Title Abstract Publication Date
Outdoor Settings for Playing and Learning: Designing School Grounds to Meet the Needs of the Whole Child and Whole Curriculum. Presents a list of imaginative design options for optimal outdoor learning as well as intimate contact with nature. Focuses on entrances, pathways, signage and displays, barriers and enclosures,... 06/30/1996
Perceived Restorative Components: A Scale for Children. Reports on the development and psychometric validation of a perceived restorative components scale for children. Children aged 8 to 11 years completed an initial pool of 23 items addressing the... 12/31/2003
Perspectives from the Ground: Early Childhood Educators' Perceptions of Outdoor Play Spaces at Child Care Centers. Presents the results of a study of early childhood educators' evaluations of the outdoor play space at their childcare center. They were asked what aspects were successful or unsuccessful, and... 12/31/2007
Planning Accessible Play Facilities. Criticism of the guidelines being drafted by a committee of the U.S. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board on playground surfacing and play-equipment access and the affect on... 03/31/1997
Planning Outdoor Play: A Manual Organized To Provide Design Assistance to Community Groups. This manual, based on the collective experience of various community groups, explores the steps for planning community playgrounds from the original inspiration to the final workday. It covers the... 12/31/1981
Planning Playgrounds and Athletics Facilities. Provides examples of typical problems encountered when school playgrounds and athletic fields are planned after the buildings, rather than as part of the educational specifications process. This... 12/31/2004
Planning Playgrounds for Children of All Abilities. Argues that planners should design play areas based on children's physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs. Specific playground planning goals are examined that address childrens... 01/31/2000
Play Area Accessibility Online Training Offers web-based instruction on the Access Board's accessibility guidelines for play areas. The interactive program explains how to apply and follow the guidelines for proper access. It covers... 12/31/2006
Play for All A CD-ROM provides a tour of some of the world's greatest play environments, presenting 94 photographic images that illustrate the key concepts and recommendations from Play For All guidelines.... 12/31/1998
Play for All Guidelines: Planning, Design, and Management of Outdoor Play Settings for All Children. Second Edition. These guidelines assist professional designers, park and recreation managers, and community groups when making decisions about the planning, design, and ongoing management of children's public... 12/31/1991
Play Hard. Discusses trends in playground design that emphasize site-specific design, interaction with nature, accessibility, and dramatic play. Fanciful and realistic-looking climbing features, combinations of... 06/30/2006
Play in Focus: Children Researching Their Own Spaces and Places for Play. Discusses an intervention that attempted to position the child as expert and researcher of their own play environments. In this study, 32 primary school children from two schools situated in east... 12/31/2004
Play It Safe. Discusses essentials of playground design, including design that minimizes fall heights through landscaping and equipment shape, regular inspection and maintenance, and equipment that is intriguing... 02/28/2011
Play It Safe: A Pre-Installation Checklist That Could Mean an Injury- and Liability-Free Playground. Presents a pre-installation checklist to enable Head Start programs to meet guidelines for safe playgrounds established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Includes questions relating to age-... 12/31/1998
Play it Safe: An Anthology of Playground Safety This is a collection of eighteen monographs providing a comprehensive study of children's play and playgrounds. Themes covered are planning playgrounds; playgrounds and liability; and history of... 12/31/1995
Play Spaces for Children: A New Beginning. Improving Our Elementary School Playgrounds. Volume II. The articles in this book provide a broad scope of information needed for adequately providing for the needs of children who play on school playgrounds. Articles are: (1) Child Development and... 12/31/1987
Playground Design and Mainstreaming Issues: Beyond Ramps. This paper identifies issues confronting early childhood educators who want to integrate children with special needs with others, and the implications of such integration for the design of outdoor... 11/06/1991
Playground Development Guidelines for School Systems. Although the value of play in child development has been questioned in the past, it is now widely accepted that high-quality play environments and time for play are essential in the educational and... 12/31/1991
Playground Injuries: Fact Sheet. Briefly describes the more than 200,000 yearly playground related injuries in the United States. Statistics for types and severity of injuries, including deaths, are given, as well as costs, groups... 01/18/2009
Playground Prizes. Profiles the playground at Moorside School in Newcastle, Great Britain. The playground was selected as the best external learning environment by the British Council for School Environment (BCSE). It... 12/31/2008
Playground Safety Discusses the issues of risk, liability, and fun when designing playgrounds with safety in mind. The importance of playground surfaces and several preventive measures landscape architects can use to... 01/31/2000
Playground Safety Manual. Provides guidance for developing playgrounds, including site and user evaluation. Types of playgrounds are defined, followed by recommendations for play apparatus safety, materials, finishes,... 12/31/2004
Playground Safety Publications U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission index of playground safety publications available at no cost online. Documents are available in either or both html and pdf formats. Titles include: '...
Playground Surfacing Materials The surface under and around playground equipment can be a major factor in determining the injury-causing potential of a fall. This discusses the determination of the shock absorbency of a surfacing... 12/31/1999
Playground with a Mission. Profiles this renovated urban playground that now provides safe, observable, and handicapped-accessible recreation to the neighborhood, and is used by the adjacent elementary school as well. Exterior... 06/30/2006