Post Occupancy Evaluation

Title Abstract Publication Date
Post-Occupancy Evaluation Report: Washington Middle School. Presents energy and water use data, indoor environmental quality results, and occupant feedback for this school, which was built in 2004 as part of the Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol pilot... 07/31/2009
Post-Occupancy Evaluation. Postoccupancy evaluation is a careful, systematic, and reliable process intended to ensure that findings can be applied to future buildings. Some of the important issues about postoccupancy... 12/31/1985
Progress on Evaluating School Buildings in Scotland. Describes post-occupancy evaluation experiences in Scotland, including obstacles encountered eliciting objective opinions from parents and pupils, differing perceptions of elementary and secondary... 01/31/2006
Report Cards for Campus Additions and Renovations. Discusses the importance of post-occupancy evaluation for school projects, emphasizing the need for feedback from all of a building's occupants, and timing of the evaluation long enough after... 12/31/2005
Results of the 2004 DesignShare POE Program. Presents teacher and student comments accompanying two of the projects submitted for the DesignShare/School Construction News Awards, along with reasons for conducting a post-occupancy evaluation at... 12/31/2003
Review of Building Quality Using Post Occupancy Evaluation. Describes post-occupancy evaluation of school buildings in terms of its aims, principles, benefits, methods, timing, and results. Offers three examples illustrating the evaluation of educational... 01/31/2003
School Building Assessment Methods. This manual addresses whether schools and classroom spaces enhance or detract from the learning process and provides school assessment guidelines for communities anticipating the expansion of... 12/31/2000
Schools Designed with Community Participation. This publication presents case studies of school buildings to demonstrate the application of a post occupancy evaluation (POE) during various stages of the design and planning process. It explains... 06/30/2002
Schools. Property Management. Examples of Post Occupancy Evaluations [New Zealand] Post occupancy evaluation involves reviewing a building project once it has been completed and the building has been in use for a while. The purpose of the review is to enable the school to assess... 12/31/2004
Selection Criteria of the Building Systems Functional Performance Assurance Engineer. Presents the Duval County Public Schools' selection criteria for the building systems functional performance assurance engineer, including types of selection, standard qualifying data and forms... 01/05/2006
Starchitecture High. Offers a post-occupancy evaluation of Central Los Angeles High School No. 9. The history behind the creation of this signature architectural work within a collection of prominent recent Los Angeles... 06/30/2011
The Lycee Maximilien Perret in France. Describes the design of the secondary and continuing education institution named in the title, including the educational context and design goals. Offers a brief post-occupancy evaluation describing... 05/31/2002
The State of Post-Occupancy Evaluation in the Practice of Educational Design Over the past decade, thousands of new school buildings and renovations have been planned, designed, and constructed in the United States. Of these, only a small fraction will ever be evaluated... 07/04/2001
The Users in Mind: Utilizing Henry Sanoff's Methods in Investigating the Learning Environment. Analyzes reactions of teachers and students to classroom and cluster prototypes, among other aspects, against a number of spatial requirements and educational objectives. The results of this... 02/28/2009
Thinking Inside the Box: The Case for Post-Occupancy Evaluation. Advocates for post-occupancy evaluation, detailing the experience of the author's architectural firm in gathering data, reviewing the results, and interpreting the findings regarding occupant... 10/31/2006
Understanding the Importance of Post Occupancy Evaluations. Lasting change and innovation comes from the reflection of past experiences and the application of that knowledge to future projects. This discusses elements of POEs submitted to the School... 12/31/2000
What's Keeping Us? Some Thoughts on Moving Forward. Advocates for LEED certification of schools and particular attention to post-occupancy care of the building and site. Using LEED criteria to inform facility decisions and engage students is... 12/31/2010