Portable Classrooms

Title Abstract Publication Date
Laying a Foundation for Your Modular Building. Proper design and installation of the foundation are critical to the optimal performance of modular classrooms. This discusses footings, anchorage, and site work. 02/28/2001
Lessons Learned in Portable Classrooms. Details the results of side-by-side studies of traditional and newer modular classroom units, with the latter being designed to use less energy, deliver improved indoor air quality, and have more... 04/30/2009
Let's Take Prefab Back One Classroom at a Time. Describes the Los Angeles Unified School District's competition to design a pre-fabricated school building that's flexibly attuned to its site and ecologically sustainable. Explains what a... 07/07/2011
Living With the Permanence of Portables. Using portable classrooms to relieve school overcrowding is a solution heralded -- and hated. It's all a matter of attitude, some teachers say. While politicians and school officials argue the... 12/31/1996
Meeting Demand. Addresses how a school district can use temporary classroom space to meet increasing student enrollment while additional space is being built. Provides examples of using portable facilities to... 07/31/1998
Minimum Specifications Relocatable Classrooms. [Mississippi] Sets forth the state's minimum requirements to be met by any manufacturer, vendor, and/or contractor supplying a relocatable building for school use. Requirements cover approval of plans by the... 08/31/2005
Modular Buildings: A Perfect Fit for Education. 11/30/1991
Modular Buildings: The Answer for Today's Schools. The manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers of factory-built commercial buildings, including temporary and permanent education facilities, represent an annual $7.5 billion industry. Relocatable... 06/30/1999
Moving to Modular. Describes issues related to the use of modular (relocatable) classroom facilities. The Modular Building Institute provides information on modular buildings. 05/31/2003
Much-Needed High School Built on Navajo Reservation in Eight Months. Reviews the creation of this Arizona reservation school, featuring culturally significant design elements derived from trips through the surrounding landscape, and then incorporated into a cost-... 03/31/2007
No Place Like Home. Advice on planning for and using portable classrooms, and on thinking in new ways about their potential for learning. Includes interviews with architects, planners, and school administrators. 01/31/2003
North Carolina Performance Enhanced Relocatable Classroom Project: An Evaluation of Design Changes to a Typical Relocatable Classroom. In this study, the energy consumption of two relocatable classrooms located on the southern portion of the campus of Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, NC is investigated. One classroom, the... 12/31/2004
Northwest Portable Classroom Project: Final Report. Presents findings and recommendations regarding energy efficiency in portable classrooms. The research used newly built and retrofitted energy-efficient portable classrooms, along with an existing... 03/30/2001
Not the Trailer: Provisional Classrooms for Primary Schools. Profiles SchoolParasites, three commissioned modular school designs in the Netherlands. The book documents the designs, addresses the interaction of architecture and education, the innovation of the... 12/31/2003
Outside the Box. Describes portable classrooms being installed at the Country School of Valley Village, California, that are designed to be attractive and healthy, with high ceilings, abundant daylighting,... 01/31/2006
Palm Beach School Board Acquisition of Relocatable Classrooms Examined This report, responding to a Florida legislative request, examines the Palm Beach County School Board's planned purchase of concrete relocatable classrooms. Following are the findings. (1)... 03/31/2002
Permanent vs Temporary School Facilities: Decision Making in an Information-rich Environment For most school systems, a mix of temporary and permanent construction is best, however, the overwhelming proportion should be on the side of permanent structures. Accurate predictions of student... 06/30/1999
Poor Design, Construction and Maintenance Contribute to Mould in School Portables Due to inherant faults in the design, construction and poor maintenance practices, portable classroom buildings are a breeding ground for mould. Portables are prone to roof, wall and window leaks,... 02/28/1999
Portable Authority. Addresses how a school district can use temporary classroom space to meet increasing student enrollment while additional space is being built. Examples of using portable facilities to supplement... 07/31/1998
Portable Classroom Design Challenge. The results of a design competition for a re-locatable classroom unit are provided in a slide show with 57 photographs of winning entries. The competition was open to K-12 teams, emerging green... 04/30/2006
Portable Classrooms no Longer Outsiders Parents and elected officials have long complained about portables. But here is the big secret: Most of the people in them like them. 03/04/2001
Portable Classrooms Pacific Northwest. Provides technical assistance to portable classroom manufacturers, school districts and related organizations interested in improving the quality of learning and energy efficiency of portable... 12/31/2001
Portable Classrooms. Describes potential indoor air pollutants in portable classrooms, distinguishing between substances likely found in new versus old units. Offers advice to parents of children suspected of being... 10/06/2003
Portable Classrooms. [IAQ Design Tools for Schools] Information on common problems with portable classrooms, including separate checklists for specifying new portable classrooms, commissioning, and operations and maintenance. 12/31/2011
Portable Classrooms: Immediate Solutions to a Growing Problem. Discusses the use of portable classrooms to bridge the gap between immediate space need and the availability of funding for new construction. Advice on predicting need, financing, and addressing... 05/31/2009