Title Abstract Publication Date
Building Blueprints: Playgrounds. Discusses advances in playground design, with emphasis on safety, including age-appropriate play zones, fall heights, shock absorbent surfaces, and security. 02/28/2010
Building the Better Playground. This article covers design, safety and community involvement aspects of over 100 Alabama elementary school playgrounds built by community and school groups with guidance from Tom Jambor. Jambor is... 02/15/1994
Child Development and Playgrounds. Four major issues are explored in this study of child development research and its implications for children's playgrounds: (1) theories and philosophies of play; (2) the historical evolution of... 03/31/1987
Child Development Center Play Area Inspection and Maintenance Program, Technical Manual. Provides the child development center staff, installation safety officer, and engineering staff with step-by-step guidance needed to establish a customized inspection and maintenance program for the... 02/28/1997
Child's Play. Describes the Imagination Playground, a portable playground in boxes that can be assembled, broken down, and re-assembled according to the creativity of the children using it. 06/30/2008
Child's Play: An Empirical Study of the Relationship between the Physical Form of Schoolyards and Children's Behavior. Reviews existing literature on the importance of nature experiences in child development. Also described is an exploratory study performed with two Connecticut third grade classes to assess the way... 12/31/2000
Child's Play: School Playground Safety School boards need to develop consistent playground policies. The following conditions are discussed as a framework to developing safe play areas: supervising the playground environment, choosing age... 07/31/1998
Children's Contact with the Outdoors and Nature: A Focus on Educators and Educational Settings Compilation of articles and documents that synthesize the literature related to children's contact with the outdoors and nature and, in many cases, highlight children's contact as it... 12/31/2011
Children's Environments Research Group (CERG). CERG is part of the City University of New York (CUNY), and focuses upon environments which present special problems to designers and planners, such as juvenile facilities, hospitals, and schools....
Children's Outdoor Play & Learning Environments: Returning to Nature Why typical playgrounds are designed the way they are by adults is discussed, including what the ideal outdoor play/learning environment for children is and how the outdoor space should be considered... 12/31/1996
Complying With New Mandatory ADA Standards All state and government construction projects will soon have to bring their projects up to compliance to meet the 2010 Standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act — a requirement that includes... 04/24/2012
Converting School Playgrounds to Community Parks Cities capitalize on existing schoolyards to provide more opportunities for physical activity. 07/31/2012
Cover Ups: Selecting the Right Shade Structure for Your Needs. Discusses shade structures for athletic and recreational facilities, noting attention to climate, potential vandalism, aesthetics, self-installation, water resistance or porosity, and orientation... 09/30/2010
Creating Environments for Young Children. The planning and design of child care centers has been undertaken without sufficient knowledge of children's spatial behavior, resulting in centers not providing appropriate physical conditions... 12/31/1994
Creating Play Environments for Children with Special Needs Examines the implications of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the role of developmentally appropriate practice when insuring the safe inclusion of children with disabilities in play... 09/30/1994
Creating Playgrounds for Early Childhood Facilities. Community Investment Collaborative for Kids Resource Guide Volume 4. Assists with planning an early childhood center's outdoor space to achieve a successful environment for young children. It begins by considering the types of activities that children enjoy... 05/31/2005
Creating Playgrounds Kids Love. Advocates natural play gardens for children, stressing their benefits to learning and development. Design features which encourage exploration and discovery are described. 12/31/1999
Design for Outdoor Recreation. Offers design guidelines for outdoor recreation facilities and provides numerous examples. Chapter 8, Children's Play, provides playground information pertinent to school facilities and those... 12/31/1996
Design Standards for Children's Environments. This 3-part book addresses the design or maintenance of spaces where children are the primary users covering both commercial and residential designs and products. Part I chapters provide... 12/31/1999
Designing Landscapes for Learning: Transforming School Grounds Into Special Places. Research on playground design in Japan and England offers challenges to the logic behind how playgrounds in the United States are designed. This paper presents observations of outdoor environments... 12/31/1996
Designing Outdoor Environments for Children: Landscaping School Yards, Gardens and Playgrounds. Details the history, design process, installation, and maintenance of sustainable children's landscapes and play yards. Numerous case studies cover projects including storybook courtyards, music... 12/31/2005
Designing Playgrounds for Children of All Abilities. Provides performance criteria for creating accessibility for and integration of children of all abilities within school playgrounds. Included are recommendations for accessible route designs; play... 10/31/1997
Designing Schoolyards and Building Community. Reviews the work of the Boston Schoolyard Initiative, which has worked to transform the city's typically paved and uninviting schoolyards into centers for learning and life. It accomplishes this... 12/31/2005
Developing Accessible Play Space in the UK: A Social Model Approach. Describes the research conducted to inform development of Developing Accessible Play Space: A Good Practice Guide published by the United Kingdom's Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) in... 12/31/2004
Developing Accessible Play Space: A Good Practice Guide. Presents practical solutions to creating accessible playgrounds, often with ease and at low cost. Examples are based on existing good practice and consultation with disabled children, their parents... 12/31/2002