Parking and Transportation Issues

Title Abstract Publication Date
Intelligent Illumination. [Project Profile: Parking Structure Retrofits.] Profiles an extensive energy-saving project at the University of California-Davis. The project concentrated on upgrading parking and roadway lighting to bi-level induction and LED fixtures. 08/31/2010
International Parking Institute IPI is an organization for parking professionals who administer, operate, enforce, design, and build. The website includes Parking Professional Magazine, consultants directory, and resource center.
Is the Old School Bus Barn Making the Grade? Advises on how to assess the physical and operational condition of school bus facilities. A physical assessment by design professionals can determine if the facility's size, condition,... 04/30/2006
Johnny Walks to School-Does Jane? Sex Differences in Children's Active Travel to School. Examines the influence of child sex on caregivers' decisions about travel mode to school. Caregivers of children in grades three to five from ten California Safe Routes to School communities... 12/31/2005
Kids and Cars. Cites statistics on school travel hour road fatalities and describes methods of reducing risk to students through campus access and egress control, extended bus scheduling, and site design. 10/31/2004
Kidswalk-to-School. A Component of the Center for Disease Control's State-based Physical Activity Initiative This is a community-based program that aims to increase opportunities for daily physical activity by encouraging children to walk to and from school in groups accompanied by adults. At the same time...
Let it Snow. Discusses snow removal at schools, highlighting the practices of Kentucky's Jefferson County Public Schools. Types of equipment, salt and brining practices, staffing, plowing and piling advice,... 12/31/2008
Livable Streets for Schoolchildren This article examines how conducting cognitive mapping exercises with children can help communities make safety improvements to routes leading to schools. Children are more likely to walk or bike to... 02/28/2005
Local Governments and Schools: A Community-Oriented Approach. Provides local government managers with an understanding of the connections between school facility planning and local government management issues, with particular attention to avoiding the creation... 12/31/2007
Long and Winding Road. Describes the extensive busing of West Virginia school students, resulting in high per- pupil transportation expenses, and long bus rides for many students. School consolidation is blamed for the... 08/31/2003
Long Rides, Tough Hides: Enduring Long School Bus Rides. Presents anecdotes from Montana, the Navajo Reservation, West Virginia, and Colorado that describe long school bus rides and the hardships that accompany them. Research on busing is reviewed and... 12/31/1997
Long School Bus Rides: Stealing the Joy of Childhood. Decries the long school bus rides endured by children in several West Virginia school districts where many schools have been consolidated. Examples of some children's extreme ride times are... 02/29/2000
Magic Bus. Describes current bus- and student-tracking technology that uses global positioning systems to monitor the location of the bus, combined with an ID card swipe by the students that confirms their... 01/31/2006
Making the Buses Run. Examines the following issues concerning outsourcing student transportation services: cost; management needs and capabilities; goals; and politics. Critical areas of transportation management are... 04/30/1998
Mobility Friendly Design Standards: A Framework for Delaware. Reviews key mobility friendly concepts and recommendations developed throughout the country, which include transit, traffic calming, modal interconnectivity, and trails. Part I of this document... 01/31/2004
Moorhead Senior High School and Moorhead Sports Center Traffic Circulation and Pedestrian Safety Study. Presents findings of a study that examined pedestrian safety concerns and traffic circulation issues in the Moorhead Senior High School. Discusses school speed zones, crosswalks, speed bumps, turning... 07/25/2001
Multicampus Planning: Behind the Scenes. Describes how four institutions solved their branch campus scheduling and transportation challenges. These include scheduling all three-hour classes in a downtown location, buses that are available... 08/31/2009
Mystery Building Intrigues Spartans. Profiles a new parking structure at Michigan State University, meticulously designed to pass as a brick-clad academic building and to blend in with the surrounding architecture. 09/30/2007
National Association for Pupil Transportation NAPT promotes safety and efficiency in pupil transportation through a focus on communications, education, government relations, and member services. Website includes information on events, industry...
National Parking Association NPA is an international network of parking industry professionals. The website includes Parking Magazine, NPA publications, and a consultants directory,
National School Transportation Association NSTA is the Washington voice for private contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers. The mission is to provide school transportation professionals with the tools and resources they need to make school...
New ADA Codes. Outlines new guidelines in the 2004 Americans With Disabilities Act codes that clarify requirements for the number of accessible entrances, drop-off area specifications, and parking. 10/31/2004
New Challenges in Campus Parking Management. Examines the challenges campus parking professionals face from the increased demands of organizations to improve parking service levels with diminishing resources. Campus parking operations are... 09/30/2000
No Place to Park. Addresses problems of higher education campus parking, advising analysis of parking availability versus enrollment, class scheduling, and connection to pathways. Techniques for encouraging mass... 07/31/2011
On Solid Ground. Discusses using geotechnical construction services to ensure that educational facility foundations last. Explains the five steps of geotechnical services. Also highlights the importance of proper... 10/31/2001