Parking and Transportation Issues

Title Abstract Publication Date
Safe Routes to School Putting Traffic Safety First: How Safe Routes to School Initiatives Protect Children Walking and Bicycling. Explores the approaches five different communities used through Safe Routes to School to create safer environments for children walking and bicycling. The five communities each demonstrate how Safe... 11/30/2009
Safe Routes to School Status Update: May 1, 2006. Reviews the progress of the Safe Routes to School (SR2S) program in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. For each state, information is provided indicating whether a state SR2S coordinator has... 04/30/2006
Safe Routes to School Travel Data: A Look a Baseline Results from Parent Surveys and Student Travel Tallies. Provides a summary of school travel data local Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs throughout the United States collected from April 2007 to May 2009. These data were gathered using a parent self-... 12/31/2009
Safe Routes to School: Practice and Promise. Provides information about the SR2S (Safe Routes to School) Program to help explain the need for, meaning of, and measurement of SR2S programs. The history, risks, and benefits of SR2S are described... 12/31/2003
Safe Routes to School; Minimizing Your Liability Risk Safe Routes to School programs can help reduce schools' risk of liability while making it safer for students to walk or bike. This fact sheet explains why liability fears shouldn't keep... 06/30/2010
Safe Routes to Schools National Partnership The Safe Routes to School National Partnership is a network of more than 300 nonprofit organizations, government agencies, schools, and professionals working together to advance the Safe Routes to...
Safe Routes to Schools: A Short Walk, A Global Journey. Advocates for walkable routes to school, emphasizing the global climatic and health effects of greenhouse gasses, such as those generated by motorized vehicles. 04/30/2009
Safe Ways to School: The Role in Multimodal Planning. Examines the relationship between multimodal transportation planning, school siting, and Florida's Safe Ways to School Program in order to identify ways to help meet the requirements of Florida... 04/30/2006
School Buildings and Community Building. An Environmental Protection Agency employee discusses the low priority of walkability in siting schools, the role of school siting in community development, and the history of neighborhood planning.... 04/30/2008
School Bus Fleet is an information service of School Bus Fleet magazine, a trade publication serving more than 24,000 school transportation professionals in the United States and Canada. The...
School Bus Maintenance Facility Planner. Advises on the planning, design, and furnishing of school bus maintenance facilities. National, international, and local building codes are cited. The appendix offers floor plans for small, medium,... 08/31/2003
School Bus Safety. Explains why fewer school students are injured or killed while being transported in school buses than any other mode of transportation. Political and community action in school bus transportation... 02/28/2001
School Consolidation and Transportation Policy: An Empirical and Institutional Analysis. A Working Paper. Revised. This study examines the relationship between school consolidation and district transportation costs, effects on instructional expenditures, and institutional factors supporting consolidation. Data on... 12/31/1999
School Environment Safety Guidelines: A Guide for the Improvement of Road Safety Near Schools. Provides a reference for road safety near schools, with the intention of being a single source of information for transportation authorities, educators, parents, and police. The Australian SafeST... 12/31/2004
School Location and Student Travel. Analysis of Factors Affecting Mode Choice. This study examines the relationship between mode of travel to school and the full range of factors that might affect mode choice. The finding show that students with shorter walk or bike times to... 12/31/2003
School Safety Program [Florida] The Traffic Engineering program of Broward County, Florida includes Designated Safe Walk Routes and Traffic Patterns. Traffic patterns, as they relate to school staff, school busses, parents and...
School Siting: What Influence Does It Have on How Kids Get to School? Cites numerous studies illustrates that distance and directness of a route to school is the primary factor that inhibits walking and biking. 08/18/2009
School Traffic Calming Toolbox The City of Saratoga, California, in partnership with parents and school districts, have developed a program to plan and manage school traffic. This program guide provides the tools to assist in... 12/31/2003
School Travel Mode Choice and Characteristics of the Children, School and Neighborhood The journey between home and school presents one of the most widespread opportunities for children to engage in regular physical activity, yet this opportunity is apparently being squandered. The... 12/31/2010
School Trips: Effects of Urban Form and Distance on Travel Mode. Examines the relationship between urban form, distance, and middle school students walking and biking to and from four schools in Oregon. The results indicate that: 1) Urban form helps predict travel... 06/30/2006
Schools Cycle Back into the Heart of the Neighborhood. This issue of the publication Focus on Critical Issues provides information to help encourage cycling to school. This includes planning and siting considerations for neighborhood schools, with... 06/30/2006
Schools Located Near Highways: Problems and Prospects. Final Report. Findings and recommendations are presented from 22 case studies involving the impact on schools adjacent to highway systems in California, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Maryland, and... 07/31/1977
Secure Rides. Advises on securing school transportation by parking all vehicles in a central, secured facility and enforcing control of who has access to those facilities. Advice on securing and supervising the... 08/31/2009
Selecting Safe School Sites. Advises on school site selection, detailing issues of land characteristics and accessibility. Distance from environmental hazards, traffic management, and the ability for students to walk there... 05/31/2010
Sights Unseen. Addresses design features that remove unattractive campus materials management functions from plain sight. Underground tunnels and creative landscaping are covered, as are thoughtful campus... 07/31/2008