Portable Classrooms

Title Abstract Publication Date
Tying Down the Fly-Away School. Discusses proper anchoring of portable classroom buildings, and describes how one Sarasota County (Florida) school district planned and eventually utilized five different anchors to secure all of its... 11/30/1994
Using Small Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners in Relocatable Classrooms-A Case Study 06/30/2003
Water Source Heat Pump for Modular Classrooms. Reports on an investigation of design improvement for a water source heat pump where the water was stored in flexible plastic bladders resting on the ground beneath modular classrooms. The design... 12/31/2004
What the Schools of the Future Could Look Like Descriptions of the winners of the Future Proofing Schools design competition where designers where invited to submit their ideas for the next generation of relocatable classrooms. The competition,... 02/05/2012
When Enrollment Soars. Describes some measures that school districts take when enrollment rapidly outgrows available teaching space, often made even more difficult when districts operate under mandates to reduce classroom... 09/30/2006
When the Homeroom is Parked Outside in the Schoolyard Whether called trailers, portables, modular units, bungalows, or demountables, these temporary buildings became popular after World War II to accommodate the baby boom generation's school years... 08/25/1998
With Design Competition, the Los Angeles Unified School District Looks for Prefab Solutions. To upgrade their facilities and replace portable classrooms, Los Angeles held a design competition for modular pre-fabricated schools flexible enough to respond to their site and environment. Details... 07/07/2011