Title Abstract Publication Date
Developing Great Schoolyards - A Handbook for Elementary Schools. Handbook explores outdoor spaces such as small athletic fields, vegetable gardens, and playgrounds that provide opportunities for physical challenges, exercise, sensory and fantasy play, organized... 09/30/2011
Early Childhood Special Education for Children with Disabilities, Ages Three through Five: Staff/Facilities. Revised. This document presents requirements related to staff and facilities providing early childhood special education services in North Dakota. Teacher qualifications are stated and staffing patterns... 12/31/1998
Early Childhood Special Education. Can I Play Too? Adapting Common Classroom Activities for Young Children with Limited Motor Abilities. Suggests that teachers are challenged with arranging the environment to allow physically impaired children to participate in classroom activities. Defines limited motor ability. Suggests ways to... 12/31/1995
Effects of Play Equipment and Loose Parts on Preschool Children's Outdoor Play Behavior: An Observational Study and Design Intervention. Investigates in two studies the ways in which playground equipment and the addition of loose parts to a playground contribute to preschool children's dramatic and constructive play behaviors. In... 12/31/2007
Elementary School Playground Design. Examines key issues when creating elementary school playgrounds that can engage children enthusiastically in a challenging environment they enjoy visiting. Safety and design considerations are... 06/30/2000
Environments for Special Needs. Beginning Workshop. Presents five articles examining creation of environments that address children's special needs: (1) Getting to the Heart of the Matter (on changing from a deficit model to a competence model... 02/28/1997
Extreme Makeover: Sixty-one Beantown School Playgrounds Get New Lives. Describes the founding and operations of the Boston Schoolyard Funders' Collaborative, a public-private partnership that organized owners, users, and landscape architects in the transformation... 06/30/2004
F1487-01e1 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use This consumer safety performance specification provides safety and performance standards for various types of public playground equipment. Its purpose is to reduce life-threatening and debilitating... 12/31/2001
Facility Design for Early Childhood Programs. An NAEYC Resource Guide. A guide presents information for identifying helpful resources related to facility design for early childhood programs and materials exploring some of the critical issues involved in design decisions... 02/28/1989
Final Accessibility Guidelines for Play Areas: Economic Assessment. Discusses and quantifies costs and benefits of the final accessibility guidelines for play areas issued by the Access Board. The guidelines are intended to provide minimum accessibility requirements... 09/30/2000
For Children Only. Illustrates how a London playground dedicated to Princess Diana's memory challenges the preconceptions on which most American playgrounds are designed. The playground's layout and theme are... 11/30/2001
Forming Playscapes: What Schools Can Learn from Playgrounds When designing classrooms, designers should look at spaces that welcome interaction with the environment and encourage the free reign of energy and imagination--the playground. Describes numerous... 03/06/2012
Found Spaces and Equipment for Children's Centers. A Report. Reports on turning discarded, overlooked, and inexpensive spaces or objects into useful places and things for child-oriented learning in preschools or day care centers. The document is organized into... 12/31/1971
From the Ground Up. Discusses the most widely used loose and unitary playground surfacing materials, the fall height that they can protect against, installation and maintenance requirements, ADA accessibility, and cost. 06/30/2006
Fun and Safe: A Playground Guide for Parents and Others Who Care about Kids Safety. There is a high rate of children's injuries on America's playgrounds. This report examines this issue and provides guidance on how to make playgrounds safer, more fun for children, and... 12/31/1998
Getting Physical about Education. Describes Denver's Learning Landscape Alliance (LLA) , where a public/private partnership was formed to upgrade the city's elementary school playgrounds. 22 learning landscapes were created... 10/31/2005
Going out to Play on School Playgrounds A focus on student activity and exercise puts school playgrounds in the spotlight. Describes National Program for Playground Safety's four-step national action plan for playgrounds.
Grand Prize and Citation Winners. Describes the urban playground redesign and the high school with flexible classroom space that were named Grand Prize Winners of the 2003 Learning by Design contest. Also describes the elementary... 12/31/2002
Great Kids' Spaces. Kids are tough and demanding, and their spaces must be safe but not boring, stimulating but not overwhelming, playful but age-appropriate. This guide to the design of playgrounds, day-care centers,... 12/31/2005
Handbook for Public Playground Safety This handbook includes technical safety guidelines for designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining public playgrounds. It also includes a Public Playground Safety Checklist to highlight some... 12/31/1996
How Can We Provide Safe Playgrounds? Outdoor playgrounds can be exciting places where children explore their environment while developing motor and social skills; however, they also can pose serious safety hazards. This brochure... 12/31/1995
How Does Your Schoolyard Grow?: A Green Playground Extends the Classroom Outdoors. Profiles the natural schoolyard and playground features of San Francisco schools, including a water pump set in a plot of dirt ready to make mud for castles, dams, flood plains, and related projects... 09/30/2007
How Safe Is Your Playground? Part 2. Risk Factor Four: Equipment and Surfacing Maintenance on Safe Playgrounds The authors explain the necessity of developing an ongoing playground maintenance program. They provide a step-by-step process for creating a good maintenance plan specific to any given play facility... 03/31/2000
How Safe Is Your Playground? Part 2. Risk Factor Three: Fall Surfacing on a Safe Playground. This covers playground surfacing issues. The authors examine the criteria for the selection of appropriate surfacing and the status of playground-surfacing nationwide. They also offer specific advice... 03/31/2000
How Safe Is Your Playground? Risk Factor Two: Age-Appropriate Design of Safe Playgrounds The authors tackle the issues surrounding age-appropriate design of playgrounds. Using information from the National Program for Playground Safety survey, they discuss the necessity of designing... 02/29/2000