Title Abstract Publication Date
Report and Model Law on Public Play Equipment and Areas. Third Edition. This updated document provides safety and design criteria in the form of model law provisions that can be used by those responsible for playground development. It reports on injury data which... 12/31/1997
Resurrecting the Adventure Style Playground. Discusses the restoration of and return to playgrounds that offer environments where children can not only play, but also engage in creative endeavors that nurture development. Concerns over... 02/28/2010
Ring the Bell for Recess. Promotes the benefits of recess, which is increasingly crowded out of the school day due to academic demands and removal of playground equipment deemed unsafe. Recent activism that has restored... 04/30/2008
Rubberecycle Makes Playgrounds Safer Describes the manufacture of a high quality protective rubber surfacing product from tires and tire material that is affordable and meets or exceeds the shock absorbing levels set forth by the... 06/30/2000
S.A.F.E. Play Areas: Creation, Maintenance, and Renovation. Focuses on the four components of supervision, age-appropriate design, fall surfacing, and equipment maintenance for playgrounds. For each component, the authors first examine the research to show... 12/31/2006
S.A.F.E. Surfaces. [video] This video describes how to select the proper safety surfacing for playgrounds. It outlines criteria to ensure that surfaces under and around equipment are appropriate. It discusses the Consumer... 12/31/2006
Safe and Secure. Balancing Safety and Fun on the Playground. Looks at the safety of playground surfaces and equipment today, and what playground owners and operators can do to ensure both are up to industry standards. 02/29/2012
Safe Ground. Discusses safe playgrounds, including age-appropriate equipment and heights, surfacing materials, supervision, routine maintenance, and organizations that work to help improve playground safety. 12/31/2006
Safe Learning and Play. Describes seven principles of proper school playground management. These cover compliance with standards, safety and security, age-appropriate design, accessibility, regular assessment of conditions... 12/31/2010
Safer Playgrounds for Young Children. ERIC Digest. The primary elements of playground safety are (1) removing equipment that is too tall; (2) installing resilient surfacing under all equipment; (3) removing hazards such as debris or broken equipment... 12/31/1990
Safety First Checklist: Audit & Inspection Program for Childrens Play Areas. Second Edition. This includes a complete set of checklist forms to inspect the site, play equipment, and safety surfacing of children's play areas. Includes ASTM guidelines and CPSC guidelines; audits and... 12/31/1996
School Design and Physical Activity Among Middle School Girls. Examines the associations among school building footprints, the size of school grounds and in-school physical activity of 1566 6th grade girls from medium to large middle schools enrolled in the... 12/31/2007
School Grounds Literature Review. Discusses school grounds in an overview; examination of the break time use of school grounds, including the social value of break time, tradition and culture in the playground, inclusion, supervision... 02/28/2003
School Playground Surfacing and Arm Fractures in Children: A Cluster Randomized Trial Comparing Sand to Wood Chip Surfaces. Reports on the difference in playground upper extremity fracture rates in school playgrounds with wood fiber surfacing versus granite sand surfacing. The research determined that granitic sand... 12/14/2009
Schoolyard Planning and Design in New Jersey Enhancing Outdoor Play and Learning. Discusses the current state of New Jersey schoolyards and the importance of quality schoolyards for play, teaching, and community use. Five recommended strategies for creating more effective... 08/24/2007
Schoolyards: the Significance of Place Properties to Outdoor Activities in Schools. Discusses attributes of schoolyards deemed good and bad by teachers. Good schoolyards had woods either in or near them, bad schoolyards did not. Children in good schoolyards took part in a greater... 04/30/1995
Societal Values and Policies May Curtail Preschool Children's Physical Activity in Child Care Centers Nine focus groups with 49 child care providers (55% African American) were assembled from 34 centers (inner-city, suburban, Head Start, and Montessori) in Cincinnati, Ohio. Three main barriers to... 01/03/2012
Some European Nursery Schools and Playgrounds. Provides a narrative and photographic account of some seventeen existing facilities for child care in Europe. It presents prototype plans, diagrams and pictures of playrooms and playgrounds in day... 12/31/1969
Special Places; Special People: The Hidden Curriculum of School Grounds. The research project, Special Places; Special People, is designed to provide insight and advice in the management of schools and their grounds for the benefit of children. This document describes the... 12/31/1993
Spring Ahead for Playground Maintenance to Keep Kids Safe. Discusses playground inspection, emphasizing attention to the content, depth, and condition of surfacing materials, as well as inspection of equipment for loose, exposed, or missing parts,... 02/23/2005
State of Play. Laments the frequent neglect of outdoor learning environments, and advises on creating a safe outdoor environment by describing standards, listing resources, and outlining general principles for... 07/31/2010
Tag,You're It! Laments limitations placed on children's schoolyard activity due to liability concerns. Safe playground equipment, proper supervision, schoolyard behavior indoctrination, and tolerance for... 10/31/2006
The Art of Playground Design. Makes the case for integrating artistic expression into park and playground landscape design to create recreational areas with a more holistic look. The Foothills Community Park in Boulder, Colorado... 12/31/2001
The Challenge of the Urban School Site This guidebook provides information on improving urban school grounds to enhance children's lives. Chapters provide the experiences from other schools on the topics of greening the urban school... 12/31/1995
The Community-Build Playground Manual. Guides community organizers as they plan, prepare and construct community-built playgrounds. It advises on how to overcome organizational obstacles such as time management, how to run meetings, and... 12/31/2001