Parking and Transportation Issues

Title Abstract Publication Date
Simple Solutions for Your Parking Problems. Presents options for alleviating parking shortages. Building new parking yields convenience, but costs money and land. Demand can be reduced by restricting permits, improving on-campus housing,... 04/30/2004
Slow Motion: Traveling by School Bus in Consolidated Districts in West Virginia. Summarizes a study which investigated the lengths of school bus rides in West Virginia in districts with consolidated and non-consolidated schools, and the impact of this commute time on students... 02/28/2007
Smart Card Parking Smarts. Examines the use of debit cards for parking meters at the University of Maryland. Installation planning, budgeting, and cost benefits are discussed. 10/31/2000
Smart Schools, Smart Growth. Examines how California's massive and ongoing investment in school construction could better advance the shared goals of school improvement, sustainable urban growth, and equal opportunity. The... 12/31/2008
Solving Campus Parking Shortages: New Solutions for an Old Problem. Describes how increasing higher education enrollment has raised the demand for parking, even while construction of new academic facilities tends to displace it. Methodology for calculating vehicle... 08/31/2004
Students and Buses and Cars, Oh My! Discusses school parking lots, citing issues to be considered such as users, scheduling, site, construction, zoning, separation of vehicles, and flexibility. 12/31/2004
Summary of Guidelines for Roadway Facilities around Schools. Analyzes current guidelines, practice, and awareness of traffic safety around schools, considering the work of Texas architects, school district personnel, consulting engineers, and transportation... 12/31/2003
Technology Impacts Parking Safety. Discusses technology options for safety in higher educational parking facilities, reviewing the need for targeted security messages and details of adequate lighting to deter crime and enable video... 01/31/2008
Ten Minutes Wide: Human Walking Capacities and the Experiential Quality of Campus Design. Details the challenges of and reasons for a campus design that keeps a walking commute between buildings to a maximum of ten minutes. 06/30/2011
The Active School Neighborhood Checklist. Provides decision makers with a quantitative tool for evaluating the potential long-term health impacts of candidate school sites on the children who will attend them. The logic of ASNC is based on... 07/15/2010
The Case Against Vans. Discusses the liability risks inherent in using vehicles that do not meet federal school bus standards. The federal and state responses to such practices are examined. (GR) 02/29/2000
The Dynamics of School Location and School Transportation. Describes the consolidation of schools in the town of Zwijndrecht, and the transportation issues that arose from that consolidation. Bicycling safety problems arising from longer cycling distances... 02/28/2005
The Influence of the Physical Environment and Sociodemographic Characteristics on Children's Mode of Travel to and From School. Reports on research that examined whether certain characteristics of the social and physical environment influence a child's mode of travel between home and school. Students aged 11 to 13 years... 02/28/2009
The Mayor's School Cycle Parking Program in London. In response to demand from young people, London's mayor asked Transport for London's Cycling Centre of Excellence to provide and install modern cycle parking facilities at schools and... 12/31/2005
The Right Direction. Describes opportunities for lower-polluting school buses funded by the EPA's Clean School Bus USA Program, and ideas for improved efficiency in transportation management. Older vehicles can be... 04/30/2004
The Role of Schools in Promoting Physical Activity and Healthy Weight in Youth. Discusses how schools can increase students' physical activity levels through recess and after-school programs as well as by supporting initiatives that make safe walking/biking to school and... 04/30/2006
The School Site Planner. Addresses many factors that need consideration during the process of school site selection, planning, development, and use. The guide examines not only the site selection and planning processes, but... 01/31/2010
The School Site Planner. Land for Learning. Site Selection, Site Planning, Playgrounds, Recreation, and Athletic Fields. The report examines not only the site selection and planning processes, but also playground planning, recreation and athletic fields planning, and the North Carolina agencies and statutes that are... 05/31/1998
The Walking School Bus: Combining Safety, Fun and the Walk to School This guide outlines potential benefits and other factors in the decision to launch a program. It is intended for parents, teachers, public health educators, bicycle clubs, Safe Route to School... 12/31/2005
The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round. Discusses GPS systems and route analysis to save school bus transportation costs. Examples from three school systems illustrate mileage and time savings from examining and re-routing school busing. 07/31/2011
Traffic Congestion on a University Campus: A Consideration of Unconventional Remedies to Nontraditional Transportation Patterns. Examines transportation and parking choices, citing the experience of Kent State University. The special characteristics of traffic congestion at a university, the components that create it, the best... 09/30/2007
Traffic Operations and Safety around Schools: Recommended Guidelines and Best Practices. Recommends planning guidelines for transportation-related elements such as site selection, general site requirements and design, bus operations, parent drop-off/pick-up zone, driveways, turn lanes,... 12/31/2003
Traffic Operations and Safety around Schools: Review of Existing Guidelines. Documents the first-year activities of Texas' Precious Cargo Program, including: 1) a state-of-the-practice literature review, 2) interviews and surveys with architects, school district... 09/30/2002
Traffic Trials. Advises on forming transportation master plans for higher education campuses, including collection of traffic data, inclusion of all campus users in the plan, traffic calming, competing pedestrian... 07/31/2007
Transportation and Parking Issues Questions and answers on college and university transportation and parking issues, including such topics as the cost of parking garages, student parking fees, university fleet progams, and... 12/31/2002