Portable Classrooms

Title Abstract Publication Date
Defeating the Drips. Discusses a holistic approach to preventing moisture penetration of exterior walls in modular school buildings, emphasizing the related topics of roof leaks and roof waterproofing, condensation, and... 02/29/2000
Dispelling Modular Myths. Debunks the myths surrounding the use of modular facilities for solving school budgeting problems. Myths concerning poor modular strength, slow construction speed versus site-built construction,... 04/30/1993
Do Portable Classrooms Impact Teaching and Learning? Examines the possible impact portable classrooms have on the teaching and learning process by exploring current related literature. The article takes a synthesis approach, analyzing current studies... 12/31/2008
Early-Grade Centers Ease Space Woes. Notes a potential trend evidenced by the decision to separate some kindergartners and other early-primary pupils from the larger elementary schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District,... 10/13/1998
Easing Overcrowded High Schools With Limited Capital Funds Based on the experience of the Wake County Public Schools in Raleigh, NC, this explores the pros and cons of various solutions to accommodating students when funding is scarce, high schools are... 05/31/2012
Energy and Indoor Environmental Quality in Relocatable Classrooms. Reports the preliminary results of a study of four energy-efficient relocatable classrooms, designed and constructed to demonstrate technologies that simultaneously attempt to improve energy... 12/31/2001
Energy Efficient Florida Educational Facilities. Improvements to a Portable Classroom in a Volusia County School The Florida Department of Education is monitoring the energy use of two adjacent portable classrooms to compare their energy efficiency in a hot and humid climate and determine if they can be made... 05/31/1998
Facility Focus: 2010 Modular Building Awards. Describes school facility winners of the 2010 Modular Building Awards, profiling ten temporary and permanent modular facilities. 04/30/2010
Fixed Facts about Portable Classrooms. Discusses the easing of overcrowded schools through the use of portable classrooms and provides an example from Elk Grove Unified School District (California) which has opened entire elementary... 06/30/1998
Fresh Start. Describes South London's Lavender Sure Start and Children's Centre, which employs wood-cladded prefabricated construction to create a sensitive children's environment. Photographs,... 08/31/2005
Go Home With a Green Classroom: High Performance Prefab Classrooms. Describes the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) new Prefab Classroom program that expands the CHPS Verified program to provide a certification for high performance modular and... 07/31/2011
Help Us Rebuild America. This article describes a joint research project of the U.S. Department of Energy Rebuild America program and the Modular Building Institute to investigate potential energy efficiency measures that... 05/31/2002
High Performance Portable Classrooms Specific features of energy-efficient, healthier, more durable portable classrooms are described. While they may cost more, they have a big payoff in lower utility bills and they offer a healthier,... 12/31/2003
History Repeats Itself: Another Look at Relocatables This article gives a comprehensive, overall view of portable classrooms beginning with historical background. It discusses different types of portable construction and configuration (relocatables on... 04/30/1990
HPCBS Element 6, Project 2.1.2: Energy Savings Estimates and Cost Benefit Calculations for High Performance Relocatable Classrooms: Final Report. Reports results of monitoring to develop reasonable energy performance and cost models for high performance relocatable classrooms across California climates. A key objective was to validate... 11/23/2003
Hurricane Katrina: Army Corps of Engineers Contract for Mississippi Classrooms. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) tasked the Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps) to purchase temporary classrooms for Mississippi schools. To accomplish... 04/30/2006
Improved Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality for Relocatable Classrooms. Researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Environmental Energy Technologies Division teamed with stakeholders including a manufacturer of relocatables, and school districts to... 12/31/2010
Improving a Good Thing. Summarizes research from the Florida Solar Energy Center at the University of Central Florida which demonstrated that improvements in portable classrooms involving illumination and ventilation saved... 06/30/2002
Improving the Performance of Portable Classrooms. Reviews the current use of portable classrooms in the United States while describing improvements in their energy efficiency, offering suggestions for maintaining good indoor air quality in them, and... 04/30/2006
Improving Ventilation and Saving Energy: Final Report on Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Monitoring in Sixteen Relocatable Classrooms. An improved HVAC system for portable classrooms was specified to address key problems in existing units. These included low energy efficiency, poor control of and provision for adequate ventilation,... 04/03/2008
Indoor Environmental Quality in California Schools: Critical Needs. This report evaluates the current status and critical needs of California schools' facilities with respect to indoor environmental quality (IEQ). It presents a review of available information... 07/31/1998
Installing Portable Classrooms With Good Air Quality. Discusses the advantages of modular classrooms and improvements made in indoor air quality, including the pros and cons of portables, challenges districts face when planning and installing portables... 06/30/2000
Instant Classrooms. Discusses temporary and permanent modular construction, citing their differences and describing precast modular construction in particular. 03/31/2006
It's Never Been Easier for Your School To Get Space. Offers suggestions on choosing modular space for schools. Advice is provided based on school needs: (1) How soon is the space needed? Is there a crisis situation or time to plan? (2) How much... 02/28/2002
LAVA: Classroom of the Future Shows a classroom of the future, a prefabricated and relocatable classroom unit that integrates into the landscape while enhancing the learning environment, allowing adjustments for changing needs of... 01/24/2012