Title Abstract Publication Date
Preventing Exposure to PCBs in Caulking Material Summarizes the threat of PCB's in building caulk, used before 1978. Advice on testing, avoiding exposure, and protection during removal is included. 08/31/2009
Proper Maintenance, Removal, and Disposal of PCB-Containing Fluorescent Light Ballasts. The U.S. Environmental Agency recommends removal of all pre-1979 flourescent light ballasts in schools to prevent accidental exposure of occupants to highly toxic polychlorinate biphenyls (PCB's... 12/31/2010
Protocol for Addressing Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Caulking Materials in School Buildings. Advises on testing and abatement of PCB-laden caulk typically found in school applications from 1950 to 1977. Caulk that is in place and fallen into the soil are potential sources of contamination.... 05/31/2007
Public Health Levels for PCBs in Indoor School Air. Explains the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's prudent public health levels for PCB exposures that are below the amount that is considered to cause harm. An explanation of how school PCB... 12/31/2008
Research on PCBs in Caulk. Describes U.S. Environmental Protection Agency research on the effects of PCB's in caulking used in school buildings, as well as mitigation strategies for caulk that cannot immediately be... 08/31/2009
Steps to Safe PCB Abatement Activities. Details four steps in a PCB abatement: 1) Prepare an abatement strategy. 2) Conduct removal and abatement activities. 3) Handle, store, and dispose of wastes. 4) Prepare and maintain documentation. 12/31/2009
Summary of Tools and Methods for Caulk Removal. Describes 12 tools and methods for removing building caulk, including safety precautions. 12/31/2009
The Problem of PCBs in Schools Fact Sheet Factsheet provides an overview of the problem of PCBs in schools, describing PCBs, the extent of the problem, and resources. 12/31/2011
What's in the Caulking? Outlines a strategy for building renovation and demolition when the potential for caulk containing PCBs is present. PCBs were used in caulking compounds from the 1950's through the 1970's.... 10/31/2010