hours of parking... 05/31/2006
Getting Students Active through Safe Routes to School. Examines current research linking physical activity and academic achievement, and presents Safe Routes to School as a means of increasing students' physical activity levels. Policies, action... 05/31/2010
GIS as a Sketch-Plan Tool to Replace Traditional Transit Route Planning Practice for College and University Communities. Discusses the use of global information systems (GIS) in planning higher education campus transportation and parking. The use of land-use, transit, and rider data is addressed as are transit rout... 09/30/2010
Guidelines for School Transportation Design. This guidebook is to be used as a reference for school districts and their architects/engineers doing school site transportation design. Includes information on on-site stacking, number of school... 12/31/2004
Health Benefits of Walking School Buses in Auckland, New Zealand: Perceptions of Children and Adults. Reports on a 2005 study of the perspectives of children and adult participants in walking school bus (WSB) initiatives at four Auckland, New Zealand primary schools. School principals, parents, and... 12/31/2005
Helping Johnny Walk to School. Advocates the siting of schools to achieve educational, public health, and sustainability objectives. A community-centered school helps anchor the surrounding neighborhood, is centrally-located to a... 12/31/2009
High School Parking Lots. Describes the reorganization of the site of Ben Davis High School in Wayne Township, Indiana as an example of improvements to school parking lot design and vehicle/pedestrian traffic flow and... 03/31/2002
How California's School Siting Policies Can Support a World-Class Educational System. Advises on school siting in California to increase walking and biking to school, which will boost academic performance, save money, improve health, and increase safety, equity, educational experience... 01/30/2008
How Green Is Your Parking Lot? Discusses options for reducing toxic runoff from school parking lots, including porous pavement, rain gardens, and bioswales. 01/31/2011
How to Solve Campus Parking Problems Without Adding More Parking. Cites practices of several higher education institutions to discourage individual car use with higher parking fees, subsidized parking for carpoolers, bicycling programs, amd mass transit... 03/25/2004
Impact of the Location of New Schools on Transportation Infrastructure and Finance. Discusses the research on the relationship between school location and new development. Four counties in Georgia were selected as case studies and analyzed with a Geographic Information System (GIS)... 04/30/2009
Improvement Plans Provide Campus Face-Lifts. Discusses the clustering of building service points when improving campus circulation and aesthetics. The benefits of clustering to purchasing and operating costs, as well as environmental... 08/31/2009
Increasing Children's Freedom of Movement. This issue of Children, Youth and Environments focuses on freedom of movement for children, including several articles on biking and walking to school. 12/31/2005
Integrating Infrastructure Planning: The Role of Schools. Discusses the ways in which schools affect urban development and transportation, acknowledging that their location, design, and physical condition may be some of the most important determinants of... 09/30/2008