Planning -- Overview

Title Abstract Publication Date
10 Ways to Create Schools Where Students Thrive Describes 10 innovative strategies for creating 21st century schools: engage all stakeholders in the design process; seek education partnerships and joint use; maximize sites well connected to the... 09/30/2011
A Brave New Campus--Marysville Getchell High School Campus 2011 MacConnell Award Winner. Extensive case study of award winning high school outside Seattle, Washington that redefines high school education. Discusses communities of learners, taking chances, starting with the learner, being... 11/30/2011
A Century of Progress. Describes how public education has changed over the past 100 years. Developments in equal education, technology implementation, school neglect and decay, and mainstreaming are discussed as are... 11/30/1999
A Comparative Analysis of the Importance of Selected Elementary School Building Characteristics to Teachers, Principals, and Architects. Examines the perceptions of teachers, principals, and architects relative to a set of building characteristics for a new elementary school. The data suggests that each group perceives school design... 12/31/1990
A Guide to the Planning of Educational Facilities This guidebook provides information to school districts for use during the planning and development process of a school building program. The first eight chapters offer guidelines for completing the... 12/31/1993
A Model Schedule for a Capital Improvement Program. The Model Schedule for a Capital Improvement Program described in this paper encourages school leaders to consider a more holistic view of the planning process. It is intended to assist those... 12/31/2001
A Moving Target. (Using Demographics in Your School Construction Plan.) Discusses use of demographic information in school planning, including predicting areas of growth that will need schools and areas of decline that may necessitate closing or consolidating schools.... 09/30/2008
A Procedural Guide for Planning an Educational Facility. Provides the board of education and administrators with a single document containing information needed to implement an educational facility construction program. The objective is to provide planners... 04/30/1993
A Visioning Process for Designing Responsive Schools. This manual presents guidance for creating a constructive dialogue between school officials and the surrounding community on the design of schools that contribute to enhancing educational quality.... 12/31/2000
An Evolving Mission. Discusses the new roles to serve changing populations that schools constructed for the 21st century must fulfill. Describes a collaborative facilities planning process developed by the National... 10/31/2002
Architectural Quality in Planning and Design of Schools: Current Issues with Focus on Developing Countries. This volume contains the proceedings of the 13th Architecture & Behavior Colloquium, bringing. It brought together researchers, designers, consultants and decision makers on educational... 12/31/2009
Architectural Services, Construction, and Funding of California Schools. Details various methods of paying for school construction in California, and discusses problems with quick fixes such as stock school plans, relocatable buildings, and shifting of professional... 06/30/1999
Architectural Terms for Educational Planners. This booklet is designed to facilitate open, clear communication between educational facility planners and the architects hired to oversee building design and construction. Provides a list of... 12/31/1997
Architecture and Children: Learning Environments and Design Education. This issue of MASS Magazine, Journal of the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of New Mexico, addresses growing international interest in learning environments and their effects on... 09/30/1998
Architecture of Schools: The New Learning Environments. This guide focuses on the architecture of primary and pre- school sector in the United Kingdom and broadly considers the subtle spatial and psychological requirements of growing children up to, and... 12/31/1999
Assessing the Need. This issue paper presents an assessment of Georgia's need for school facilities--both current need as well as the additional need created by law HB 1187. For the purposes of this paper, the... 11/27/2000
Avoiding the Costly Mistake. Advises on properly projecting enrollment before building new schools. Tools for more precise projections, typical mistakes, computer mapping, and correct use of demographic data are described. 06/30/2009
Balancing Territories. Advocates data-driven school facility upgrade planning to avoid derailment by individual agendae and preferences. Data considered should include enrollment, class size, periods per day, building... 07/31/2005
Best Practice in Education Design. Four experts in school design discuss what constitutes best practice in educational facilities planning and design. Their discussions include examples of schools that illustrate these best practices. 03/31/2002
Best-Laid Plans: Before you Build, Start With a Comprehensive Planning Process. A comprehensive planning process--one that identifies problems and alternative solutions, then develops a sensible course of action--can help districts avoid mistakes while assuring the most... 09/30/1999
Building an Effective Site Investigation Team Site visitations to various campuses or facilities help planners decide how the observed features can be incorporated into future facility planning. Includes specific tasks for the planning team, 11... 06/30/1995
Building Better Schools. Offers ten ideas for schools and universities before embarking on a new construction project: defining a school, shared space, sustainability, outdoor landscape, geoexchange, a variety of spaces,... 12/31/2002
Building Better Schools: Methodological Concerns and The Need for Evidence-Based Research. Describes how the difficulty in building high-quality school environments has more to do with a lack of knowledge rather than a lack of finance. Research supported decisions in planning schools are... 12/31/2009
Building Boom. Summarizes the growth in K-12 enrollment and construction in several fast-growing districts, along with the decline in others. 07/31/2003
Building Change into New Buildings. Whether renovating or constructing a school building, planners must give serious thought to how a building might accommodate different instructional approaches and avoid traffic or supervision... 05/31/1997