Performance Contracting

Title Abstract Publication Date
Guide to Energy Performance Contracting. Describes the process for energy performance contracting,including getting started, requesting proposals, selecting a contractor, preparing a contract, measuring energy savings, and monitoring and... 06/30/1998
Handbook of Financing Energy Projects As the trend for obtaining funds for energy projects moves away from utility rebate programs toward other types of financing alternatives, there is a growing need for guidance as to what options are... 12/31/2005
How Performance Contracting Helps Finance Energy Projects. Reviews typical features and services available in performance contracts for energy savings, along with their advantages, benefits, and advice on selecting and working with an energy service company. 03/31/2008
How To Avoid an ESCO Fiasco. Discusses Ohio University's use of a performance contracting consultant to assist them in hiring an energy services company that could implement an energy conservation project. Why the use of... 10/31/2000
Improving Comfort, Enhancing Learning. Describes how the Southwest Licking (Ohio) School District entered into a performance contract that upgraded their buildings' envelopes, HVAC systems, and lighting. Funds saved on energy... 11/30/2006
Innovative Finance. Summarizes the use of educational buying cooperatives, energy performance contracting, public-private partnerships, and non-profit foundations in the search for additional funds for school... 06/30/2005
Innovative Financing Solutions: Finding Money for Your Energy Efficiency Projects. This describes how performance contracts and tax-exempt lease-purchase agreements may offer practical solution when no money is available for energy efficiency projects. It provides clear financial... 12/31/2001
Making the Most of It. This discusses 10 ways that administrators can try to accomplish more with the resources they have: facility assessment, computerized maintenance management systems, commissioning, performance... 12/31/2004
Making Tight Facility Budgets Perform. Describes a performance contract-funded renovation at Eastern Illinois University that saved 30% in energy costs. 02/28/2005
Meeting the Challenge: Providing High-Quality School Environments Through Energy Performance Contracting Energy performance contracting allows schools to pay for needed new energy equipment and modernization improvements with savings from reduced utility and maintenance costs. Improved energy... 11/30/2000
Money in the Bank Describes how school districts can use performance contracting to help save energy dollars without sacrificing efficiency or comfort. In performance contracting, building improvements and upgrades... 06/30/1996
National Association of Energy Service Companies NAESCO represents the energy industry in state legislatures and before state regulatory bodies, on capitol hill and at federal agencies, and in the international marketplace. It sponsors an...
No Cost School Renovation. Describes how an Ohio School district paid for $5.5 million in renovations through energy savings accomplished in an energy performance contract. 04/30/2006
No Money for Upgrades? An Energy Performance Contract May Be the Answer. [Making ESCO's Pay.] Discusses how to benefit from a performance contract with energy services company (ESCO). Selecting the right company, ensuring that savings are guaranteed, and picking the right projects are... 04/30/2009
Opportunities for Architects and Engineers in Energy Performance Contracting at Schools and Colleges Energy performance contractors provide services and equipment for administrators with innovative financing that requires no upfront costs to the clients. The range of tasks that facility managers... 04/30/1986
Original Thinking. Discusses a non-traditional approach to school planning and redesign that provided one school district's middle school with the best learning environment for its students and community. The use... 11/30/1999
Performance Contract Saves Energy and Money. Uses the Metro Nashville Public Schools' experience with an energy performance contract to illustrate savings realized in energy and water usage through updated fixtures and equipment. The... 04/30/2009
Performance Contracting Case Study Database Collection of the nation's ESPC Case Studies in a publicly available database. It allows the user to search by a number of criteria in drop down menus including case studies from K-12, community... 12/31/2011
Performance Contracting for School Districts. This provides an understanding of measurement and verification and the roles of the various participants. 12/31/2001
Performance Contracting Trends in Washington Schools. The State of Washington is making it easier than ever for school districts to participate in performance contracting. With a performance contract a private energy services company (ESCo) assumes the... 12/31/1997
Performance Contracting: A Promising Means to Finance Solar Schools. Paying for the addition of a solar energy system on a new or existing school is a challenge. When considered in isolation, the full, up-front costs of a photovoltaic system and even a solar thermal... 12/31/1998
Performance Contracting: Financing Better Schools Through Energy Cost Savings. Describes how performance contract management can provide added funds for K-12 school improvement projects, with sections on how performance contracting works, case studies, and recommended sources.... 12/31/2003
Performance Contracting: Meeting the Challenge of Deferred Maintenance. Discusses the magnitude of the problem of deferred maintenance on today's university campuses and the solving this problem using performance-based energy efficiency retrofit as implemented by... 12/31/2000
Performance Contracting: Successes and Lessons Learned. Case study of the Williamson County School District south of Nashville, Tennessee, that chose an alternative funding approach to address capital needs. Step-by-step discussion of how to evaluate... 12/31/2007
Powering Up with Power Purchasing Agreements. Discusses the use of power purchasing agreements for energy enhancements at schools. Under these agreements, and outside provider installs a source for alternative energy (wind or solar) on the... 06/30/2008