Title Abstract Publication Date
The Complete Playground Book This book examines the history and purpose of outdoor play areas. Chapter 1 of the book discusses the importance of play in children's lives and the role of playgrounds in the play process. The... 12/31/1992
The Dirty Dozen Checklist. Describes twelve hazards that may be found on playgrounds, in the areas of surfacing, fall zones, dangerous equipment features and spacing, lack of maintenance, guardrails, and equipment not suitable... 12/31/2007
The Effects of Playground Design on Pretend Play and Divergent Thinking. Analyzes the pretend play behaviors of 80 children in contemporary and traditional playgrounds. A divergent thinking skills test was given to assess the degree of creativity present in children at... 06/30/1994
The Impact of Playground Design on the Play Behaviors of Children with Differing Levels of Physical Competence. Investigated the impact of the outdoor-learning environment on play behaviors and peer relationships of second graders with different levels of physical competence. Found that playground design... 12/31/1998
The Play Environment. Reviews the benefits of various types of play, citing the playground configurations, equipment, and supplies needed to accommodate them. 05/31/2005
The Play's the Thing: Innovation and Safety Meet on the Playground. Reviews the necessity of playgrounds to the physical, social, and mental development of children, while lamenting their disappearance due to liability concerns. Aspects of newer, safer playgrounds... 12/31/2007
The Safe Playgrounds Project Children may be exposed to arsenic through arsenic-treated wood structures such as those that might be found in school playgrounds, backyard decks, and picnic tables. This website provides...
The School Site Planner. Addresses many factors that need consideration during the process of school site selection, planning, development, and use. The guide examines not only the site selection and planning processes, but... 01/31/2010
The Universal Playground. The universal playground, designed for the full spectrum of developmental abilities, works to the advantage of children with special needs. The universal playground includes spring rides, work and... 09/30/1990
The Wheeler School. Providence, Rhode Island Case study of the campus landscape plan for the Wheeler School, founded in 1889, an independent co-educational K-12 day school in Providence, Rhode Island. The center campus comprises gathering space... 05/31/2011
Too Cool (Just) for School. Details Denver's extensive program to renovate its school playgrounds and make them available for community use. The partnerships, financing, prioritizing, community involvement, landscaping... 07/31/2008
Toxic Playgrounds: Arsenic Treated Wood and Artificial Turf. Advises on the potential presence of the pesticide/fungicide Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) in wood used to construct playgrounds. The chemical can leach from the wood and be absorbed through the... 12/31/2007
Tutored by the Great Outdoors at a Southern Pines Playground The playground at Southern Pines Elementary School used to be four acres of thorny, barren land and some rickety play equipment. With the collaboration of children, parents, teachers and community... 10/06/1999
U.S. Access Board, Play Area Guidelines. The Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board has issued guidelines to serve as the basis for enforceable standards to be adopted by the Department of Justice for new construction... 10/17/2000
Under Cover. Discusses shade structures at recreational and athletic facilities, including playgrounds and stadiums. Solid and cloth structures are addressed, as are budgeting, durability, and design. 09/30/2009
Under the Swings. Discusses surfacing for playground equipment areas and accompanying pathways. The hardness and cushioning properties, durability, costs, decorative, play-inducing, and environmental considerations of... 05/31/2005
Understanding the Design Process for Outdoor Play & Learning Environments This piece provides guidance to those who will be working with design professionals to create outdoor learning environments. The components of a design proposal are listed and explained and... 12/31/1996
Unified Facilities Criteria. Children's Outdoor Play Areas. Advises in the planning and design of unsupervised outdoor play areas at military installations to meet child safety and child development requirements. It recommends site layouts, design, and... 01/15/2004
Unified Facilities Guide Specifications: Playground Equipment. Offers a sample specification for the furnishing and installing manufactured playground equipment in children's outdoor play areas. 03/31/2006
Unified Facilities Guide Specifications: Playground Protective Surfacing. Offers a sample specification for furnishing and installing protective surfacing in children's outdoor play areas. 03/31/2006
Universal Playground Design. This publication presents principles of universal playgrounds, designed to maximize accessibility for all children. First, the rationale for the universal playground is given. Next, current... 12/31/1992
Using Imagination. Describes how the non-profit Kaboom organization is involved in the distribution of the Imagination Playground, a portable playground in boxes that can be assembled, broken down, and re-assembled... 06/30/2008
Watch Out Mulch! Reviews wood-carpet wear mats that are placed under playground swings and sliding boards, thus preventing the continues digging out of the playground mulch by human feet. The added safety and amount... 09/30/2010
What's New on the Playground? Discusses the evolution of playgrounds towards the incorporation of nature and inclusion of the disabled. A variety of natural features and inclusive designs are detailed. 10/31/2010
Where Do Our Children Play? The Importance and Design of Schoolyards. The construction of new school facilities throughout New Jersey creates an enormous opportunity to address the need for outdoor facilities in New Jersey's poorest districts. This document... 12/31/2002