Preparedness for Disasters--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Creating a Plan: 10 Ways to Tame the Beast. Outlines ten steps in creating a campus emergency plan: 1) Designate a program coordinator. 2) Develop a known hazards and assets list. 3) Create a comprehensive all hazards list. 4) Determine campus... 12/31/2007
Defining Risk. Discusses the steps of a campus risk assessment, beginning with determination of assets to be protected and the types of threats that the school may encounter. From that information, the... 11/30/2004
Disaster Planning 101: Not Just Waiting for the Rainbow Sign. Recounts the experience of East Carolina University (North Carolina) in responding to the disaster of Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Identifies 10 operational lessons such as ensuring that the institution... 09/30/2000
Disaster Preparedness: Do You Know Where Your Chemicals Are? Identifies typical and unexpected locations of hazardous chemicals on campuses, describes disasters that may compromise their safety, or release chemicals from places where they were not known to... 06/30/2009
Disaster Recovery: The Time is Now. Reviews the Hurricane Katrina experiences of some prepared and unprepared higher education institution technology departments, suggests steps for developing a disaster recovery plan and list items it... 10/31/2005
Earthquake Preparedness 101: Guidelines for Colleges and Universities. Detailed information on earthquake preparedness, earthquake response, and post-disaster recovery, written for university and college emergency managers. 10/31/2000
Earthquake! Examines the types of damage experienced by California State University at Northridge during the sizable earthquake that struck there in January 1994. Reviews the lessons learned from handling this... 10/31/2000
Educational Facilities Disaster and Crisis Management Guidebook. [Florida] Provides direction for disaster preparedness planning and management in a variety of disasters affecting school districts and community colleges. The book is intended for facility managers, and is... 01/01/2007
Emergency and Safety Communications. Describes a multimodal approach to school security notification, involving mobile and desktop phones, e-mail, and faxes. Internet-based solutions are favored, and varieties of equipment and service... 10/31/2007
Emergency Preparation and Crisis Planning. Outlines steps for emergency crisis preparation, emphasizing communication preparedness, a single person in charge, informed access for fire and police personnel, controlled media relations, handling... 12/31/2002
Expect the Best, Plan for the Worst. Makes some observations on college and university disaster planning as these schools attempt to prepare for the possibility of campus terrorism following the attacks of September 11. Several... 12/31/2001
Finding the Right Emergency Notification System. Advises on sorting through the more than sixty vendors and their various emergency notification products. Points to consider are: 1) an apples-to-apples comparison through a careful RFP, 2) the... 06/30/2008
Fire Plans. Many libraries have disaster recovery plans, but not all have prevention and action plans to prepare for an emergency in advance. This article presents the author's review of the prevention and... 12/31/2010
Get the Word Out-Fast and Accurate. Reviews wide-area emergency mass notification systems, addressing their components and function. Special considerations for campus systems are illustrated with an example of the system in place at... 05/31/2008
Get the Word Out. Reviews considerations for mass notification systems on college campuses. Creating a system in-house or outourcing it, targeted alerts, contact methods, standalone or integrated systems, and examples... 08/31/2008
Good Planning. Provides an overview of recent campus emergencies faced by Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers members and how they coped. Emergencies evaluated include campus crime, a snow storm,... 10/31/2000
Hazard Reduction & Recovery Center HRRC was established at Texas A&M University in 1988. The center engages in research on hazard mitigation, disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.
He's Got Your Back. Reviews higher education options for security management, criminal justice, and homeland security professionals, and lists the magazine's selection of the 100 best U.S. training programs. 05/31/2008
Here Comes the Rain--Again. Reviews the damage done by 1993 and 2010 floods to Iowa State University in Ames. The different behaviors of the floods, how buildings succumbed or survived, and plans to flood-proof vulnerable... 03/31/2011
Homeland Security Hits Home. This discusses how the war in Iraq and a Code Orange alert brought tighter facility security. Facilities managers took small, sometimes temporary steps intended to make it a bit harder to get into... 04/30/2003
How Prepared Are America's Colleges and Universities for Major Crises? Outlines a set of recommendations to college and university leaders and governing bodies on how to develop crisis-management systems to ensure that their institutions are as well prepared as possible... 10/31/2011
In Case of Disaster: Emergency Operations Centers. Discusses higher education emergency operations centers (EOCs), addressing how they can be economically set up in existing facilities, and how they should be equipped and staffed. Examples from three... 10/31/2010
In Case of Emergency. Advises on managing critical incidents on campuses, with special attention to different modes of evacuation or shelter-in-place, as well as special needs populations. 01/31/2011
Is It an Emergency if No One is Listening? Discusses implementation of emergency alert systems at Jackson State and Lewis and Clark College. Prudent engagement of the system during incidents and frustration with low number of students and... 05/31/2010
Is Your Safety Plan up to the Best Practices? Recommends that higher education institutions follow the example of K-12 schools where more comprehensive safety planning practices have been established. Two significant publications for school... 10/31/2004