Portable Classrooms

Title Abstract Publication Date
Salvaging the Steel Frame Makes Portables Permanent. The San Juan Unified School District outside Sacramento is stripping its aging inventory of portable classrooms and retrofitting them with better floors and walls and lighting and windows, making... 12/21/2003
School Facility Manufacturers' Association SFMA was formed in 1987 to be a voice for the modular building industry in California. SFMA is comprised of modular building manufacturers, architects, suppliers and others in related businesses who...
School Security 2000. This supplement, a collaboration of American School & University and Acces Control & Security Systems Integration magazines, presents four articles examining the equipment and management... 04/30/2000
Schoolhouse of the Future? Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) is ready to test an economical, easy-to-build design that was spawned by a hurricane. ‘Learning Cottages' could replace mobiles or serve as new construction. 03/05/2007
Sprout Space. Describes the features of Sprout Space, sustainable modular classrooms for temporary and permanent use. These green relocatable modular classrooms, designed by architects Perkins + Will, meet CHPS... 12/31/2010
State Relocatable Classroom Program Handbook. Provides information on California's relocatable classroom program and contains the application process, information on preparing for delivery of relocatable classrooms, district... 04/30/2008
Studyin' Trailers. Part I. Examines the string of complaints relating to reloctable classrooms, such as assertions that relocatable inferior classroom trailers will continue as long as the portables are an afterthought brought... 02/28/2001
Studyin' Trailers. Part II. This focuses on individual building component costs and the alternatives available. In addition, it looks at installation, operating and maintenance expenditures over the product life cycle for a low... 05/31/2001
Studyin' Trailers. Part III. This focuses on actual costs for portable classrooms including operating and maintenance savings over various periods. In addition, breakeven analyses is offered under a variety of scenarios. 06/30/2001
Sustainable Modular Classrooms. Discusses the green virtues of modular school construction, with less site disturbance and more efficient use of materials. Advantages to construction scheduling, indoor air quality, and flexible... 03/31/2011
Temporary Quarters. Examines the use of school relocatables to address the demands of increasing student enrollment and space utilization. Considerations involving location selection and building continuity are... 07/31/1997
The Acoustical Environment. Asserting that without an adequate acoustical environment, learning activities can be hindered, this paper reviews the literature on classroom acoustics, particularly noise, reverberation, signal-to-... 05/24/2002
The California Portable Classroom Study and Its Impact on Classroom Ventilation. This article explores why the Environmental Health Conditions in California's Portable Classrooms study, released in 2003, was conducted and what the results mean with regard to the heating,... 09/30/2003
The Challenges of Mold. One modular building manufacturer discusses its efforts to learn about and prevent mold in portable classrooms. Understanding the ecology of mold and the life cycle or use of a portable classroom can... 12/31/2001
The Commercial Modular Market Remains Strong. During the past three years, commercial modular manufacturers have seen a growing percentage of their modular production targeting the education market. Relocatable classrooms (and, more recently,... 11/30/2006
The Emerging Role of Portable Classrooms in Sustainable Design. Cites the improved energy efficiency of today's portable classrooms while recommending material and landscaping solutions to ensure good indoor air quality and prevent water intrusion that can... 04/30/2006
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: The Saga of Relocatable Classrooms. Describes Capistrano (California) Unified School District's use of portable classrooms to solve over-enrollment problems while complying with Governor Wilson's directive to reduce class... 05/31/1997
The Modular Factor. Discusses the tradeoff of speed and movability versus costs when using relocatable buildings to solve educational space needs. Concluding comments address building code compliance issues driving up... 04/30/1994
The Modular Solution. School districts are using modular buildings to keep costs down and solve space problems. Modular space can be configured as classroom complexes or portable classrooms. The various uses of modular... 11/30/1995
The School Room Debate: Choosing Between Taxes and Class Size -- and How you Feel About Trailers Known variously as portables, relocatables and modulars, classrooms anchored in schoolyards across the country are not only America's favorite quick fix for overflowing schools, but also the... 12/31/1998
The Use of Relocatable Classrooms in the Public School Districts of Florida. This study examines the current use of manufactured relocatable (portable) classrooms in the public school districts of Florida to determine whether their use is a cost efficient and educationally... 11/15/1993
Toward Cooler, Quieter, Energy-efficient Portable Classrooms. This article discusses a recent project by Berkeley Lab scientists to test an experimental ventilation system that would improve indoor air quality in portable classrooms and use a third of the... 08/25/2002
Trailer Classrooms Suprisingly Popular For many parents, nothing in public education elicits as much scorn as a portable classroom. There are concerns about lack of bathrooms, long treks to the main building, small windows, bad air and... 02/14/2000
Transportable Classrooms: Outposts for Conquest; A Conceptual Designer Envisions a Solution for Keeping Classrooms Flexible. Article discusses rethinking transportable classrooms to turn them into truly dynamic learning environments. 12/31/2004
Turning Portable Classrooms into Positive Learning Environments. Details 13 general, interior, and exterior conditions that should be met in order to have modular or portable classrooms accepted by the students, teachers, and neighbors. Includes six references. 04/30/2005