Post Occupancy Evaluation

Title Abstract Publication Date
Grading Green Results. Discusses three universities' experience with sustainable design. Despite minor issues, all three institutions are saving energy and are pleased as well with the ability to use the building as a... 08/31/2010
Green Buildings in Use: Post Occupancy Evaluations. Briefly describes users' experiences of two green school buildings. It also describes how communication concerning building performance is necessary to minimize environmental impact, just as it... 09/30/2007
Guide for School Facility Appraisal This guide provides a comprehensive method for measuring the quality and educational effectiveness of school facilities and may be used to perform a post-occupancy review; to formulate a formal... 12/31/1997
High Performance Public Buildings: Impact on Energy Use is Mixed. Reports that legislation mandating high performance construction in Washington's public buildings has added between 1 and 3 percent in reported construction costs. The impact of these standards... 06/22/2011
High School Post-Occupancy Evaluation This checklist for conducting a post occupancy evaluation of a high school is from Chapter 15: Assessing the Completed Project of Creating Connections: the CEFPI Guide for Educational Facility... 12/31/2004
High School Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) Forms from the California Department of Education. Survey form that can be used to conduct a post occupancy evaluation of a high school. 12/31/2004
Improving the Quality of School Facilities through Building Performance Assessment: Educational Reform and School Building Quality in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Describes the purpose of and strategies for conducting post-occupancy evaluations (POE?s) as a method for assessing school building performance. The authors describe research conducted within the... 12/31/2008
Is Generic Really the Answer? Post-occupancy Assessments Reveal How Users Really Work in Labs. Reviews occupant use of three open molecular biology research laboratories, with a goal of improving efficiency and cutting cost in a fourth laboratory that was being designed. Bench use, storage use... 05/31/2007
Learning From Our Buildings: A State of the Practice. Summary of Post-Occupancy Evaluation. Report from the Federal Facilities Council and the Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment. 12/31/2001
Learning from Your Mistakes. Discusses bringing the community into the planning and development stages of educational facilities, including post occupancy evaluations, to enhance the facility's positive impact on the... 09/30/1997
Lessons Learned from Commissioning 15 Schools. Considers issues in commissioning school facilities, and presents a guideline for school-related commissioning services, including new construction, renovation and retrofit, retro-commissioning, and... 04/30/2003
Looking Back and Moving Forward. Discusses the importance of post-occupancy evaluations for new buildings, its particular import to sustainability, techniques for obtaining and processing occupant input, lessons learned from some... 01/31/2008
Martha Lake Elementary School Post Occupancy Evaluation. This post-occupancy evaluation of Martha Lake Elementary School in the Edmonds School District, Washington, was designed to answer questions in two areas: (1) What aspects of the facility are... 12/31/1996
Measurement and Verification: Monitoring Building Systems for Optimal Energy Performance. Advocates consideration of measurement and verification (M&V) systems for buildings early in the design process. An M&V system's work begins by confirming that commissioning was done... 03/31/2007
Middle School Post-Occupancy Evaluation This checklist for conducting a post occupancy evaluation of a middle school is from Chapter 15: Assessing the Completed Project of Creating Connections: the CEFPI Guide for Educational Facility... 12/31/2004
Opening Pandora's Box. Excerpts from an architect's return to Virginia school almost 12 years after completion of the design and construction project. Originally designed for open-space education in 1975, the school... 12/31/1991
Performance Evaluation of Indoor Environment towards Sustainability for Higher Educational Buildings The indoor environmental factors considered in higher educational building must be determined in order to meet the user's requirement. Disruption of indoor environment may reduce occupants... 12/31/2010
Planning Educational Facilities: What Educators Need to Know. Provides a detailed discussion of the processes involved in planning a school building, from a discussion on how to organize the local staff to the final evaluation of the building. Individual... 12/31/2008
Post Occupancy Evaluation for Secondary Schools. Summary of the Pilot Study Findings. [United Kingdom] This is the summary of findings from a pilot program to conduct post occupancy evaluations of five secondary schools in the United Kingdom. A description of the evaluation tool is included. 10/31/2004
Post Occupancy Evaluation in Scotland. Describes the benefits of post-occupancy evaluation, along with the Scottish government's commitment to and procedures for them. An elementary school case study is included. 09/30/2004
Post Occupancy Evaluation of Educational Buildings and Equipment Details the post occupancy evaluation (POE) process for public buildings. POE's are used to improve design and optimize educational building and equipment use. The evaluation participants, the... 09/30/1997
Post-Occupancy 2006: Ann Richards Middle School, La Joya, Texas. Presents a post-occupancy evaluation of this school organized around an open courtyard, which is appropriate for the warm climate. A bright, intense color scheme reflects the Mexican heritage of the... 03/31/2006
Post-Occupancy 2006: The Waverly School, formerly P.S. 156, I.S. 293, Brooklyn, New York. Presents a post-occupancy evaluation of this 2001 facility that houses an elementary school and arts magnet middle school. Abundant daylighting, bathrooms in lower-grade classrooms, and a large lobby... 03/31/2006
Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Barney-Davis Hall In the fall of 1998, Barney-Davis Hall reopened to students at Denison University with the McPhail Center for Environmental Studies housed within. The opening capped off a green renovation in which... 12/31/1998
Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Standley Lake High School For the postoccupancy evaluation of a Colorado high school, four instruments probed different aspects of the total facility. Tables show responses from different groups regarding the overall quality... 12/31/1991