Title Abstract Publication Date
Playgrounds and Arsenic Wood. This guide offers some facts about Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) treated lumber used in playgrounds, the New York State Law, and resources for further information. 12/31/2002
Playgrounds with Maximum Safety and Minimal Risk. An attractive, enjoyable playground can be an asset to your school and provide opportunities for children to experience physical and social growth. But while fun and kid-appeal are important... 01/31/1999
Playgrounds: Not Just Child's Play Sites. Describes the renovation of a rugged Brookline K-8 school playground into an accessible and safe facility that is more easily supervised and maintained. 03/31/2004
Playgrounds: Questions To Consider When Selecting Equipment Examines children's developmental needs with regard to outdoor play areas, the types of equipment needed to encourage all kinds of play, and the advantages and disadvantages of homemade and... 12/31/1996
Playgrounds: Safety & Maintenance Go Hand-in-Hand. Describes playground inspections to address safety and maintenance issues. Poorly maintained playground equipment can cause injuries, but it can also lead to lawsuits. Proper maintenance, in... 08/31/2011
Playgrounds: They're Not Just for Fun Anymore. Describes a playground classroom that helps children maximize their learning experiences through outdoor play activities while also offering opportunities for social interaction. 01/31/2001
Playing in Place: Why the Physical Environment is Important in Playwork. The aim of this paper is to set down some of the theoretical dimensions of the physical environment to encourage playworkers to consider space and its content as a versatile, valuable support in... 01/25/1999
Playing It Safe. Provides tips on how to avoid accidents and injuries on school playgrounds. Tips include removing old, dangerous equipment; relocating play areas to safer ground; choosing the right surface;... 08/31/2000
Playing it Safe: A closer Look at Playground Surfaces. Discusses advantages and disadvantages of wood chips, shredded rubber, synthetic turf, and poured-in-place playground surfacing. Cost, durability, maintenance, accessibility, and displacement are... 08/31/2008
Playing It Safe: A Fourth Nationwide Safety Survey of Public Playgrounds A nationwide survey investigated public playgrounds and found that a majority of America's playgrounds pose hidden threats to children. Focusing on playground hazards, the survey reports that... 12/31/1997
Playing It Safe: June 2000. A Fifth Nationwide Safety Survey of Public Playgrounds. This paper presents data concerning public playgrounds that shows a majority of American playgrounds pose hidden threats to children. It reveals that 1) 80 percent of the 1,024 playgrounds surveyed... 05/31/2000
Playing it Safe: The Sixth Nationwide Safety Survey of Public Playgrounds. The sixth nationwide investigation of public playgrounds by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and the State Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) found that a majority of U.S. playgrounds... 06/19/2002
Points About Playgrounds This has information, resources, and recommended techniques needed to inspect and evaluate old as well as new public playgrounds. It includes a fully indexed edition of the Consumer Products Safety... 12/31/1994
Poisoned Playgrounds: Arsenic in 'Pressure-Treated' Wood. This study of 180 pressure-treated wood samples shows that treated wood is a much greater source of arsenic exposure for children than arsenic-contaminated drinking water. The report determines that... 04/30/2001
Professional Football Team Joins Students To Build Playground. Describes how the Philadelphia Eagles helped Drew Elementary School in West Philadelphia to transform an unappealing asphalt area into a playground. 01/31/2003
Programme Evaluation Summary Report for Schools. Reviews the work of the Royal Bank of Scotland's Supergrounds Program from its initiation in Sept 2004 through June 2010. The program gives grants to schools to improve their outdoor space and... 02/28/2009
Public Playground Safety Checklist Each year, about 200,000 children are treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms for playground equipment-related injuries - an estimated 148,000 of these injuries involve public playground equipment.... 12/31/2008
Public Playground Safety Handbook. Presents guidelines for equipment safety on public playgrounds. The guidelines cover site selection, layout, equipment selection, surfacing, equipment materials, playground hazards, maintenance, and... 03/31/2008
Public Space Lessons: Designing and Planning for Play. Highlights a different approach to playground design from the commonplace bland playgrounds that rely on an identical KFC (kit, fence and carpet) approach to design. The report points out that local... 09/30/2008
Pump the Fun: What's New on the Playground? Reviews the current state and potential future negative impact of childhood obesity, and describes new playground installations that raise activity level and encourage children to stay and exercise... 06/30/2007
Putting Play Back into the Playground During 2008 and 2009, a group of nine Resource Teachers: Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) from Canterbury met as a Community of Practice to investigate the way that play in the school playground... 12/31/2010
Questions and Answers CCA-Treated Wood. Discusses safety issues concerning the use of CCA, chromated copper arsenate, a chemical preservative that is used to protect wood from being destroyed by microbes and insects, on outdoor playground... 01/31/2002
Recommendations for Child Play Areas. An interim criteria document provides descriptive information and planning, evaluation, and design guidelines for children's play areas located on military bases. The recommendations are... 12/31/1978
Regulatory Negotiation Committee on Accessibility Guidelines for Play Facilities. Final Report. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board is responsible for developing accessibility guidelines under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, including play facilities. This... 06/30/1997
Removing or Sealing CCA-Treated Wood Products. Advises on how to recognize, remove, replace, and seal arsenic-treated wood found at school playgrounds. 11/07/2006