Parking and Transportation Issues

Title Abstract Publication Date
Operation and Maintenance Assessments: A Best Practice for Energy-Efficient Building Operations. This describes what an O&M assessment is, who should perform it, the benefits of an assessment, what it costs, and the process for performing an assessment. Includes a glossary of terms and... 08/31/1999
Operations and Safety around Schools: Overview of Project Activities and Findings. Provides an overview of the activities and findings of Texas' Precious Cargo Program. In the first year, researchers performed a state-of-the practice literature review; interviews and surveys... 12/31/2003
Park it Here. Advises on transportation demand management (TDM) or managing campus parking. The article first recommends unbundling parking from automatic inclusion in student fee structures or employee benefits,... 12/31/2008
Park It. Explores how new technology can cut campus parking service costs and improve service. New on- and off-street parking technologies are highlighted. 10/31/2001
Parking Meets Sustainability. Describes a parking shortage at Washington University Saint Louis that was mitigated through conservation efforts, rather than the creation of more parking. Ride sharing, public transportation... 05/31/2010
Parking on Joint Use School and Park Sites. Reports on a study concerning parking shortages at joint use school and park sites in Edmonton. The resulting planning principles attempt to balance competing needs of convenience, protection of open... 08/31/2002
Parking Structures and the Space Race. Presents some solutions to overcrowded parking on college campuses. Tips on selecting sites for parking garages, making parking decks blend with adjacent communities, and turning parking garages into... 06/30/2000
Parking: A Lot to Look at. Describes aesthetically pleasing and pedestrian-friendly higher education parking facilities and policies, illustrated with examples from several institutions. 11/30/2006
Pedestrian Facilities Guidebook. Toolkit Section 3: Children and School Zones. Addresses pedestrian facilities and traffic control elements on a school site. School site design is discussed within the context of creating pedestrian-friendly schools and school zones. A section... 12/31/2002
Phoenix School Safety Program. These are recommendations for improving safety conditions in front of schools and at school-related crosswalks. Includes a school crossing safety audit; information on the installation of school... 04/30/2003
Planning Safe Routes to School. Describes Safe Routes to School efforts in the United States and other countries to make walking and biking to school the transportation of choice. Offers a plan of action for formulating and... 04/30/2003
Planning School Sites for School Bus Safety. Provides an 18 point checklist on factors to consider during school site selection and planning that will enhance the safety of pupils riding school buses. 02/28/1998
Preparing for Extremes. Describes some basic maintenance and proper preparations for changing weather that can help keep school bus operations moving. Advice on diesel engine usage that can lengthen engine life and maintain... 01/31/1998
Preventing Crime in Parking Lots and Structures. Discusses how to apply principles of natural surveillance, territorial reinforcement, natural access control, and target hardening for new parking facilities. Also included is advice on how to make... 12/31/2007
Proximity of Public Elementary Schools to Major Roads in Canadian Urban Areas Epidemiologic studies have linked exposure to traffic-generated air and noise pollution with a wide range of adverse health effects in children. Children spend a large portion of time at school, and... 12/20/2011
Proximity to School and Physical Activity Among Middle School Girls: The Trial of Activity for Adolescent Girls Study. Examines the association between distance from school and physical activity in adolescent girls. The addresses of 1554 sixth-grade girls were mapped and the shortest distance from home to school... 12/31/2005
Pupil Transportation Safety Institute PTSI is the leading nonprofit school bus safety education and training organization in the country, providing resources for participants in the school transporation industry. Includes an online store...
Pupil Transportation. Presents the opinions of four transportation experts on issues related to school buses. The experts respond to the following questions: will advertisements placed on buses be used to generate... 12/31/1997
Putting Schools on the Map: Linking Transit-Oriented Development, San Francisco Bay Area Families, and Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. Examines the connections between transit-oriented development (TOD), families, and schools, with a focus on expanding educational opportunities for all children. Taking an exploratory approach to... 05/31/2010
Reshaping America's Neighborhoods. Emphasizes creation of neighborhoods and schools that can adapt to changing demographics through mixed development. 04/30/2009
Rethinking Community Planning and School Siting to Address the Obesity Epidemic. Addresses low-density and single-use zoning, unconnected streets designed exclusively for vehicles, and lack of sidewalks as contributors to the inability to walk to school. Studies citing city... 04/30/2004
Roof Positive. Discusses the use of campus building and parking rooftops as athletic courts and fields, using successful and unsuccessful projects as examples. Challenges of playing surface drainage, roof leaks,... 03/31/2008
Running on Empty. Discusses ways that school systems are cutting fuel consumption, such as eliminating school bus courtesy stops, reducing fleet use, dividing programs between schools to reduce travel, and buying fuel... 04/30/2006
Safe Routes for Children: What They Want and What Works. Summarizes some of the key trends in children's travel, health and social behavior, and the influence of the city environment, particularly on the school journey. It draws on examples of safe... 12/31/2004
Safe Routes to School in the United States. Describes the key elements of Safe Routes to School programs, which are getting more children to walk and bicycle to schools worldwide. It provides a history of the Safe Routes to School program, and... 12/31/2005