Pesticides and IPM

Title Abstract Publication Date
Ten Myths Behind Pesticide-Dependent Pest Management in Schools. This fact sheet helps provide a better understanding of toxic pesticide use around schools. Its purpose it to debunk opponents to school integrated pest management, pesticide bans and notification... 12/31/2000
Ten Steps for Reducing Pesticide Use in Schools. This guide provides ten steps to take to eliminate the use of hazardous pesticides in a school. Steps include conducting research, building core support, developing a strategic plan of action, taking... 12/31/2000
The Birds and the Bees. Advises on control of birds and bats on campuses, citing the diseases they can transmit, potential property damage and litigation, and toxic and non-toxic controls. 09/30/2008
The Business Case For Integrated Pest Management in Schools: Cutting Costs and Increasing Benefits Case study document provides new market insights and tips and helps explain how Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can improve health initiatives, facility management, and renovation and design... 08/31/2011
The Comprehensive School Health Manual, Chapter 4: A Safe and Healthful Environment. This chapter of Massachusetts' School Health Manual covers the school environment, including building and environmental standards, indoor air quality, school buses, underground fuel storage... 12/31/2006
The Healthy School Handbook. Conquering the Sick Building Syndrome and Other Environmental Hazards In and Around Your School. This book compiles 22 articles concerning sick building syndrome in educational facilities in the following three areas: determining whether a school is sick; assessing causes and initiating... 12/31/1994
The Minds Behind the Schools. Highlights three individuals whose ideas have contributed to some groundbreaking educational facilities. Two individuals have developed schools that are centers of their communities while the third... 04/30/2001
The Ohio Schools Pest Management Survey: A Final Report. In 2001, the Environmental Studies Senior Capstone Seminar class at Denison University helped the state of Ohio work to prevent harmful pesticide use in schools. In cooperation with Ohio State... 03/31/2001
The School Environment Protection Act of 2009: Myths and Facts. Details truths and misconceptions surrounding the School Environment Protection Act (SEPA). 12/31/2009
The Schooling of State Pesticide Laws 2000. A Review of State Pesticide Laws Regarding Schools. This report reviews state actions concerning pesticide use around schools, including the federal role in school pesticide use, and presents a list of each state's regulations regarding... 12/31/1999
Unintended Casualties: Five Children Whose Lives Were Profoundly Affected by Pesticide Exposures at School. This packet contains five stories of children whose health and lives were affected in profound and permanent ways by pesticide exposure. In two of the cases, parents and doctors consulted by the... 03/31/2000
Unthinkable Risk: How Children Are Exposed and Harmed When Pesticides Are Used at School. This report examines the extensive presence of pesticide contamination in the environment and its impact on children. Chapters 1 and 2 review evidence that when pesticides are used indoors or out in... 03/31/2000
Unwanted Visitors. Explains ways that schools and their occupants attract pests, hazards of pesticide use in and around schools, along with landscaping, HVAC, and lighting considerations as part of integrated pest... 03/31/2005
When Pests Attack Effective pest management requires that managers fully understand the challenge, as well as possible solutions. This discusses regional challenges, an integrated approach, chemical considerations,... 10/31/2005
Why Integrated Pest Management in Schools? Discusses how pesticide use can make children ill, and emphasizes natural barriers and sanitation to control pests. 12/31/2009
Wisconsin Green & Healthy Schools Program Assessment. These assessment forms are designed to help schools identify what types of healthy, safe, and environmentally sound activities are already in place and where the school can improve its efforts. The... 12/31/2007
Wisconsin's School Integrated Pest Management Manual. This manual helps schools start an Integrated Pest Management program. It describes the essential elements of integrated pest management, contains information on establishing an IPM policy at your... 02/28/1999