Pesticides and IPM

Title Abstract Publication Date
Integrated Pest Management in Schools: Contracting Guidelines for IPM Services in Maryland Public Schools. Provides guidelines for school personnel involved with developing and awarding Integrated Pest Management (IPM) contracts for school facilities, including structures and landscapes. This information... 07/31/2001
Integrated Pest Management Kit for Building Managers: How To Implement an Integrated Pest Management Program in Your Building(s). This management kit introduces building managers to Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and provides the knowledge and tools needed to implement an IPM program in their buildings. It discusses the... 12/31/1999
Integrated Pest Management Procedures. Outlines the components and personnel responsibilities of a school integrated pest management (IPM), gives guidance on applying pesticides and selecting pest management professionals, and provides a... 05/24/2005
Integrated Pest Management Program Contract Guide Specification- 1999 Revision. Offers sample contract language for use in developing an integrated pest management program. 12/31/1998
Integrated Pest Management: Understanding an Evolving Hot Topic for School and Hospital Facilities. Discusses inspection, identification, and treatment in an integrated pest management program; the health risks involved with cockroaches, rodents, and ants; and major steps toward preventing... 02/29/2008
IPM for Pennsylvania Schools. A How-To Manual. This manual presents practical advice on planning and adopting an integrated pest management (IPM) program for Pennsylvania educational facilities. The manual covers how to implement a school IPM,... 12/31/2000
IPM for Schools: A How-To Manual. A report presents guidelines for developing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach for educational facilities and discusses the unique opportunities an IPM program can provide in the school... 02/28/1997
IPM In Schools This website of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the University of Minnesota includes a survey of pest management practices in Minnesota public and private K-12 schools, a set of fact...
IPM in Schools. Sponsored by Pennsylvania State University and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the Pennsylvania School IPM program facilitates the implementation of IPM strategies to manage pests on...
IPM Institute of North America, Inc.: School IPM The IPM Institute of North America has a web page devoted to school IPM issues that includes IPM standards for both school buildings and grounds, an extensive bibliography of IPM links and resources...
IPM Practitioners Association (IPMPA) The IPMPA was founded in 1989 to promote communication among practitioners and others interested in the application of IPM; to provide an information, education, and networking service that supports...
IPM Standards for Schools: Tactics and Resources for Reducing Pest and Pesticide Risks in Schools and Other Sensitive Environments. Presents integrated pest management (IPM) practice standards for educational facilities to help schools become certified in providing effective and safe pest control. The guide is divided into two... 07/21/2004
IPM Workbook for New York State Schools. Guidelines are provided to improve an educational facility's Integrated Pesticide Management (IPM) program. The manual's first chapter discusses what an IPM is and why it should be... 07/31/1998
Keep Pests from Becoming a Problem in Your School. Examines the use of pesticides in an integrated pest management (IPM) program. The three steps to creating an IPM are discussed along with IPM personnel communication requirements, and the need for... 12/31/1999
Learning Curve: Charting Progress on Pesticide Use and the Healthy Schools Act. This progress report investigated two key questions regarding the Healthy Schools Act and pesticide use in California's schools. First, has the act reduced overall pesticide use in California... 12/31/2001
Maryland Pesticide Network The Maryland Pesticide Network is a coalition of twenty-eight organizations in the State of Maryland. This coalition is concerned about the impact of pesticides on children. It educates the public...
Model Least-Toxic IPM Policy. Policy for minimizing the use of pesticides in schools. Delineates pesticide use and selection, notification and timing, recordkeeping, progress review, right to appeal, and identification and... 01/31/2001
Moving Toward Better Ant and Weed Management in Schools. Discusses non-aerosol control of ants and weeds, sanitation to control ants, and turf management practices that strengthen grass and reduce weeds. 02/28/2007
P is for Poison: Update on Pesticide Use in California Schools. A survey of school pesticide use finds that California school children face possible exposure to particularly hazardous pesticides that can cause cancer, reproductive or developmental effects,... 12/31/1999
Pest Control in the School Environment: Adopting Integrated Pest Management. Examines each step in a seven-step procedure for implementing a school IPM program: 1) developing an official policy statement for school pest management; 2) designating pest management roles; 3)... 07/31/1993
Pest Management: Why Institutions Still Need These Services in an Economic Downturn. Cautions against abandoning pest control programs during a depressed economy. Advice for seeking the best pest control even with a reduced budget is offered, as are suggestions for eliminating pest... 02/28/2010
Pest Prevention. Discusses facility design, landscaping, and maintenance procedures that discourage pest infestation. Attention to blocking pest access, removing food sources, ventilation, and cleaning is emphasized. 05/31/2005
Pest Prevention. Describes steps in organizing and executing an integrated pest management program. Customization of the program according to the school's specific situation and examination of successful... 08/31/2004
Pest Prevention: Indoor Maintenance Practices. Outlines indoor maintenance practices that help deter pests. These are organized according by classroom, service, receiving, and storage areas. Topics addressed include sealing openings, sanitation... 03/31/2006
Pest Prevention: Outdoor Maintenance Practices. Outlines outdoor maintenance practices to deter pests. These include sealing the building, clearing plants away from the building; moisture, food, and garbage management; and turf and landscape... 02/28/2006