Preparedness for Disasters--HIGHER EDUCATION

Title Abstract Publication Date
Shake, Rattle, and Roll. Describes the forces that earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes exert on buildings and offers some school siting, design, and construction suggestions to mitigate damage from these disasters. 07/31/2006
Shelter from the Storm. Discusses how door manufacturers are introducing products designed to pass the rigorous tests needed to withstand tornadoes, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency's 320 and 361... 02/28/2002
Sinclair Community College. Lists this college's emergency procedures for bomb threats, civil disturbances, earthquakes, evacuations, fire, explosions, hazardous material spills, human bodily fluid spills, lockdowns,... 12/31/2004
Snow and Ice Removal: No Offseason. Discusses how some campuses have moved from informal programs for snow removal, to organized and prioritized plans that list all campus assets and the person and equipment responsible for clearing... 06/30/2008
Strategic and Collaborative Crisis Management: A Partnerships Approach to Large-Scale Crisis. Proposes a framework for emergency management at higher education campuses that includes planning, response, management, and recovery. Roadblocks and program evaluation are discussed, and special... 09/30/2007
Students Helping Students: Collegiate Emergency Medical Services. Discusses the option of providing emergency medical services on campus, addressing building, equipment, and insurance issues, as well as the opportunity for students in medical studies to learn on... 06/30/2010
Surviving a Crisis. Discusses crisis management planning for college and university campuses that can contribute to effective and rapid response and wise decision making during not only natural disasters, but also those... 09/30/1999
Take It from the Experts When Crafting Your Text Message. Outlines tips on crafting campus emergency messages, including repeating audible announcements; keeping messages short, clear, originating from an authority, and location specific; and having... 04/30/2008
Text Message Troubleshooting: Four Challenges Your Campus Should Address. Discusses challenges with slow transmission, low enrollment, privacy and database security, and authority to issue alerts with emergency text messaging. 04/30/2008
The Presidential Role in Disaster Planning and Response: Lessons from the Front. Details eight lessons learned, as synthesized from the advice of ten higher education presidents who led their respective institutions through a natural or man-made disaster. The lessons focus on... 12/31/2006
The Ripple Effect of Virginia Tech. Reports how higher education institutions have addressed campus as a result of safety audits conducted after recent shootings at Virginia Tech and other campuses. Survey methodology, a summary of... 04/30/2008
This is Not a Drill! Discusses campus-wide emergency alert systems, using UCLA's BruinAlert and its successful engagement after a July 28, 2008 earthquake as an example. UCLA's selection process, along with the... 09/30/2008
Timely Notification. Education administrators face challenges in responding to the need for timely notification in the event of an emergency. This discusses planning ahead, precision emergency notification systems, and... 02/28/2011
Towson University Notifies the Masses. Discusses the integration of emergency notification systems at this institution, which previously required activation from within separate buildings. The system is self-monitoring, can survive a... 09/30/2009
Virginia Tech One Year Later: How Campuses Have Responded. Reviews improved higher education campus security since the April, 2007, Virginia Tech shooting, based on a survey by this magazine. Areas of improvement discussed are mental health services,... 02/29/2008
We Have Seen the Enemy... One year after 9/11, colleges and universities are using the impetus to jump-start disaster response plans for 'more likely' scenarios. This discusses focusing on more likely threats, the... 08/31/2002
Weathering the Storm Following the worst hurricane season in memory, some Florida universities talk about how they kept students safe, minimized damages, and provided communication channels. 10/31/2004
Weathering the Storm. Addresses higher education disaster planning, using the University of Houston's experience with Hurricane Ike as an example. The University had ample insurance coverage, which eased the process... 06/30/2010
What the Disaster Planning Lessons Didn't Teach You. Describes how officials at the Borough of Manhattan Community College dealt with the emergency created by September 11, and offers a list of tips for dealing with out-of-the-ordinary emergencies. 09/30/2002
What We Learned from Hurricane Floyd. Discusses what one university learned about disaster planning when struck with a serious and long-lasting environmental emergency. Notes that campus backup systems weren't able to sustain... 10/31/2000
What's Your Emergency? Discusses the use of IP telephony to assist in location of emergency callers and enhance campus security. This enhanced 911 (E911) capability for multi-line phone systems is the law in a growing... 01/31/2007
When Disaster Strikes. Describes backup procedures followed at several higher education institutions to protect their data during disasters. 08/31/2005
When Seconds Count. Discusses elements of an effective campus emergency plan, including widespread participation of and coordination between the occupants and local officials, practicing drills, and mass-notification... 08/31/2008
Your Key to Effective Lockdowns. Advises on strategies to create an effective campus lockdown policy. Lockdown protocols should address various scenarios, involve all campus and local law enforcement stakeholders, identify securable... 08/31/2008
Your Mass Notification Cheat Sheet. Presents a detailed table that outlines strengths and weakness of 17 types of audible, electronic, and visual emergency alert modalities. 04/30/2008