Parking and Transportation Issues

Title Abstract Publication Date
Transportation and Sustainable Campus Communities: Issues, Examples, Solutions. Examines techniques for managing transportation in campus communities. Alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles are presented, along with case studies that show how transportation demand management... 12/31/2003
Transportation Demand Strategies for Schools, Phase Ii Report: Reducing Auto Congestion Around Schools. Examines efforts at ten locations in urban, suburban, and rural areas of Washington state to reduce auto use around schools. Elementary and middle school efforts emphasized and facilitated... 12/31/2008
Transportation Planning for a Green Campus. Focuses on campus transportation planning to achieve sustainability. This includes building denser, creating bicycle paths and bicycle storage, bus systems, and charging for parking. Points of... 03/31/2008
Transportation Routes: Districts Help the Environment While Saving Money. Describes Florida's Port St. Lucie County Public Schools' successful effort to lower transportation costs by re-routing buses and encouraging walking and bicycling to school. Also included... 01/31/2009
Travel and Environmental Implications of School Siting. This study examines the relationship between school locations, the built environment around schools, how students get to school, and the impact on air emissions of those travel choices. It provides... 09/30/2003
Two for One. Advises facilities managers in situation where school facilities and transportation functions are being consolidated. The duties of managing such an arrangement are detailed, divided into those for... 08/31/2006
Vehicle Emissions during Children's School Commuting: Impacts of Education Policy. Explores how school policies influence the environmental impacts of school commutes. The analysis employs two samples of elementary-age children, ages 5?12; a travel survey; and a school enrollment... 01/27/2010
Vroom, Vroom. Discusses some higher education institutions' use of car-sharing companies like Zipcar and Flexcar to save money, free up parking, and improve community relations by encouraging faculty and... 02/02/2006
Wait for the Bus: How Lowcountry School Site Selection and Design Deter Walking to School and Contribute to Urban Sprawl. This paper presents a study on how the South Carolina school site selection process can affect the quality of the students' experience and access to their schools. Focusing on students options... 10/31/1999
Walk This Way. Discusses the Safe Routes to School and SAFETEA-LU Programs which will help encourage walking and biking to school. The goal is to help curb childhood obesity and to alleviate the traffic caused by... 04/30/2007
Walk This Way. Describes the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program, outlining its threefold purpose to increase walking and biking to school, to make these activities safer, and to facilitate projects that encourage... 01/31/2008
Walking and Biking to School, Physical Activity and Health Outcomes. Summarizes research on active transport to school, physical activity levels and health outcomes. It also explores the factors that influence walking and biking to school, including the impact of Safe... 04/30/2009
Walking School Bus Information Website This website is maintained by the Pedestrian Bicycle Information Center for the Partnership for a Walkable America, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Transportation. A walking school bus...
Watch Your Step. Advises on traffic-calming around schools, pointing out methods that are and are not appropriate for school areas, features that don't always work as planned, and the virtues of radar-activated... 06/30/2007
When It Comes to Drop-Off and Pick-UP, Safety Is First. Discusses the separation of bus, automobile, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic at schools. New construction and existing schools are addressed, as are the arrival and departure habits of the various... 05/31/2010